Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A few additional pics!

Hey I just received an email from the Bowlers.

We had an inspection on our apartment and we passed. Big time. it is the Bowlers who are there with us and they took us out to eat and we saw some sights. There is this cool big statue thing that looks like an alien spaceship.

July 11, 2011

Hey everybody!!

Thanks for the email! :) How are you doing this week? It sounds like you have had a pretty fun week, Except maybe for Jansen. That looks pretty painful! Is he doing alright?

I'm glad you were ok with me writing you a day late again. We got a lot done with Inge this past week. The project is almost done! We have poured so much sand and layed so many bricks. So if you ever need to lay some bricks, I'm a pro by now. ;) I'm going to have to get some pictures of the backyard when it is all finished. I wish I had some before pictures. Maybe Inge has some that I could get.

This has actually been a really good week again. Everyone seems to be really impressed with our work because we get so many member present lessons each week. We've been leading the mission all month! The thing is, most of them just come to us. We have some really awesome members in the little branches here. We have had so many busy days lately. Which is a good thing. I always prefer having lessons scheduled over knocking on doors all day. On Wednesday and Sunday we had Silkeborg days, and got 4 lessons there each of those days. We are also going back tomorrow and have 4 more planned. Silkeborg is awesome and that is where most of our positive work is taking place.

Malin and Omar and their family are doing so awesome! They came to church again yesterday and we gave them a lesson about the priesthood. Omar said that it is important to actually use the priesthood that he has, and is now working on being able to baptize Malin. He was also called in to an interview with the branch president and I think he might have been given a calling. Cool! The other day we were also at there house and I got some pictures of Melissa. I'm sure you would like to see her.

Well we emailed on Tuesday, but we weren't able to take the rest of our pday until Thursday! But it was a fun day. first we went to the mall and I wasn't planning on buying anything, but then I saw some cool shoes that were way cheap. (150 kr) (25ish dollars) and so I bought them. We also bought some ping pong paddles and balls, because at the sports hall they have a ping pong table, then we went there and played for over 3 hours!!! Crazy huh? But it was so much fun. Its cool because me and McCleary both had tables at our houses and we are like exactly evenly matched.

Friday we woke up early to go to a district meeting in Horsens. We were told the night before at like 9 that we were supposed to do a 15 minute training.. But it turned out pretty good. After the meeting we hung out a little with the missionaries there and we all went out to eat some delicious steak and fries. When we came home we had an appointment with Ausra. We also had another one with her two days later, on Sunday. She is doing so good! At the one yesterday we had Mia with and it was so good. We challenged her to baptism, and she said she can't answer that now but she could maybe see it in the future, and then Mia told all about her conversion story, how she told the missionaries that she would never ever become a Mormon. But that changed. The spirit was really strong and Ausra had a lot of sincere questions about how she could experience what Mia did. It was sad because it was also the last time that we met with her, because she moves in 2 days. We exchanged emails and stuff and she is excited to meet some missionaries in Lithuania.

Umm well those are the highlights of last week. Our pday has been really fun so far. Oakey and Horocks came down from Skive to have Pday with us. We played a bunch of card games last night and this morning, and then we went and played ping pong for like 2 hours. We started out taking turns and having a tournament but then we decided to play 4 player. We had teams and you have to pass the paddle after every single hit. It was crazy but so much fun. Me and Horocks were the grand champions. After we are done emailing we are planning on going to play soccer golf. Yeah that's right, soccer golf. Just imaging golf, but with giant holes and a soccer ball. They have a whole course and we scored some free tickets.

So I got a call from Elder Shreeve. He said that he got an email from his dad and his dad said that he had received his travel plans. So I assumed that you had received mine as well. I was excited to see if you wrote anything about it, but there was nothing in your email. So I had to check on facebook just in case and I saw that you had written about getting them. So yup, I guess I got my travel plans! So now it is certain! It is going to be a looooong day, but I think it's cool that I'm arriving at 2 something. So we will have a few hours to do something before I collapse of exhaustion.

Your 4th of July sounds really fun! I heard that they legalized more fireworks in Utah! That's cool. Now maybe it is more like a Danish New Year. Its cool when everyone is launching them all at once. My 4th of July this year was really dumb. We did nothing to celebrate. ha ha
I have some pictures for you! Two of Melissa and two of my new shoes.
I hope everything is going great! I miss you all and can't wait to see you on November 22! :D

