Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 8th, 2011

Hey y'all!!! :D

Happy Monday!! ;) And again, Happy Mother's day yesterday! It was great talking to you all and seeing you, even though there were more problems with skype and I didn't really know what to say, haha. It is so weird how much everyone is changing! It seems like all the kids have changed a lot! Glad you all are doing good! I'm also doing really good! It has been a really awesome week that ended in an awesome way.
But yeah I've had a good week! It started off great with some bowling! Unfortunately I didn't reach my goal of 200 this time. I wasn't as on fire as last time, although I still did pretty good I guess. My scores were; 153, 161, 144, 127, and 109 (And I was spinning the ball on this game).
On tuesday we had the APs on splits (Assistants to President) That went really really well, I told you a bit yesterday about Mogens and Barble. Elder Baily finally got him to pray! He had to write down a simple prayer on a piece of paper and Mogens just read it, but it was better than nothing, and it was a big step. We also went and visited Barbl that day. We had a good lesson that went for about an hour. It's kind of hard to control the lesson because she talks a ton about all sorts of random things, but it went well. We gave her a BOM in German and she was excited and said that she would start reading it that night. She also said that she wants to come to church! I'm excited to see what happens with her.
Friday and Saturday were really fun because we went camping! haha the ward invited us on their father/son's camp. We went friday at 5ish and had some really good dinner there, and then played some Football. American football and European football. It was fun. Then we went out in the forest with the kids and found some good sticks for roasting marshmallows. We started a campfire and sat around it roasting mallows. Then we went to bed and the next morning we woke up, ate breakfast, and headed home. I'm glad we were able to go.
We fixed Tolmans bike, but then it broke again! That stupid bike! But yesterday we gave it to Bro Johansen. He is really good at fixing everything, and he said he'd take care of it. We can always count on the Johansens! Oh don't worry I make sure to thank them a ton for all the stuff they do for us.
Then of course it ended with us going over to the Johansens and having a nice chat with the family.
Well that was my exciting week!
Since it was such a eventful week I have a lot of pictures for you! Woohoo! The first one is at the bowling alle. The second one is of an awesome girl that we saw on the street! She was a rainbow! Then I got thirsty so I got some water with a big bear. The next 2 are of a cool pink church that we saw! It was the first time I've seen a pink church so I had to get a picture of it. It looked really pretty against the nice blue background. The rest are from the campout. There was dinner, then a wild ninja, roasting mallows, and the last 3 are when Jakob stole my camera and started taking pictures. There is me and Peter, then one where I have no idea what I am doing or what Jakob was doing taking that picture, and finally there is just a picture of me.
I'm glad that you were able to have a nice mother's day with a lot of family members over to visit! That sounds exciting! How big is that Bosco now days? Too bad Rui is such a punk and can never get along with any other animals!
Whoah, that is crazy that the Lakers got swept in the second round! How did that happen? Who was it that beat them?
Um well that is all I have for today. Have a great week!

Love Elder Tyler Lee.

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 1, 2011

Hey everyone!!!

How's it going?! This week seemed to go by way fast! Thanks for the email and pictures!!!
I'm excited for next week! I think we have it mostly figured out for how I will call you. Simon Johansen said that we can borrow his laptop, so we could use it for skype whenever we want! We just need to find out if we would be able to get some wifi. 12:30 for you guys will work fine for me/us. We'll just make a skype account that we can use. What is your skype account again? Tell me before sunday, and we can get it worked out. If all else fails, I can call you with the calling card and you can call back for free. We have unlimited minutes on the phones.
Haha you need to try the smoked eel sometime! It really was delicious. I'm sure you would have gagged if you tried it. But that is not really how I ate it, just take a big bite out of the whole thing. We put slices of it on some bread with eggs.
It's sounds like you and G & G have been really busy with the condo. I still can't believe that my family bought 2 condo's while I've been in Denmark and also gone on a cruise and went to Disneyland! Gosh! Haha, I'm excited though that we will be able to have a lot of fun times in St George!
Hahaha I think that is funny that you got snow AGAIN! Utah is so weird! That's kinda scary that they are worried about flooding when it warms up. I hope it's not bad!
The last couple days have been cold here too. :/ The sun is shining but there is a stupid wind that is freezing cold!
That is crazy that Osama was found and killed! He stayed hidden for a long time! I was surprised when I heard about that.
Congrats to Camron and Rurika! That is awesome that they have graduated! And that now they are moving on to the next stage. Hmm, when I first started my mish I was thinking that I might have a new sister by the time I got back, but now I'm getting close to the end and nothings happened yet..

