Friday, June 25, 2010

Hey sorry that you are getting my email a day late again. I know you are always excited for it Wednesday mornings. But we had Zone Conference yesterday, so thats why. I've had a pretty eventful week this week. Here's what happened:
First of all, on P Day last week we were interviewed and recorded for a tv program that is shown over Denmark! :-O How cool is that? There is a guy in the ward who has this tv show that shows 2 times a week, and he called us and asked us if we would be on it. So we said yeah, and we went over there and he asked us some questions and recorded us. It was a little nervewracking, speaking Danish for thousands of people! I hope I did alright. After we were done helping him, we got to use his projector. We watched The Lion King in Danish. For some reason, movies are just way funny in Danish.
Ok here is something else cool that happened this week. There was a baptism! A guy named Thomas Søgaard was baptized in Esbjerg. He is from Herning, but they don't have a font in the church there, so he came here. He was so excited for his baptism and it was so cool to see. The spirit was way strong, and it was just a great experience. There is also another baptism happening on this saturday! A little girl in the ward turned 8 and she's getting baptized. And they asked me and Elder Holladay to be the witnesses! I hope that I continue to see many more baptisms while I'm here in Denmark!
After the baptism we helped a family in the ward move. They were moving into an apartment that is on the top floor... of course... But after we helped them, they took us out to eat at a way good burger place. So it was worth lifting all that heavy furniture up 4 flights of stairs.
And then yesterday! We went to Århus for zone conference. It was President's last zone conference! And also the last time that I'll see him on my mission! Sad.. It was a really good zone conference though, and of course it was fun to see the other missionaries. Me and Elder Christensen talked a lot about all our good memories together in good ol' Aalborg. Oh we heard some great news about Mia and Vivian from the Jepsons! They have both been coming to church every week! And Mia who has smoked since she was 13 years old (She's 25 now) hasn't smoked a single cigarette in over a month! That made me so happy when I heard about that!
Also, yesterday was a Danish Holiday. It was Sankt Hans. I don't really understand the purpose of the holiday, but it was fun. We went to a park and they had booths set up, and a band playing. And then the highlight of the night, they burnt a witch. It was exciting.
There is one more thing that happened this week. We found out about transfers! We have a big transfer one month where everything gets switched up, and then a small transfer the next month where just a few changes are made. This month is small transfers but there is a change happening. Are you ready to hear about it? Well, I'm staying in Esbjerg, but Elder Holladay is leaving to be Zone Leader in Sjælland. So I'm getting a new comp. His name is Elder Camp, and he has only been out 2 months longer than me, so this is his first experience as senior companion. So that means that we are both fairly new still, and hopefully we are both ready.
Well, I think that is it for my weekly update.

Haha, about the toilet sign. We saw the sign and I was thinking, hey those big statues kinda look like they are on toilets. So I took the picture. Haha. They are way cool statues! They are HUGE! Haha, and I really like the cow one too! I don't remember if I told you in the last email, it was a fake cow.
I have a few pictures with this email too. The first one is Thomas, the guy who got baptized! He is the one on the right. the next one is me with the mission president and his wife. I'm gonna miss them! The next one is the burning of the witch, and the last one is a picture showing that it is past 10 at night and it is still daylight outside! (They use military time here)
Thanks for your pictures that you sent me! They really made me jealous! I like the ones of Tani and Tia in the sand!
Yeah, it was really cool being able to translate! It gave me a little bit more self confidence with wear I'm at with my Danish.
Dang it! I was excited to hear where Scotty is gonna be going! Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait one more week. I can imagine what he's thinking right about now!
No, I haven't recieved the package yet. I was hopeing that I would get it yesterday at zone conference, because they don't forward packages from the mission office, only letters. They give packages to us at zone conferences or interviews. So I think it is probably in Denmark now, but I just barely missed it. We have another in 2 weeks, and I could get it then, but I think I might just tell them to send it to me and charge me. Thanks for sending it! I'm really needing some of that stuff.
K, well I'm gonna get going. Have a wonderful week! I miss you!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 15th, 2010


