Monday, December 13, 2010

Somebody broke into our apartment!!!

Hey there!!!

Somebody broke into our apartment!!! They kicked the door in and everything!!! Anyway, I'm glad to hear that you have had a good week! Thanks for the email and everything. I'm way excited to talk to you on Christmas too. It's gonna be a good day. We'll see the Jensens tonight and I'll ask them about skype and if we could use there computer. Hopefully that works out. Otherwise I think I'll get a calling card and I can just call. We'll plan on Christmas morning for you guys. And if it changes at all I'll definitely let you know.

It's good to hear that the one of my packages made it safe and sound! I always get worried sending things in the mail, I always just think, hmm what if it doesn't make it. But I'm glad that it made it there alright. I sent it the same day as yours, but it was a little smaller and it weighed less. It counted as a Maxi letter or something like that, but the other one was a package, so I assume that it takes a bit longer. You should recieve it any day. Sorry mom and dad, there isn't really much for you two in this. It is kind of targeted for the kids. Oh yeah, I totally forgot to tell you that I did get that little package from you awhile ago! Thank you so much! I got it on Thanksgiving. I really enjoyed the candy, it worked fine this time, nothing got destroyed in shipping. I haven't recieved the christmas package yet, but I hope it comes soon.

We survived the drive to Copenhagen and back. We faced nearly every driving hazard imaginable. On the drive there it was so sunny for the longest time and the sun was right in Ribble's eyes, and then when the sun left it randomly became way foggy so we still couldn't see. On the drive home there was a huge blizzard and so much snow and ice on the road. We slipped around a little bit but we were able to make it back in one piece.

Glad you liked the pictures. That castle was way cool! And it was huge!! Yup, we went with some of they sister missionaries in the area. They're cool. Sister Andersen is doing good. She is really happy that she isn't a noobie anymore. It's cool getting to see some of the awesome sights around Denmark. There are a lot of Danes that have never been to the places and sights that I've been.

Well anyway, I have had a good week. It is great to be here in Aalborg again. It has been kind of tough because we have been so busy with other things (the zone conference and stuff) that we haven't had much time to do regular work. We haven't been able to meet with many investigators. There aren't very many of the investigators here anymore that I taught last time. There are a lot that moved and some who were just no longer interested. But I have met with Sabrina a couple times. We had dinner with her one time. You probably don't remember me telling you, but when I first came to Denmark, Sabrina was the very first lesson we had. She was the first actual investigator that I taught. So I'm sure she has seen a big improvement with my danish since that first time.

I've been catching up with all of the people in the ward. We had an appointment with The Mathiesen family. They are the family with the little girl Melissa. She is so fun. She drew some more pictures for me and I attached one of them for you.

The zone conference was good. It was the whole mission that came so we all went to Copenhagen. We stayed in the Ballerup house for 2 nights. There were 16 missionaries there! Holy Cow, it was kind of crazy. I was lucky enough to snag a matress to sleep on, and also wake up early enough for a warm shower. At the zone conference there was a member of the quorum of the 70 that came. Elder Kapiska or something. I have no idea how it's spelled. It was good hearing from him. It was kind of funny because the way he talked it reminded me of the short guy on the princess bride. The one who says inconciveable all the time. I was just waiting for him to say it but he never did.

Friday was fun! We had a ward christmas party at the church. We sang some danish christmas songs and danced around the christmas tree. That is a tradition that they do in Denmark. We also did all sorts of activities and dances. I line danced with a 70 year old lady.. haha it was fun. Then the primary put on a performance. First they dressed up like elves and did some fun dances, and afterwords they acted out the nativity. It was really cute. Man I'm really loving the danish christmas food. It's so good!

Ok ok, I'll tell you what happened with the break in. Sorry to leave you hangin.. well I did it on purpose actually. :P You don't need to worry, I'm fine. So we came home after our Copenhagen trip and climbed up the stairs to the top floor where we live. The door was just opened. Elder Ribble was like, crap we left the door open for 3 days, but then we got closer and there were wood chips all over the ground and the door frame was completely destroyed. The lock had been completley kicked in. We went inside and looked around to see what they stole, but the funny thing is, they stole absolutely nothing! It doesn't make any sense. Both of us had ipods sitting right out in the open, we have big speakers, my guitar and all sorts of valuable things, but nothing was gone. The only thing that was different was a chair and the garbage can were both knocked over, and there was a pack of cigarettes on the floor in the bedroom. So I have no idea why the heck they broke in, and also why they didn't take anything. But I'm glad they didn't. We called some people and president told us to call the police office, so we did and they came over and checked it out. They didn't even do anything, they just said, that's weird they didn't take anything, and then they left. We had a guy come over and he fixed our door and lock for us, so we are pretty secure again.

