Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hey, Mom, Dand and the Gang!

Thanks for another great email! It's great having family that supports me. I don't know if I've told you this or not, but Elder Van Nevel's Mom is really against him being on a mission. She writes him short emails each week that usually just say basically that he should come home.. That would be really hard. I'm glad I have so much support from so many people!
Ok first of all, I think you will like my pics this time. The first one is a picture of a girl, Melissa, from the ward up in Aalborg. She was my favorite kid ever! She is the one that drew that picture for me of me and her holding hands. And she is just a cutie. I already miss her! And then the rest of the pictures are of mine and Christensen's adventures in a yellow field. These yellow fields are all over Denmark, and they are all fully in bloom right now and its so beautiful! Well, I'm in my new area now. Esbjerg. I think it is going to be a really good area for missionary work. I don''t know much about it yet, cuz I've only been here for a day, but they have so many progressing investigators here, and a lot of people who are so close to baptism! There is even one girl with a baptismal date! So I'm excited to get to know these investigators as well as I knew them in Aalborg, and help them keep progressing and learning more about the gospel. It was way hard leaving Aalborg and I miss it a ton. We had to pack and write down notes about all of our investigators and everything that the new missionaries should know. That took forever! Umm, so sunday was our last day in Aalborg. We went to church and said goodbye to everyone, which was way hard :(. Especially to say bye to the young adults that we worked with so much. Like Vince and the others. Thats cool though that you have been sending messages to each other and getting to know each other a bit. Vince has been a good friend and has really helped me to get started on my mission. Well, we left right after church. We drove all the way down to Copenhagen, which is like a 5 hour drive, and on the way there we stopped for a few minutes at Himmelbjerg (Heaven Mountain) It's the highest point in Denmark, but it's not even high at all. It's just like a hill... Lame. Anyway, we got to Copenhagen, and the next day was zones conference. It was exciting! We had a member of the 70 there, Elder Teixeira. He spoke to us and it was way good and encouraging. Oh and here is something exciting, I got called on to give a talk! And I didn't even have anything prepared! And I had to give an 8 minute talk in front of the entire mission and a General Authority! So while someone else was giving a talk right before me, I hurried and put something together in like 3 minutes, and it actually turned out pretty good. :)
After zones conference some of us went to the hard rock cafe! It was way good. It was just like I was in America again! You order in English, and they play classic American rock music, and the best part, they gave us huge American portions! I got a way good BBQ Cheeseburger. Yumm! Well, the next day I got my new companion and we drove back to our new area Esbjerg! (We have a car in this area) I'm excited to get to know this area! I think it's gonna be great! I haven't got to know my new companion, Elder Holladay, too much yet, but he seems like a great guy and a great missionary. But honestly, I think that this transfer might be a bit long and maybe a little boring... :/ My new comp doesn't seem too exciting.. But hopefully we will get to know each other really well and get along, and have a lot of fun adventures together. Oh and by the way, you can still use that same address. You can use that for my entire mission. That is the address of the mission office, and you send stuff there, and then they send it to me wherever I am. So that makes it easier.
Oh, the update with Jonas, the midnight train man! We went and visited him, and it went way well! We had a really good discussion about Joseph Smith and and Book of Mormon, and then he asked about what happens after death, so we taught him about the Plan of Salvation too. He told us that if he finds out that it's true, he will stop drinking coffee, and stop drinking alcohol, and join our church! And then, when we gave him a Book of Mormon he said ''I want to read this book in a month, do you think that is possible?'' Whoah, golden! We were just like, ''Yeah, you bet!'' He is a good one! But of course, we had to leave him, and move away. :(

That must've been fun meeting with all of the other missionary parents. I'm excited to hear about all of the other guys and how they are doing in there different places in the world. Sorry, I kinda forgot to include something special in my email for that, but hopefully you were able to just put something together from my emails, and what you've heard from me. I'm looking forward to getting that letter. Oh, before I forget. I got that letter from the Fife family and I wrote something back, but I don't have their address. Could you tell me it? Thanks
Sounds like you saw a couple of really great farewell talks! Thanks for telling me about them! I'm sad that I'm missing all of my friends farewells, but I'll be there for there homecomings! Doug's farewell sounds like it was really good and spiritual, and also funny and fun. They have been really good friends. Doug was my best friend growing up, and I feel bad that when they moved away, we never really stayed in touch more. I gotta say, I'm jealous that I missed out on the after party. It must've been a good one!
Whoah! That is crazy that Jansen is 16! And that the school year is over!! I can't believe that it has already been a whole year since I graduated! Time goes by a little too fast sometimes!
Of course I remember that you are going on a cruise! }:-( And I am super jealous. But I hope you have a really great time! And hopefully you don't encounter too many troubles this time, (hurricanes, broken ships, etc.) You have to let me know all about it!
Well that's it for this week. Have an super fun time on your cruise. Bye for now!