Sorry that you didn't get an email at the usual time this week. We were on splits yesterday in Herning. So today is our P day this week.
Well this has been a pretty good week! I'll start with our P day last week after emailing. We went to an Thai Restaurant that way way good! And then we went to a museum about Esbjerg. It was pretty cool. I milked a cow there. We also went to some statues of huge white guys that they have here! I don't kow what the point of them is, but they were really cool, and huge! I sent some pics for ya.
On Friday we went to Århus for monthly interviews. It was the last interview that I'll have with President Olausen!! He is leaving on the 2nd of July! Whoah! I'm sad that he is leaving. He has been a great mission president!
Church was good on Sunday! We had 4 investigators come, so that's really good! And something awesome happened in church too! In guest class, I translated the lesson for a guy! There is a guy in the ward from Ghana, and he doesn't speak Danish, so I translated the lesson into English for him. It was the first time that I've tried translating and it went pretty well! There were only a couple of times that I didn't understand what was said and had to make something up.
Then we had a couple of good working days, and then had splits yesterday. It was good. I got to be Elder Van Nevel's companion for a few hours, so that was awesome! It was cool seeing how much he's progressed since the mtc. We taught a couple lessons, and went contacting for a little while.
Hey here is something really cool that I've been hearing about over the past couple of weeks. Me and Elder Christensen, and the Jepsons were working a ton with two less active members in the ward up in Aalborg, Mia and Vivian. We spendt several hours over a few weeks doing service at there new little summer house/cabin thing. We got to know them really well, and become good friends with them. Anyway, the last week that I was in Aalborg, they came to church! AND, I've heard from the Jepsons that they have come every week since! AND, Mia was a heavy smoker, but she is now determined to quit, and she has been working on that! So that was really exciting to hear! We helped to re-activate Mia and Vivian! And that is just as good as a baptism!

Our investigators are doing good! Benjamin came to church again and he loved it! He was really excited that he participated in the discussion. He also came with us to an eating apointment with some members, and he enjoyed that. He is really getting to know some of the ward members and that is great. But, unfortunately we have found out that Benjamin is moving back to the Faroe Islands! :/ He is probably leaving in less than a month.
We haven't been able to teach those other investigators this week who I told you about last time. We had an appointment with Laila, but she burned us..
Yeah, those investigators that I mentioned are all Danish, except for Gollum. And Benjamin is from the Faroe Islands which basically a part of Denmark. He speaks Danish and everything. Yeah, there are a lot of Danish names that are similar or the same to English names, but they are mostly pronounced different. For example, Benjamin is pronounced like (Ben-Yuh-Meen) and Brian is prounounced like (Bree-in) Some other kinda popular names that are different than American names are, Jørn, Flemming, or Henrik.

Well that is the update with me, and my investigators.
I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better, Mom! That's grea that it didn't keep you down for too long! Hopefully your cough clears up soon too!
That is so cool that Scotty is waiting for his call now! I'm way excited to hear where he is gonna go!
So Tani and Tia are already working on a new play? Thats cool. That's cool how much they get into that and how much they enjoy it! And that's awesome that Tia got a line this time! Too bad I'll have to miss another one of their plays, but I know that they are gonna do great!
That seems way weird that Jansen is priest age now! I can't believe that he will be blessing sacrament and all! The kids have already grown up a ton, and I haven't even been gone for half the time yet!
Thank you for sending a package! I'm excited for it. Sorry Dad had to go buy a new capo. I'm pretty sure that we had 2 or 3 laying around the house, so even if Camron took one, there should've been one somewhere, but oh well. I'm looking forward to getting the package! Thanks!
Well, That's good for this week! Have a wonderful week, and I'll talk to ya later!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

ps. The World Cup is going on now, and it is HUGE here! When Denmark played, the city basically shut down! Denmark lost. Bummer

Bonus letter!

Hey again!
You get a bonus second letter this week! Well, it's not really a second letter, its just a continuation of the first one. I had some more stuff I wanted to say but we ran out of time because we were going to some members in the ward to help them with some yard work. We helped them chop some wood and stack it.
Anyway, it sounds like you had a ton of fun on the cruise! And there weren't too many things that went wrong this time. Other than a couple of people dropping dead. Thats sad.
You did a ton of way awesome things in Mexico! I think doing things with the locals like that would be the funnest way to go. It's cool getting to see the culture and everything from the real perspective of the people living there. Yeah, it probably wasn't the safest or most sanitary way to go, but you are all still alive. The zip lines sound way fun! That's cool that Tia was able to go on them and not freak out too much. She always seems to be reluctant about things like that, but when she actually tries it I think she has a lot of fun. I'm also way way jealous that you went parasailing!!! That is something that I've always wanted to try!
Well, I'm glad that you all had a fun time on your cruise! That is too bad that you got sick though. At least it came at the very end of the trip and didn't stop you from enjoying it. Is it still pretty bad? Hopefully you get well really soon, and you and Dad can finally start running again. Speaking of running, I've gotten my companion to start running. Would you ever think that I would be forcing someone else to run? Just so ya know, I still hate running. I don't think its fun at all. I just do it because I'm worried about all of this food that the members give us. I had to compromise with Elder Holladay though. We only run every other day.