Alright, now to the pictures. I usually edit them on paint, make the file size smaller and all. But we are on different computers than usual and they don't have paint so I just left them huge. Hopefully they work fine. The first is a cool light saber picture with elder Ribble, then there are 3 from the nativity performance, and the last one is me and Ribble in a mirror. It had a funny effect.

Have a wonderful week!! Thanks for a good email. Only one more email before I get to hear from you for real! :D See ya

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Monday, December 6, 2010

Dec. 6, 2010

Hey Everybody!

I got some new info about the christmas call. We found out that we can call home on any day between the 24th and the 30th. And we can also use skype if it's available or we can just call on the phone. So we'll have to figure it out, what day works best and all. I'm way excited to talk to everyone, and to recieve your package! Yup, that is the right address. And I will be sure to put my name on the mailbox today so I can actually recieve it. Also on that note, I sent a package off to you a couple days ago. So it should be there within the next two weeks. But there is also more than is in the package you will recieve. There was too much stuff for the box I had, but I sent a package to Chelsey too, right? Well, there was a lot of stuff and it didn't all fit in your box, so I put some of the gifts in her package. So you can go ahead and open the box(don't worry, the presents inside are individually wrapped so it won't ruin the surprize) And I told Chelsey to do the same and take the gifts with your names and get them delivered to y'all before christmas.
Anyway, back to everything else. I'm glad you liked my pictures! Yeah it was pretty cold out there in those shorts, but it was fun!
I'm back in Aalborg now!! Wooo! We had a long train ride that was kind of stressful. I had all my luggage and guitar and all, and we were about to miss our train so we had to run, and we barely caught it. There were a ton of people on the train and we had to just cram in there and stand with all my luggage for about an hour. But finally people started getting off, and we found a seat. After about 5 hours we were in good ol Aalborg. I feel bad for Elder Klc, he had to come all the way with and then go all the way back the same day!! They didn't get home until around midnight. It has been weird, but also awesome being back!! It is really great seeing all my old friends here! We went to church yesterday (of course) and I was able to see all of the people in the ward again and catch up with them. They all said that my Danish has really improved since last time. Well, I sure hope it has. There was one lady who said, ''hey you are good at danish now, you weren't very good last time'' ... haha, Ummm, thanks I guess.. I thought I was pretty good last time.
We went caroling a little bit last night. It's something we are going to do a little bit of during the holiday season. Because it can be kind of weird and annoying to talk to people on the street and knock on their doors when it is Christmas. So we try a new technique. We go with the senior missionary couple here and go to member's or investigator's houses, I bring my guitar, and we sing some christmas songs and share a little christmas message. It's a fun way to work with the members and our investigators. Oh, I needed a strap for my guitar, but I didn't have one so I made a little makeshift strap out of an old tie. haha. You asked how many people think we are crazy each day. Well, I'd say somewhere around 1,000 people each day. Haha just kidding. There are a lot of really friendly people who we talk with, but there are also a lot of grumpy people and people who just don't want to talk about that type of thing.
It's going great with Elder Ribble. He's a way fun missionary. It is obvious that he is pretty trunky, but that is understandable. He is going home in 12 days. Don't worry though, we aren't letting his trunkiness stop us. We still are getting work in. I think you misunderstood. Elder Van Nevel and the other one aren't here yet. It is just me and Elder Ribble, but since he leaves in a few days the other two will come. I'm not sure why they are sending 3 here.
I hope I go to Odense eventually too. That would be a bummer if I never get the chance to see them. Chances are that I won't serve in Odense, seeing as I have only one year left, and there are like 20 areas, and President has also said that he will keep missionairies in areas for like 6-8 months. But I hope that I at least get to meet them.
We have a mission conference on wednesday, so with that conference that means I get to travel all the way back to copenhagen and back. yay.. At least we will be driving this time. Hopefully we make it alright, there is still a lot of snow.

I have a ton of pictures for you again! This time most of them are from our trip to the castle last pday. It was such a cool place. I'm not going to describe each individual picture, you can just take a look at them. The two with the paintings, the first one is a classic french painting about a war, and then there was a danish artist who decided to make fun of it kind of with his own painting. So he painted one of Denmark. So if you were wondering what it's like in Denmark, that painting basically shows it all. The last three pictures aren't at the castle of course. There is a picture of our pomelo! The worlds largest citrus fruit. Oh yeah. We were at the store and we saw a sign that said they are the largest citrus fruit so we decided that we had to try one. So we did. :) I really liked it, but Klc didn't. It's kind of bitter like a grapefruit, but I thought it was pretty good. And HUGE. Then there is some sushi! Here's another story I need to tell you about. So remember Jennifer that I told you about who got baptized recently? Well she wanted to treat us to lunch as a going away present. And she went all out and got us sushi! She said she saw the video of me and remembered how I said I want to eat at that sushi place but don't have the money. So she took us there. We kept saying it was too much money but she insisted. It was way good! Anyway, the last picture is from last night caroling. That is Ribble, my new comp.
Well have a great week, ok. Can't wait to hear from you again!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

ps. I saw that video. That is awesome! Those are always fun.