Your favorite missionary,
Elder Tyler Lee

Hi Tyler!

We are anxiously awaiting your letter telling us more about your new area and new companion! We looked up Es-ju-berg on google and saw a few pics. It will be fun to hear what you have to say about the area. Was your companion there before or are you both new there? That's kind of crazy that they moved you and Christensen and didn't leave someone familiar with the area. I hope things continue to progress in Aalborg! I got a very nice facebook message from Vincent. He said he has seen you grow so much in your first area and is very happy to have a life long friend. I love the internent and the way it makes that possible! I wish dad had contact with more of the people from his mission.

Saturday night dad and I met with most of the other missionary parents in our ward down at Jaxies. We had dinner together and then chatted about our missionaries. We each wrote up a paper about how each of you are doing and passed them out to each other. A few people weren't there so we didn't get a write up on everybody. I have put them into two different envelopes and sent one off today and will send the other one in a few days. That way you will get some snail mail too. It was fun to read/hear about each of the missionaries. It sounds like everyone is doing well and having great experiences. Andrew Wilson has a pic on his that shows a nice yummy meal with two chicken heads! Yummmm! I'll bet you are jealous! Kevin Sumsion tells of a wild and crazy bike adventure. It will be fun for you to check them out. There are currently 11 full time missionaries from our ward. Plus Andy that just came home and Bryce that will soon leave.

Sunday was a very nice day. We went to Dan's farewell at 9:00. He did a good job! He looks happy and ready to go! He spoke about service. I wish I would have taken notes to tell you more but I didn't think of taking notes until I got to Doug's farewell at 1:00. Dad couldn't get out of his callings for Doug's so Jansen, Tani, Tia and I went. It was so nice to see the Miller family! Doug and Zach were up on the stage each with a cool lei. Of course there were lots of Tongans and Hawaiins in the audience. When the bishop stood up to welcome everyone he mentioned that he was tempted to say "Aloha". With that everyone said "Aloha". But the bishop said, "I just said I was tempted to say Alohoa. When Doug stood up with his lei he said, "Brothers and Sisters, HOLA!" So everyone said, "Hola". It was quite funny. Doug was quite a funny boy up there! He said that everyone always thinks he's shy, but he's not, he just doesn't talk. He said he got to choose his topic and he chose to talk of the Book of Mormon and prayer. He said we probably thought he was wimping out by choosing those topics but he chose them because they meant so much to him. He talked about how after he got his call he didn't feel like going on a mission was the right thing for him to do. He felt like it would be a waste of time and money. He was nervous about telling his parents so he decided to wait until Zach came home to tell them. Then he had his Patriarchal blessing scheduled so he decided to wait until after that to tell them. Then someone, (I can't remember if it was the Patriarch or bishop or who), challenged him to read the B of M in one week and to really pray about it. He decided to take the challenge and had some amazing feelings of confirmation of the truthfullness of the B of M and the church. He said is was 2:00 in the morning and he was so overwhelmed with the feeling that he had to share it with someone. So he went to his parent's bedroom and woke them up. Remember they didn't know anything of his struggle to that point. So they were worried when he knocked on their door to talk to them at that time. Anyway, as you can imagine, it was a neat experience for them and he feels right about his mission now. He said he has been a Mormon all his life but he feels like a new convert.

After Doug talked the ward choir sang and then Zach got up. He said, "I love my brother." And then he got so choked up and teary that he just sat there with his head down trying to gain composure for like almost 2 minutes or so. Just when he thought he was going to be ok he would choke up again. When he finally got controll he said his mom once told him that if you give a Tongan 15 minutes to talk he would cry for 14 minutes and talk for one. That got a laugh!