Whoah what the heck?! I wasn't expecting to hear anything from you, Jansen! Thanks for telling me what's up though. I'm glad to hear that you haven't died in a biking or backflipping accident. That is cool that you have been working with JJ so much. You said you are looking for another job. I'd recommend JC Penney! That job was great! Not.. Never ever work there! I would really recommend the movie theater though. That was a way fun job. Not the very best pay, but it has a lot of benifits and it was actually really fun for the most part. There are also a bunch of cool people that work there. Good luck with that.
I'm surprised that you didn't fail English, seeing that great grammer of yours. ''I know I aint wrote you a lot. But that don't mean that I don't care.'' Just kiddin. So you are gonna be a senior soon, eh? How's that? My sophmore and junior years weren't my favorite but I really enjoyed my Senior year. Well I guess I'll talk to you more on Sunday aight? Peace!

Hey Dad, Thanks for the little message! Thanks, It's been cool being DL. It's fun traveling around every once in awhile and of course having the extra glory of being a leader. (not that thats so important) ;) At this point of your message I was expecting a missionary story that relates in some way to my current situation but it didn't come. Instead it was just compliments, thanks.
It is sometimes tough to stay motivated when there isn't very much success, but it is all worth it when somebody actually does accept it and you see it change their life! Hopefully there will be a few (or a lot) more of those cases in the next 6 and a half months!

I've had a pretty good week. Awhile back President Andersen gave us a challenge to read the Book of Mormon in 3 months in Danish, and to focus on how much it witnesses on the Saviour. And this last week I finished it. :) I was also reading D&C in Danish at the same time, and I finished it the next day, and so I started the Pearl of Great price and also finished that. So it has been a pretty productive week study wise I'd say. Now I'm reading the old testement in Danish. It's the first time I've ever read the bible, and I have to admit, it's not my favorite. The book of mormon is much better. I've obviously been reading a lot lately.
This week we have been doing a lot of bike riding. It has been fun, but not when there are stupid bike problems!!! Elder Tolmans pedel broke. It kept falling off, and after a ton of time we were able to finally rig something that holds it on. They seem to be working fine now. On saturday we biked over to a city like 20 minutes away and we found 2 people who seem interested. One is a girl, 20ish. And the other is an older woman. They both seem really cool. The bike ride is really awesome because we bike through the woods for a lot of the time and it is really pretty.
The other day Elder Tolman went down to the church to practice the piano, and he locked the keys in the church. We had to call around to some people in the ward and have someone come unlock it for us. Also that same day, we were walking down the street and we found an iphone! It was just sitting on the ground. So we picked it up, and I looked through the contacts and was able to find the guys wife. I called them and they were excited. I told them my name was lee, and gave them our address. They came over and he brought a big tough guy with him with a macho goatee. It turns out that they found out that the guy who stole his iphone was named Jackson Lee, and so he was scared that I was some punk guy that stole his iphone. They were relieved when they saw that I was just a friendly missionary. And he was really happy to get his iphone back.
Yesterday in church was pretty good. It was a holiday which is the same as labor day for us. But in Danish it's called ''Arbejdernes internationale kampdag'' Labor day is a lot easier to say.. We were in church and right as we were about to start we heard this loud music and we went to the door, and there was a random marching band marching down the street right in front of the church. It was way random. Oh during our sunday school class our mission leader, Bro Korgård's phone went off, and his ringtone was Barbie Girl! Haha. He was so embarassed.
The Johansens invited us over to another eating appointment yesterday. We are up to 2 appointments a week with them! After we ate we went over on their couch and the youngest kid, Peter fell asleep on my arm. And then randomly he started saying, ''ow ow ow ow ow ow'' I was thinking, what the heck happened. I guess he was just having a dream and he got hurt in his dream or something. We all started laughing at him.
Well thats it. I'm excited for today. Hopefully I'm on fire again when we go bowling. I'm also excited for next week! Sorry to tell you I don't really have many pictures for you, I just sent you a picture of my paper countdown. There is the original when I first started, and where it is now. I've made it into the 100's! There are around 198 days to go.
Have a wonderful week! And I'll talk to ya soon!
Love Elder Tyler Lee :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