Nov. 28, 2010

Hey!!! How are you all doing? I do hope to go to Odense someday, but I think that an Aalborg Christmas is going to be way awesome! I'm way excited to go back to Aalborg! I think it is going to be fun! It'll be fun to see all of the people that I met up there again, and be able to impress them a little bit with how my Danish has improved since that time. I'm also going to have some really good companions. Haha don't worry, I won't really kill any of my companions. Missionary lingo is kinda weird sometimes. Oh I found out that I don't actually leave til Saturday. We thought it was Wednesday, but I guess I have a couple extra days here. so you can send a package there and it'll get to me.

Bummer, too bad to hear about that BYU Utah game. Elder Klc was excited to hear that news. He is a huge Utah guy. But that is way fun to hear about the Jazz/Lakers game! Those Jazz are full of surprizes!! Why is it that they always have to get down by 20 points before they decide to start playing?

Guess what! I finished my knitted tie! Haha! And now I'm done knitting for awhile.. for reals this time. I've knitted my scarf and my tie, and that's good enough, so this time I'll take a break from it. My tie turned out alright. It's kinda funny, I wore it yesterday. It looks good from a distance, but then you get close up and it looks pretty tacky.
Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is such a great holiday! I bet it was fun having the family all together for some fun and food.
Thanksgiving here was way fun! I need to start from the beginning. Alright, so we woke up Thanksgiving morning, and at 10 we met at a field for some good American Football... In the snow! It was -2 degrees Celsius. I'm not sure what that is in Farenheit, but it's below freezing. But once we got going and running around it wasn't that bad. We just got into the game and forgot all about the cold weather. It was pretty slippery so everyone was falling all over the place. I was on blue team, and I was number 337, Haha. Can you guess why? We decided to play first to 10 and the winner was..... Blue team! Oh yeah. It was crazy, but way fun. I was sore for like 4 days afterwords. After the game we went back and showered and changed clothes and stuff and went to the church. We helped get ready for the Thanksgiving feast, and then at 3 oclock we ate! And ate and ate and ate... We had turkey and ham and mashed potatoe and stuffing and everything. It was way good, but I ate too much of course and didn't feel too good after. And the worst thing is that immediately after the meal we had the talent show. It went well though. I did two different acts in the show. The first was I played some guitar. And then for the finale, me and 3 other missionaries did a little dance... It was fun. I put both of the vids on facebook so you can see them. Don't make fun of me too much. It was a way fun Thanksgiving! Guess what! Next Thanksgiving I'll be home!
That was the highlight of the week. Yesterday was a way fun day too! I told you real quick in that short email that we went to a castle. It was way cool! It was the first castle that I've been to here. It was so huge and there was so much to see! I got a bunch of pictures but I already have way to much in this email so I'll send them next week.
Thanks for all of the pictures you sent. Those were fun! It was fun seeing everyone, and seeing how some people changing since I've been away. It's way weird seeing Brielle! I guess little kids like that grow a lot in one year. Tell Camron to get a haircut... Haha.
Well let me explain the pictures that I sent this time, there sure are a lot of them.
It has snowed sooo much!! We woke up one morning and there was like 2 feet of snow outside! The first picture is of our backyard covered in a ton of snow. #2 is me, it just kept snowing, #3-9 are of the football game. The pre game shot, we were all freezing at that point, blue team huddle, the coin toss, some nice action shots, a picture of Elder Valgren our first down mark, haha, and then a way funny picture of Elder Pullan getting hit in the face with the ball, hahaha. #10 and #11 are my blue team jersey, after the game so it's pretty dirty. Then I got some pictures of some cool graffiti in Copenhagen. #16 is my Thanksgiving meal (plate one) and finally the last two are of my knitted tie. Enjoy the pics! I've gotta split, so I'll talk to you later. Have a great week.