After church we went to their house. They have a different house there in Orem. It is nice with a fantastic view from their back yard! Of course they had lots of yummy food to share with everyone! It was a very nice day! We need to get with them and go out to dinner or something! I sure like that Miller family! They are the kind of people that make everyone feel like they are their very dearest friend!

So yesterday was your little brother's 16th birthday! It wasn't too exciting! He got his bike about a month ago and that was pretty much his b-day. He did get a few swimming suits, shorts, shirts and flip flops for the cruise....oh and some circus peanuts, I always wonder why he likes them so much! He was hoping for a car, but that is not to be. I know he feels a little picked on, but that's the way it is for the moment. Today I took him up to the DMV to get his official liscense. Now, I hope all goes well with that! It's a bit scary to let your kids turn 16!

So Thursday is the last day of school! I can't believe it! Remember the last day of school last year? Jansen's famous ride in the ambulance! I hope we don't have to have any incidents this year. The Spanish Fork baseball team took 1st in state in the 4A division. They were pretty excited about that.

Tani has been asked to give a speech about the future at her 6th grade graduation program on Thursday. She has done really well writing her talk and getting it ready. It will be fun to watch her with that. Kind of crazy to think of her heading down to the big bad Jr. High next year!

Last weekend Dad, Tani and Tia went on a daddy/daughter cabin outing with the Popes and the Allans. They went to Nate Pope's parents ranch in Elkridge. They got to ride horses and four wheelers. They had a great time! While they were gone Jansen and I got to go out for birthday lunch at Red Robin. So it was a nice bonding weekend for everyone.

Cam got home from Japan this weekend. I think he had a mighty fine time there! We haven't had much of a chance to talk to him yet. We look forward to hearing more and seeing pics. It's kind of fun to know of the places and people he talks about because....we...were...there! That was so fun last year!

Do you remember that we are going on a cruise? We are leaving here Saturday morning and driving to Las Vegas. We will stay there and head out early Sunday morning to get to LA to board the ship. We will sail Monday, go to Cabo San Lucas on Tues, Mazatlan on Wed, Puerto Vajarta (?) on Thurs. Then we sail Friday and Saturday and get off Sunday morning. I will try to have another letter written before we leave so you have something from us on your next p-day. But if for some reason you have nothing from us, please forgive us and know we still love you anyway! : )

Oh....and before I very big thing.....we had sunshine today! No rain, no was a beautiful day! It has been a crazy spring!

Have a great week! We love you!

Mom, Dad and the gang!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 18, 2010

Hey Everybody!

This has been an extremely full week with a lot of big things going on! I don't know where to start! How about I start with this... I'm moving! :-O We found out about transfers yesterday! I've been here in Aalborg now for 4 months, and I guess it's now time for a change. I'm moving to a city called Esbjerg. And no mom, it's not pronounced like 'Ez-buh- jerg' like you probably think. It's pronounced kinda like 'Ess- bee- air' It's at the very west side of Denmark. I'm going there with Elder Holladay. It will be exciting. I'm way sad that I'm gonna be leaving Aalborg though. It's kinda crazy how close I've grown to this area and the people here. I'm really gonna miss the families in the ward, but even more, I'm gonna miss some of our investigators here a ton! I think it wouldn't be so bad, but what makes it more sad is that Elder Christensen is leaving too! So two new missionaries that don't know the area or about our investigators are gonna take over. Well, so there is a bit of big news for you.
Other things from this week; Yesterday was my 6 month mark!!! Whoah! I'm already half of half of the way done! A couple of days ago was Elder Christensen's 1 year mark, so we had a big celebration. We went to an all you could eat Thai buffet. It was way good, but of course I ate way way to much! That's something that I'm starting to get used to as a missionary, always eating way too much..
On friday we went to Randers for a district activity! It was Randers Regnskov Round 3! It's always way cool going to the Rainforest. This time though it wasn't as good as the other times because it was so crowded. I don't know why it was so crowded! I saw the coolest animal that I've ever seen in my life though! I'll attach a pic.
Also, on last P Day we went to some members house and Jammed with them! It was way fun. He had an electric guitar and amp, so I was able to jam for the first time in 6 months!
Oh, I have a nice story for you! The other day, it was raining pretty hard, but it held up for awhile and we were walking down the sidewalk. Then, we saw a white van driving on the street toward us. As it got closer, it suddenly started to go really fast. So we were like, ok, whats up with this van, why is it speeding up? Well, just as it was passing us, it swerved into a big puddle right beside us and completely soaked us! But it was ok. Elder Christensen and I just laughed about it and looked at the bright side. We were just like, cool this is something exciting we can write home about! And we kept on walking.
Celina came back!!! And she brought her little girl, Vivi! We met with them at the church yesterday, and Vivi is so cute and so much fun! She is a little ball of energy! It's kinda funny cuz she can only speak Chinese, so she just assumed that we could understand her, and when we couldn't, she would just talk louder. Haha. I'm really bummed that I won't be able to get to know her more.
And I think the last thing that I'll mention about this week is we had interviews yesterday down in Ã…rhus. That was fun. Me and Hansen and Van Nevel all went to a bakery to celebrate our 6 month mark. We got a way amazing Danish pastry! Yum!
Yeah, that really was a crazy train ride. We haven't met with Jonas, the midnight train man, yet. We have an appointment with him tomorrow though! It'll probably be the last time that the two of us meet with him because we are leaving, but we'll tell him that a couple other good missionaries are coming and that they would love to keep talking with him.