April 24, 2011


Sorry to keep you waiting. The smoked eel yesterday was way good! The whole meal was, they had a nice Danish Easter lunch and it was all so good. It was smørbrød which is basically like open faced sandwiches. They had the smoked eel, there was also way yummy smoked salmon, some shrimp, ham, eggs, leverpostej (liver paste, which is actually really good), cheese, and a bunch of other stuff. I ate so much though. I got some pictures of one of the smoked eels, they are way creepy, haha. But they sure do taste good. The Johansens catch them and smoke the eels themselves.
I know, holy cow!! How did Mother's Day get here so fast?! I just barely talked to you guys! I realized that Mother's day is just in a couple weeks and that was kind of weird. I also realized that it will be the last time I call you before coming home (unless I decide to call one more time because I got ripped off 1 call while in the MTC) But I've thought a bit about it, and we could talk to the Johansons and see if we could use their computer for skype, but otherwise we would probably have to just call. I got a calling card from another missionary, but I don't think there is much time left, so I could call you, and then you could call the number back for free. It's free to the recieving phone too right? I was thinking we could probably do it at 7am for you, or like 12:30/1ish after church. Whatever works. I'll get more figured out for next time.

Well I'll start with splits last monday/tuesday. It was fun. And yes we try to do splits with members as much as possible. It is always better when we can have a member come with to appointments, although it is kind of hard hear in this area. We went to Slagelse monday evening and played a quick game of basketball with them. They have a b ball court right outside their apartment. Then again in the morning we went out to the court and played some more, it was fun but guess what! I sprained my ankle! I kind of walked it off, but then made the mistake of playing more. The rest of the week I was limping and it is just barely getting better. It's not completly back to normal yet. While on splits we were able to crank out a few lessons. Oh yeah it was cool. So last week we were at the Johansons and they turned on the news and there was something about a girl named Felicia who was kind of a big deal. I didn't pay much attention to it, but when we were on splits we contacted a girl and taught her, and the whole time I was thinking, I know I've seen this girl somewhere. Well before we left her we asked her name and she said Felicia, and then it clicked that it was that girl I had seen on tv. Anyway, after we were done we had dinner with the slagelse elders and went home, but we missed the train by 1 minute and had to wait for an hour, and so we didn't end up getting home til 11.
One day, I think it was thursday, we decided to bike away from the city and work in an area that hadn't been worked in a long time, and it worked pretty well. We knocked on a ladies door and she was really friendly. She let us in and we talked for like 45 minutes. Her name is Barbl. She is from Germany but has lived here for 20 years so she is good at Danish.
Church was fun. The Germans came again. There were also a lot of ward members absent, so about half of the people in church couldn't understand Danish, so they just had someone up on the stand translating the talks to german the whole time. And then in the sunday school class I got to be the one to translate for everyone! Luckily I got to translate into English instead. But I sure had a lot of pressure on me there.. haha. One of the german girls had her boyfriend with this time, and he looked so much like arnold schwarzenegger! Muscles and all. And he also happens to be Germany's number 2 ranked beat boxer. He beat boxed some hymns for us, it was way cool. After chuch we had a meal as a ward. They do that the last sunday of each month.
Hmm, I think that is about it. It has been so hot this past week! We made it to 75 degrees the other day, but it is also way humid and that makes it seem like even more. What's it like in Utah lately? Did you finally get rid of all that snow for good?
My clothes are doing ok. I have gotten a few things here in DK and my stuff seems to be holding in there. And money situation I think is good. I usually don't take out money from my personal funds. I had to last month because our money took an extra week to get here than it should've so I had to take out like 30 bucks to get me by. Also, that is just fine that I didn't get an easter package. Prices are crazy and it seems kinda like a waste anyway. We got a bag of candies from the ward so that is good enough for me.
Sorry that I wasn't in any of the pictures last time, but don't worry, there are a few of me this time. The first 2 are me with a big smoked eel! yummy... Then I attached some pictures of a cemetary. I think that Danish cemetaries are way cool. They are really pretty. Then there is a pic of me in my new shirt that I bought. After that, oh this is kinda funny, we were at the store and they had free samples of wine! Only in Denmark... And there wasn't even an employee giving it out, it was just there for you to take, a kid could have easily taken some. And then last of all is a picture of me in front of some cool graffiti we found. This is actually what made me remember that Mother's day is almost here!
I miss you!! Have a great week! :D