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Transfers! Nov. 26, 2010


You get a little bonus email today! I have to keep it short though. I just want to tell you that we found out about transfers!!! Whooooo!! Transfers are way way way good. I'm excited for what is happening! So.... are you ready? Well... I'm moving again! I'm a little bummed that I won't be here for Christmas with the Olsens, but it's ok because I'm going somewhere great!! I'm going back to Aalborg where I started my mission!!! Can you believe that?! I'm way excited! And I'm going to be with Elder Ribble! He is one of my all-time favorite missionaries. And I'm gonna kill him! (That is missionary lingo for, he is done with his mission in a few weeks and I'll be his last companion) It's gonna be awesome! So, I'll have a couple weeks with him and he'll go home, and then I'll be companions with Elder Van Nevel, from my MTC group, and also with Elder Greenhaghl. So, it's gonna be good.
I wanted to let you know as soon as possible so if you happen to send a package over here, you should send it straight to my new address so I can get it in time for Christmas.
My address will be:

Elder Tyler Lee
Herluf Trollesgade 34 3tv
9000 Danmark

It's gonna be a good Christmas! Have a great weekend!
Love Elder Tyler Lee :)

Nov. 21, 2010

Hey There!

Happy Monday!! AHHHH! I can't believe that I am already more than halfway done! It has gone by so fast! And ya know what? Everybody says that the second year goes by even faster! But that is pretty hard to believe that it can go faster.
Thanks Dad for the encouraging advice and everything. It's fun hearing from you every once in awhile. It's true, it is so good being able to speak the language. It makes everything else so much easier.

That's crazy that Andrew is home already! I'm sure he gave a great talk.
Congratulations to Camron! 2nd place and 500 bucks! Alright! That's awesome! I'm still a little bit confused with the whole competition and what it is he actually did. But that is way cool that he did so good with it.
Haha, I just barely helped an old lady out with her computer. She went to a youtube video and it started playing music way loud and she couldn't figure out how to do anything. So I went over there and put it on pause, got her some headphones and then played it again for her. Hahaha, old people are fun.
That's cool that Janie Sue got a job. I'm sure he will be glad for the extra money!
Happy Birthday to dad!! I hope it was a great day! Sorry I didn't get you anything, but I'm working on a christmas package to send home. I'm finding a few odds and ends to throw in there.
Guess what! It snowed this week!! It usually doesn't snow in Denmark until after Christmas, but we woke up one morning and there was a couple of inches of snow on the ground and it kept going all day! I just wanted to let ya know.
I've really been enjoying reading HC Andersens stories. I think something is messed up with that guy. My favorite story that I've read so far is Store Klaus og Lille Klaus. It's way funny. I found it in English on this website You should try to read it sometime if you get the chance. It's kind of long, but it's a good one. I skimmed through the english one real quick and I think it's even funnier in Danish.

Well, I've had a good week for the most part. Last pday was way fun! We went to that Experimentarium place and it was way fun! There was so much to do and see there. We didn't have enough time. We were there for like 3 hours, but there was still a lot of things that we didn't get a chance to see. Science is way cool. I think the best thing there was a cool chair thing that is kind of off balance and when you sit in and it randomly just spins on it's own. And then when you put your legs in it spins even faster. It was fun! I put a little video of it up on facebook.
This week we had our interviews with President. That was good. I didn't really have anything to talk about. But he did tell me something pretty exciting! He said that he doesn't have any plans on moving me next transfers! So I can expect on staying here in Ballerup for Christmas! It's not final yet, we will find out for sure later this week probably. But I hope that I get to stay here for Christmas because I have gotten to know the ward so well and they are awesome! We also are going to spend Christmas with the Olsens!! So that would be so cool if I could stay! It would be a bummer to leave less than a month before Christmas. I'll let you know officially as soon as I find out. Oh and speaking of the Olsens, she told me that you guys have been writing a bit. She was impressed with your danish skills.
Thursday was exciting! Cuz it was my ONE YEAR mark! We didn't do anything at all to celebrate it but it was fun anyway just knowing that I made it half way.
That is pretty much it for this week. It's going good with our investigators. We finally got Pernilla to pray! She has been really reluctant about that.
Thursday is going to be really fun! We are having a Thanksgiving party in the mission! We are gonna meet together and play some American football, and they are getting some turkey and all that good food. They are also gonna have a talent show. I'm playing guitar of course, and I also somehow got roped into doing another dance.. Wish me luck with that.
I gotta get going pretty soon so I'll wrap this up. But first thank you for the pictures!!
I'll tell you a bit about my pics.
The first 5 are from the Experimentarium. The first was a pollination game. Then 2 and 3 are us when we were filmed with a cool heat vision camera! Number 4 is a cool room of mirrors. And 5 is our faced mixed together, haha. Then there is a random poster that I saw, I thought it was way funny. And the last one is me playing Giant Solitaire! We bought some huge cards and have been playing giant card games.
That's all I've got for you today. Thanks for everything! See ya next year!

Love Elder Tyler Lee