That is cool that Dan, Doug, and Eric are all leaving in the next couple weeks! I'm excited for Dan and Eric to be joining me over here in Europe! And I can't remember where Doug is going, but I'm excited for all of them! I know how they are feeling right about now. There were a ton of feelings and emotions those last few days before leaving. It was tough at that time, but I'm glad that I now have a few months under my belt. They will never regret what they are doing.
Well, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Good luck with those bees at the condo! They don't stand a chance against the Lees! Have a good week! I'll talk to ya later!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

May 18, 2010 (Six months!)

Hi Tyler!

Here we are doing our Tuesday night rituals....American Idol, Biggest Loser and writing to our favorite missionary! How has your week been? We are sitting here with the rain pouring down outside as it seems to be doing a lot lately. Tani, Jansen and Dad were all at the church doing yard work earlier...luckily the rain held off until they were done.

Today was Tani's Hershey's Track meet. It was raining in the morning but they decided to do it anyway. As they were down there the rains came down! They had to cancel things. Tani was able to run her 100 meter...she whooped everyone! And she was able to do her long jump......she whooped them there too! She was sad to have things cancelled. She wanted to be able to compete more in the 100 and do the relay. Oh well.

I hope the weather was better in California as it was Brielle's first trip to Disneyland today! I wish we could see her there! I'll bet she is having so much fun! I hope Grandma and Grandpa has had a fun time there too.

May has been really slow in the condo rental business so we went down Thursday night till Sunday morning. We checked the kids out of school for Friday and had some fun in the sun since we aren't getting much sun in Utah County lately. Our big excitement at the condo this time was the "Lees vs. Bees!" We have these ginormous bees that sit and hover outside the livingroom window and burrow into the wood! We did an internet search on them and found out that they are called Carpenter Bees. They actually vibrate and burrow into the wood! We just see a hole on our side but on the inside of the wood they build rooms that connect to each hole! They are crazy! We could actually see the sawdust coming out of the hole! The male bees don't have stingers, but the female's do. Luckily we didn't get to find that out personally! We used tennis raquets to take down about 8 or 9 of them. We also sprayed a few down. But we finally puttied up their holes. Hopefully that will cure the bee problem! It is nice to have 1:00 church so we can just leave Sunday morning and still get here for church. However, we did cut it a bit close this time. We were a bit late and had to sit out in the foyer because all the seats were taken. Phil Richards and his wife had their baby blessed so there were extra people around.

This Sunday is Dan Hales' farewell and Doug's farwell/Zach's homecoming. I am going to try to hit both of them. If you would like to add a little note to them in our letter I will copy it off and put it in a card for them.

Next week is graduation and our little buddies Katelyn and Landon will be graduating from high school! Holy cow! I can't believe that!

Saturday we are going to meet with all the parents of missionaries in our ward. We are going to eat at Jaxies down town. We just thought it would be fun to get together and talk about each of our favorite missionaries. If you would like to say anything to all the other missionaries let me know. Each of us are just writting up a little ditty about each of our missionaries and passing them out to each other to send onto our missionary so you can all catch up with each other a bit.