I'm glad to hear that you recieved Chelsey's package. Sorry that I didn't send you anything. And yeah, I know that I didn't send anything for Jansen's birthday. I don't know how Camron found the time and money to send us all things! It cost nearly 30 bucks just to send that little package for Chelsey! So yeah, I probably won't be sending things to everyone for there birthdays, but I'll try to keep my eye out for some little things for everyone now and then, and I'll send them all at once.
You asked me a few questions so here's your answers;
Yup, I'm getting to know the members and investigators better. I told you about a few of them yesterday. Oh yeah, we also have an investigator named Gollum! How cool is that?!
Yeah, Elder Holladay has been serving here already for 3 months, so he knows the area pretty well.
President and Sister Olausen leave on the 2nd of July I think. It's crazy that the time for them to leave has come already! I'm gonna miss them a lot. They have been great. I have my last interview with him tomorrow, and there is one more zone conference before he leaves so that is the last time I'll see him here. Yeah they live in Utah. I think it's in Orem. I'm not sure when or where there homecoming is but I'll try to find out. The new mission president will be President Andersen. He is a Danish guy, so that will be really good for the mission I think. I have heard that he is a really great guy, but I've also heard that he will probably be a lot more strict than Pres Olausen has been. :/

One last thing I wanted to say before I go. Remember when we were talking on Skype and you asked me if there is anything I need or want? Well I told you I need more Gillette fusion razor things, and I want you to send my guitar capo. There is also one other thing that I really kinda need. It turns out that they don't have american style deodorant. They just have spray stuff, and I don't like that stuff. So want you to send me some good american rub on deodorant. Thanks. None of the gooey gel stuff or the powder junk. I want the speed stick good stuff. Thank you very much. And do you have any clue about when you might be sending stuff? Cuz just so you know, my stick of deodorant is on its very last leg, and the indicator strip on my last razor has long since faded. Just sayin.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful week. Bye bye

Love Elder Tyler Lee

June 9,2010

Hey Family!!