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April 17, 2011

Hey!! :D

Unfortunately I don't have too much time so I'll have to type fast!
Well would you like to hear about my week? It has been pretty exciting I'd say. We'll start with bowling last pday! I was on fire! I tied my old high score of 165, and then I beat it, and then I beat it again! My top score was 175. oh yeah! I usually have that problem where I get 9 pins but the last one won't fall down, well that wasn't too much of a problem this time. I think I got 13 or 14 strikes out of 4 and a half games. And I got a turkey. Elder Tolman didn't do as well unfortunately. I usually beat him by at least a hundred points.. You have to see the video of him, its so funny.
In the evening we went to copenhagen because Tuesday was zone conference. I brought a coconut to share with the zone leaders who we were staying with but we got there late, it was like 10:30, so I just saved it and brought it with the the zone conference and everyone thought it was way cool, haha.
On wednesday evening/thursday, the zone leaders came over to Nykøbing for splits. It went way well! They drove us to the very west side of our area, about an hour away, and we visited some less active people who were really nice. And then back in Nykøbing we found two new investigators who are really cool. One is that guy Jeff's girlfriend Hanne. Remember Jeff? He was the one who came to our church to meet with us but then told us he wasnt' interested. Well it had been a month or more so we gave him one more chance and he wasn't home but his girlfriend answered. She said that Jeff had told her a bit about us and they had read a little bit in the book of mormon. She said it was really interesting and that we are welcome over anytime.
Saturday we took another bike ride over to Ronnie's place. His appointments are always great, for one reason because of the way good food! This time we had some delicious American style bbq. He barbequed some steaks, it was way good. I'm trying to remember if he said or did anything extra funny this time, but I'm not thinking of anything.
Then yesterday was a good Sunday. We had a special Easter service that was nice. There were some visitors, a family that came from Germany, and they were way awesome. They also had a foriegn exchange student named Jordan from Idaho and she was way cool too. She asked me to translate for her, so that was fun. It's been awhile since I've had a chance to do that. They are also coming next Sunday. Since it was a special Easter sacrement meeting they asked me to perform a musical number. So not only did I play the organ during sacrament, I also played a song on the guitar. It was Jesus the very thought of thee. I thought it went well, and everyone seemed to be happy about it.
And that brings us to today. We aren't really doing anything fun today. Just going to look around some stores. But later in the evening we are heading over to Slagelse which is in my district and we are going on splits with them tomorrow.
Well that's all. I have some pictures for you today, but I'm not in any of them this time. Sorry about that. The first 3 are bowling scores. I think its funny on the first one, by the time he finally hit any pins I was already over a hundred.. Then there is a cute old matching couple that I saw. Oh man, and then the next ones are of the haunted laundry room that I've told you about! Going up there in the dark is seriously the scariest thing I've ever done. First there is the long dark hallway with the really dim light that turns off every 30 seconds. On the sides of the hall are all these creepy doors with abandoned rooms. Look at the picture with the old bathroom, look at the bottom left corner, I think that black shadow might be a ghost. Then at the end of the hall is the random laundry room. A dark concrete room with a washing machine in the middle. Over in the far corner is a small door that I always think some little demon will crawl out of. Anyway, those pictures are so you can get an idea of the horror I go through just to have clean clothes. I'm glad that the days stay bright longer now. Ok and then the last 3 pictures are my newly decorated planner. I think that it is some of my best work yet! Oh, and I also attached a video, I hope it works.
Well I'm glad that you all had a fun time in Cali and at Disneyland! That place is always a blast. And congrats to Weston and his girl. I didn't even know they were getting married until Grandma and Grandpa told me in a letter I recieved a couple days ago. You probably told me but I forgot. Haha, so you saw that miracle story eh? Yeah it is about Mogens and his Mormons Bog reading. Bog means book, but it's pronounced like (bow) I gotta go so I can't respond to everything, but thanks for the email and the pictures. I love Tia's style! Haha, and her glasses too.
Have a fantastic week!

Love Elder Tyler Lee :)