Cam seems to be having a great time in Japan...(imagine that!). He comes home Saturday. It will be fun to hear from him. I'm sure it is fun for him to see all his friends again and to meet Rurika's family!

So what happened this week with the guy from the midnight train? That was quite the crazy train ride you had! We are excited to hear what missionary experiences you have had this week. Do you know anything about transfers yet? Are they the end of May? Good luck with whatever changes may come your way.

We are just about finished with the Book of Mormon again as a family. It is fun to get to Moroni and read and pray for ourselves again and feel the power of the Book of Mormon. It is neat to think of you bearing that testimony often! Missionary work is amazing! You are amazing! Thank you again and again for the sacrifices you are making and the wonderful things you are doing!

We love you!

Love, Mom, Dad and the gang!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hey!! It was great talking to you the other day!!! That was fun being able to talk to the family, and also see the family! That really was a good way to do it. Yeah that's kinda sad that it won't happen again until Christmas, but it will be here before you know it. I understand why you let out a few tears at the end. Don't worry, I was expecting that out of you anyway. ;) But yeah, this email probably won't be as long. I don't have much material to write about, and also I don't have as much time as usual. But yeah, that was really fun. I'll definately tell the 'AEpgars' thanks again.
Well for the most part of this trip I'll tell ya a bit more about our trip to Copenhagen. So we left on friday. We got on the train, and about 5 hours later we arrived. We went to a way good Kebab shop for dinner and then stayed the night with some other Elders. Then in the morning we went to a church that has a full size basketball court, and there were a whole lot of missionaries there from around the copenhagen area. So we played a whole ton of basketball together. It was way fun! I played on Elder Claytons team, so it was cool playing with the SFHS basketball star. I was pretty sore after that.
After B-ball, we went to Elder Christensen's Grandma's house! How weird is that?! His Grandma lives in Copenhagen so we got permission to go there for lunch. She is a way nice lady. After her, we went to the Copenhagen Temple before the baptism. I got some pictures there that I will attach. It is a way cool Temple! I can't wait til I'm able to go inside it. Well, then after that we went to the baptism, which as I explained to you on sunday, didn't turn out quite like we had planned. Peter didn't show up, and when they finally found him, he was drunk... There was another baptism though and it went really well. I said the opening prayer. I didn't even know I was praying untill I looked in the program!
Well, after the baptism we had to leave pretty quick to catch our train. It was a crazy train ride. First of all, I had a pretty bad headache so that is never fun. And to make the headache worse, there was a baby near us that cried for about an hour! It was an unnaturally loud annoying cry too. The baby finally stopped, but then later a group of about 8 or 9 drunk girls came and sat right next to us. And when I say right next to us, I mean right next to us. There weren't enough seats for all of the drunk girls so they double or tripled up. There was one that was basically sitting on Christensen's lap. They were way loud and annoying, but they finally left. Shortly after they left, a gang of black guys came and sat by us. And of course, they were incredibaly loud as well, which wasn't good at all for my headache. Well finally near the end of our journey, they left, and then a man came and sat next to us. And after a long hard annoying train ride, something good finally happened. This guy said hi to us and said, 'you guys are the missionaries, right?' Anyway, this guy, Jonas, had met with missionaries before, and read in the Book of Mormon. He asked us a ton of good questions and we had a great discussion with him and got his phone number and stuff and he wants to meet with us again! So that was a cool end to our crazy journey. We taught a lesson at midnight.
Well, that is really all I have for you, I'm almost out of time. We are going over to a members house and we are gonna jam with them! So that will be way fun! I'll write more next time. Have a great week!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Our letter to Tyler

Hi Tyler!

This week will probably be shorter letters from both of us since we got to talk on Sunday. All I can say is that is was so great to talk to you and to see you! You look so good and seem very happy! I'm sorry I let a few tears out at the end. It's just a bit hard to know I won't get to do that again until Christmas! Please tell Elder and Sister Jepson thank you again from us for letting you use their computer! That was definitely the way to do it!

Camron is probably getting close to being in Japan soon. By the time you read this, I think he will be. So now he will pass you in the future. I'm sure he will have a great time. I'm not as worried about him coming home this time. But I was worried last year when he took off to the bathroom right when it was time to board the plane!

Tani is at her last soccer game of the year. It's been a crazy spring soccer season with this cold and stormy weather. I think she has only had one game in decent weather. But she has sure loved it. She has Tia excited about it now. So maybe they will both do it next time. It would be nice to see Tia do it and be involved in some kind of sport.