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hey there!!! :) I'm glad that you are doing good! Sorry again that I made you wait another day. There are sometimes just so many things that come up, but I always feel bad when I'm not able to email you on Monday.
Yesterday was a crazy day. We were helping Inge and her sister with some work. We have spent a lot of time over there helping them because they have a huge project going on in there backyard. They are laying bricks over the yard, so we have been helping with removing the old ones, laying a ton of sand, leveling out the sand, and now finally laying the bricks in. It has come a long ways and it is looking really good. I'm excited to see the final result. Inge is always nice to reward us with a good meal.
Well this has been another good week for the most part. Last Pday we went to the city mall and looked around and explored. I didn't get anything that time. Then we went back to that Gymnastic Hall that I told you about and we went to the gym planning on playing some basketball, but they had all this gymnastic stuff set up in the gym. It was cool, they had trampolines and pads and a huge foam pit, so we did some flips off of the trampoline. That was way fun. But I did so many flips that by the end I was starting to feel nauseous. Tuesday was a Silkeborg day and those days are always some of the best. We had 3 appointments there that day and they went well. The last appointment was with Omar and Malin. It was so awesome because this time there 2 kids were awake and we were playing with them a bit. They have a 3 year old boy named Lukas, and a little 1 year old girl named Melissa. I told you about her. She is the little cutie with thick long brown hair. It was funny, she was so shy at first and would just hide behind her mom, but by the end she was so active and playful. They had a play doctor set and were doing check ups on us. Omar and Malin are doing so good though. They came to church this week and really enjoy when they come. We are going over there tomorrow. :) Alright I need to tell you about our new investigator, she is so awesome! A couple weeks ago we knocked on this girls door and she let us in. Her name is Ausra and she is in her mid 20s and from Lithuania. She had met the missionaries before and she was excited to see us. She is believing in God, but not so much into organized religion. But she has a lot of curiosity and wants to learn more about out church. We came a second time, last Wednesday and talked about the book of mormon and Joseph Smith. We gave her a BOM in Lithuanian and marked 3 chapters that she could read, and she said she would. Then we came again yesterday, and she had read all 3 chapters that we suggested. She said she liked it but it was kinda confusing and she wants to start from the beginning so she can follow along with the story, so she is going to start on that. We also taught her the plan of salvation and she was really interested in that. So she is doing way good and we have high hopes for her, but you wanna hear the down side? She is moving back to Lithuania in 2 weeks.. :/ We are trying to get a foundation planted in her and hopefully there will be some missionaries in Lithuania that can take over. Thursday was interesting. We got on the train with our bikes to go into town like we had done many times before, but for the first time someone came by to check our tickets. So we showed them our passes and she said, ok that's good but where are your bike tickets? We were like, uh what?... Anyway, apparently ya have to have bike tickets to have bikes with, and so she gave us a ticket. She was nice enough to only give us one ticket and told us not to do it again. So we called into the office and told them the story, and he was nice, he said to send it in and he would take care of it. So now we had to add another expense to our area to buy some bike tickets, and we are thinking that all of this might change presidents mind about taking our car away. Friday we helped a member in the ward move. His name is Thomas S√łgaard and I was actually at his baptism over a year ago. Crazy. Anyway he was moving closer into the town and needed some help. Then Saturday was an even bigger service day. We had our district leader and his comp come over for splits and we all 4 went over to Inge's to lay the sand. It was nice having so many there, Inge's son Patrik was also there. It was nice because it was Elder Hardy's (District Leader) birthday the next day so Inge had a big dinner with some way good cake. It was fun, in the evening while they were with us we played a couple games of Settlers of Catan. That is always a fun one. And finally, Sunday. Sunday was another fast Sunday. I was surprised that the ward was actually able to fill up the entire hour with their testimonies. There were only like 15 people there, but they took up all the time. I was just waiting for a pause so I could go up there but it never came. Oh yeah also on Saturday morning, we had a surprise come knocking on the door. It was Elder Christensen and his brother Erik! It was kinda weird seeing Christensen not as a missionary. It was cool though. They couldn't stay long because they were on their way to Copenhagen, but they wanted to stop by and say hi and leave behind a bag of reese's. :) Well that is what happened with me this week. I'm glad you had a fun week too. :) Thats cool that Jansen went to EFY. That's good that he had a fun time. Did he come back with a girlfriend? It sounds like you have had a lot of fun St George time! You are making good use of those condos. I'm excited to get to spend a little time there as well. That's cool that you were able to go to the stadium of fire. I remember that one year we went and it was fun, even though it was a lame country band that performed. It really is ridiculous trying to get out of that place. Haha I assumed that you would want to hear my release date. :) Isn't that just crazy?!? I have like 4 and a half months left! At some points it seemed like it would never get here and I would always be a missionary, but now having a date makes it seem more real. And it is not very far away at all! I'll be going home at the same time as the other 3 elders in my group but we all live in different states so we will get split up on the way. I am so excited to see you all! :D haha I'm glad you liked my planking pictures. I think that is pretty funny. It's so pointless and stupid, but it's funny. I have some pictures for you too! First of all it is me and Christensen when he came by. Then there is my VDR ring. I customized it for the 4th of July. It looks better in person, the picture didn't work too well. The 3rd picture is one of me when McCleary stole my camera. And then I have 2 videos of me flipping. That's all for today. Have a fantastic week! Love Elder Tyler Lee Oh yeah, that you for sharing the story from Scotty's email. That is crazy! I have had some crazy stuff happen to me, but I think he has me beat on that one. I'll have to write him sometime and ask him about that.

Elder Lee with Dane and Eric Christensen

Look who Whe saw as we drove through! He is doing well. He seems to have a good
relationship with his companion (my grandson) Elder McClearey

Dane Christensen