Sounds like you had a great time on your cruise! You did a ton of way cool things, and of course I'm a bit jealous. I actually don't have too much time right now, because we are gonna go do some service soon, so I'm not gonna talk about the cruise stuff so much right now. But we might be able to get some more email time in tomorrow, and I can write a little more.
Here is a little update of what I did this week. First of all, we had a really fun district activity! We went to a beach and played 500 with a football for awhile. It was way fun on the beach cuz it was impossible to get hurt when you dive and stuff on the sand. Also had a barbeque on the beach! We bought some little one-time grill things, and brought all of the food, and had a nice little barbeque right there on the beach. I ate a ton of sand... It was still really good though.
Sunday was a good day. It was good going too church again and getting to know more of the people in the ward. I already really like this ward. Something funny, the bishop in the ward if from America. He was a missionary here and he married a Danish girl and moved here. But he has the worst American accent I have ever heard! It hurts to listen to him because his accent is so terrible. I've discovered that a bad American accent when speaking Danish is the ugliest accent ever. The bishop is a great guy though, and it is nice speaking with an American guy. In church I decided to bear my testimony because it was fast and testimony meeting, and I thought it would be good to kind of introduce myself to the ward and all. So I went up there and just quickly said a couple of things about myself and how long I've been in Denmark, and where I've served, and then bore a quick testimony. After church, everyone came up to me and they all said that I speak great Danish! That I have really good pronunciation (which is the hardest thing, and what I've been struggling with the most) And they told me that they couldn't even hear an accent! So that made me feel pretty good. I think they might be lying though.. Or they are just comparing me to the Bishop. Anyones pronunciation sounds good after listening to him. Haha.
Hmm what else has happened this week. Not really anything special. I watched Shark Tale in Danish. That was fun! I think it is even funnier in Danish.
That's about it for my week. And now that I've been here in Esbjerg for a couple weeks, I've got to meet an teach a lot of our investigators, and I wanted to tell you a bit about a couple of them. There is Brian. I think that he is a zombie! He is always leaning over and too the side and his arms always hang down in front of him, he has long hair that is always in his face, he walks way slow and with a limp, and he is partly handicapped so he just speaks in weird squeeling noises. I'm scared that he is gonna eat my brain! He is a great guy though, even though he sometimes scares the heck out of me! We taught him about the Word of Wisdom, and he wants to give it a shot. He smokes and drinks a ton so it will be way hard but that is great that he wants to change.
Then there is Laila. She is a sweet lady around 50 years old. We have a baptismal date with her on the Fourth of July! That's exciting! Hopefully it works out. I'm a little worried though about it because it is coming up quick, and she still hasn't been to church yet! And also she has burned us on a couple of appointments. She always has some excuse. But she loves the Book of Mormon, and she really wants to get baptized!
Maybe our most positive investigator right now is Benjamin. He is a great guy! He is like 30 years old. And he absolutly loves meeting with us because he says it makes him feel so good! He also loves the Book of Mormon and believes that its true. We read with him in it each time we are with him and he also reads on his own. He's almost done with 1st Nephi. We talked to him about baptism, and he said that he believes the church is true and he wants to get baptized sometime, but that it will take some time. He said maybe in about a year. So we said that it is up to him when he gets baptized, but that if the holy ghost tells him that it should be sooner, he should listen to it. He said he would.
One more investigator that I want to mention. Jørn! This guy is way cool! He is like 50 years old and he is just an awesome guy! He is an artist, so me and him get along really well. He showed me a bunch of his paintings, and I showed him some of my scratchboard drawings. He has been meeting with missionaries for several years, but he is just not willing to change some of his ways right now. :( So we are gonna get him to change!
Well there is a little about some of our investigators that we are teaching here in Esbjerg.
I don't have more time right now, but I'll try to write a bit more tomorrow if possible. See ya, and I hope you get feeling better soon, Mom!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

From your son who is not on a cruise with you.

I'm way jealous that you are on a cruise!!! I don't have a ton to say this week, but there are a couple things. First of all I have to tell you this. Chelsey's Birthday is on the 15. I put a package together and I went to the post office yesterday to send it to her, but I forgot her address, so I just sent it to you. So when It comes, don't open it, make sure you get it to her before or by the 15th. Thank you very much! I assume you will be back from your vacation by then.
Well, not much to report this week. My new companion is kinda a lame-O I haven't really been enjoying are companionship so much. I miss Elder Christensen, he was my favorite companion. But I'm liking this new area. It is a great place. It was great going to the new ward on sunday and getting to know some of the ward members!
Oh get this! We have an investigator named Brian, I'm pretty sure that he is a zombie! I'm serious! He is always hunched over, and kinda to the side, with his arms hanging down, He has long hair that is always all over his face, he walks way slow and with a limp, and also, he is partly retarded, so he just talks in weird squeeling noises... I'm scared that he will eat my brain.
Uh, one of the days this week we had 2 dinner appointments! Ugh... We had an eating appointment with some members and I ate a ton there, and then we went straight to another eating appointment and ate a ton more! It was no bueno. I felt pretty sick after that.
Here is something really sad but also kinda funny that happened. So the other day we were driving down the street. We have a car here. Anyway, we were just driving and a pigeon flew into the window and died! :-O It just slammed right into it, and I was like what the crap! and I turned around and there were feathers all over! Hahaha, I mean, poor bird... :(
Hmm, I'm trying to put picture attachments on this, but it's not working.. We are on different computers than usual, and I guess it won't let me, so I guess you don't get any this time. Sorry. But I'll send them next time. Today we are in Århus. That is why I am on a different computer than usual. We are here on splits. It was cool, I just went on splits with one of the new missionaries that just got here, so I had to step up and take charge. We went contacting and he seemed so impressed with my Danish and stuff, but to me I don't think I'm very good. It was nice hearing him speak his terrible Danish! Haha, I'm glad I'm not a noobie missionary any more! Tomorrow we are going on a district activity. It is gonna be really fun. We are going to a beach and we are gonna have a barbeque and play frisbee and football! That will be way fun!
Well, thats all there is for me to report about my week. Have fun on your cruise! If I don't hear from you this week it's ok, I'll just assume that you forgot all about me while you are having your adventures. See ya!

Love Elder Tyler Lee, your son that is not on the cruise with you.