Today is Grandpa Ed's birthday. We spent Saturday with them for Mother's Day and dad's b-day. It was nice to be with them. We don't get down to Manti often enough. G and G are going to go to Californina with Jeremy, Heidi and Brielle next week. They will get to see cute little Brielle at Disneyland. That would be fun! I'm sure she will have lots of smiles there!

Andy Bradford ended up getting home Saturday night and he spoke in church on Sunday. He was full of smiles and seemed happy about his mission and happy about being home. His topic, (since it was Mother's Day), was "the women of Italy". He told of some neat stories from his mission and bore his testimony in Italian.

It was fun to talk to other missionary parents Sunday who had talked to their misssionary or were still looking forward to talking to them. Jerry Black was in the middle of transfers so he wasn't sure when he would even get to talk to his family. Saturday night they found out that they could call him Sunday morning. Jerry is now in Swahili. They said he was pretty excited because he is REALLY in Africa now! He said there are monkeys in his back yard! Cool, huh?!

In a few weeks we are hoping to get together with all the missionary parents in our ward and find out more about each of the missionaries. When we do that we will let you know how others are and where they are.

Well, I don't have much more news from our side. We are just so happy to have you serving your mission. We are happy that you have the chance to share your testimony with the wonderful people of Denmark! Thank you for your service and for your example to us! We appreciate the missionary spirit that comes to our lives because of your work!

We love you! Have a great week!

Love, Mom, Dad and the gang!

Our Skype call with Elder Lee!!!!

It was so fun to talk to and SEE Elder Lee on our Mother's Day Skype call! He looked so good and seems very happy. Here he is giving a quick rundown of his basic day. Thank you so much Elder and Sister Jepson for letting Elder Lee and Elder Christensen use your computer! Fun! Fun! Fun! But hard to say goodbye until Christmas!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hey!!! Happy Cinco de Mayo!! I really don't have much time, so this is gonna have to be a quick one. That was cool that I caught you online real quick. It was fun kinda chatting with you on here for a minute. But its gonna be even funner talking to you on Sunday! I'm way excited for that. Hopefully everything works out like it's supposed to and we don't have any technical deficulties. That's cool that Camron will probably be able to be there. That is crazy that he is going to Japan again! How long is he gonna be there?!
It has been another super week! It's so crazy that it is may already!!! My 6 month mark is in 2 weeks! How the heck did that happen?! Sometimes it seems like I've been a missionary forever, but most of the time it seems like its gone by way fast. I've been doing plenty of knocking and contacting like always. The life of a missionary includes a ton of knocking and contacting. Yeah, but other than the basic missionary work, I haven't done a ton this week. On thursday and friday we had splits with the Randers Elders. That was really fun. I went with Elder Ribble. He is my favorite missionary in the entire mission. We get along way well and we always have a ton of fun. So that was awesome serving with him for a day. I really hope that the two of us are companions some day.
Guess what! On thursday we are going down to Copenhagen, because on friday there is a baptism! My companion is baptizing a guy named Peter. It will definitely be a great experience!
Dad has probably noticed that a large ammount of money went missing from my account. Well here is what it was for. I bought a portable hard drive for 450 kroner which is like 80 or 90 bucks. You're probably thinking 'a portable hard drive?! Why the heck did you buy that' Well a lot of missionaries here have them and it is actually a really great way to save pictures and music and stuff. It is 320 gigs, so I can put all of my pictures on there and I won't have to get a bunch of new memory cards for my camera. I think it will be a good investment, and will also come in handy for college life after the mish. I also took out 400 extra kroner. It was becuase I ran out of money for the month and I had to get a bit out to make it through the last week.
Congrats to Tia for doing so well in the Track Meet! She is a really talented little girl!

Well I'm out of time, I'll wrap this up, but first I'll explain these pictures. The first ones are just some pictures of Denmark. Some cool scenery and stuff. Then there is a little picture that a little girl in the ward drew for me. Her name is Melissa and she is 6 years old. She drew me this picture of me and her. Haha. And then there are a couple pictures from earlier today. Me and Christensen sitting on a huge bench, and me and Jesper with a huge ice cream!
See ya on Sunday!
Love Elder Tyler Lee