Monday, October 11, 2010

Sept. 27th, 2010

Hey Everyone!!

Thank you very much!!! I can't believe that it's my birthday and that I'm 20! That is so crazy!!! This is weird, it doesn't seem at all like my birthday. It's definitely a lot different than any of my other B days. I'm lucky enough to have my B day on my P day though so I'll be able to do a bit of celebrating and hopefully have a fun time. We don't really have much planned for today, we're just gonna go to the mission office and pick up a present, find a nice place to eat, and walk around Copenhagen. Thanks for the Birthday card and all of the little letters from everyone! It was perfect timing! It came this morning, so it was the first thing on my birthday! Thanks for all the nice letters, and of course for the cash! Don't worry, that present works just fine. When we are in Copenhagen I'll probably look around for something nice to buy. I think I might use it for a nice coat. One that keeps me warm, but actually looks good, unlike that missionary mall thing. But I'm not sure yet what I'll get. That's way weird to think that you will never see me as a 20 year old!
This week has been pretty fun! Me and Elder Williamson had 1 more week together of freedom without Elder Andersen, so we decided to make it the best week ever! So we made a list of things that we wanted to do. Things like, ''take pictures of us knitting in random locations'' ''Put our faces on a Rubiks Cube'' ''Pet as many dogs as possible and refer to them as 'Poochie' '' and many more. We've done most of the things on the list. Haha Oh here is a funny one ''Find Poul Jørgensen'' Let me explain. Every week we get a local newspaper in the mail, and every single one has an advertisement for this guy's car repair place. The ad has a way funny picture of this Poul Jørgensen guy and we just think it's way funny and we always made fun of it. Anyway, we decided to try and find him, so we looked up the address on the ad, and we went to it! But, unfortunately Poul wasn't there.. Maybe next time.
We also had a couple days in Roskilde on splits. That was good. But it ended with disappointment. The whole time they were telling us about this place where you can buy way huge delicious burgers. They said they were by far the best burgers they've ever had. And so we planned on going there for dinner and try them out. So we were really excited for that the whole time, but the time finally came, we went to the place, and they were closed for renovations... :(
Morten had a farewell party yesterday. We went to it for awhile and talked with him. He is excited to go, but I could tell that he had a lot of emotions going through him. I know exactly how that is. Anyway, he is at the airport right now! His flight leave in about an hour I think, so he'll be over in America soon, and into the MTC. Oh yeah, Christina, the girl who is going on her mission, she was able to get her visa. It came just 3 days ago! So she will be able to start her mission according to plans.
Thats cool that you will be able to have some local missionaries over tonight! It doesn't happen much over there. Of course I remember Wise Chicken! And I think that'll be a great thing to serve the missionaries. Here's one word of advice for the missionaries sake, don't insist that they eat more. We actually have an eating appointment tonight for my bday too! It's with familien Olsen, so that'll be exciting.
Holy Cow! What kind of crazy race is that?! Thanks for the fun, good lookin pictures! That sounds like it was a fun race! Speaking of races, good luck on your marathon this week! I still think that you both are insane. But not every kid can say that their parents run marathons. Have fun, and let me know how it goes!
I'm excited for General Conference! I can't believe that it's that time again!
I'm also really excited to get my little noobie. I'll try my best to be a good example for him, and do what I can to help him out. He's coming into a great ward, and a good area. Yeah, it'll still be just 2 of us in the Ballerup house.
The knitting is going good! Haha. My scarf is starting to look like a scarf! It's going a lot faster than I expected. Of course I still have a long way to go, but it's coming.
Well, I'm gonna get going, I wanna go get my package as soon as possible, but before I go I have to tell you about all the pictures! There are a lot this time!
The first 4 are of us knitting in random locations.
The next 3 are just for fun. We shook our heads back and forth really fast and then took a picture of it. It looks pretty funny! But we both hurt our necks..
Then there is a picture of Poul Jørgensen!
I also have a bunch of other pics, but I'll send them in a second email. They are all of the pictures that we have been replicating! haha.

I hope you all have a great day too! Thanks again for the Happy Birthday wishes!!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Sept. 19, 2010

Hey Everyone!

I'm doing great! How are you. I hope you have had a great week!
This has been a pretty good week for me. We went to an all you can eat pizza place a few days ago, and the pizza was absolutely terrible! I couldn't eat very much, simply because it didn't taste very good. :/
I've seen Jennifer a couple times since she was baptized and she is doing great! She is so happy to be in the church now!
Oh I want to tell you about sunday! It was great! It was the ward primary program! The little kids were so cute! It was a bit different than in Utah, becuase there were only about 15 kids in the entire primary. They did a really great job though! The whole program was focused on Christ, and all the little kids came up and said their lines, and they all sang some songs. It was great! It was kinda funny because there was a little kid that was off in his own world the whole time. I think there is one like that in every primary. There was also the kid who was terrible at singing but he sang really loud anyway.
Elder Andersen left this morning because another missionary is going home and they didn't need 3 here anymore. So me and Willy have one more week of freedom together before transfers! We have to make it good! Oh speaking of transfers, I found out about whats happening to me! We aren't supposed to find out until a couple days, be we were with the APs and we were able to squeeze it out of them. So here it is... I'm staying here in Ballerup, and I'm gonna be training! Yup! I'm getting a little noobie son! :-O That's weird because it seems like just barely that I was the little noobie!
Umm, other news? Oh, next Pday is my 20th birthday! Holy Cow! That's way weird! It's not feeling at all like my birthday is coming. I guess it will definitely be a lot different without all my friends and family here.

Well thanks for the good letter! It sounds like there is a lot that's been going on! It was probably a little hard to say bye to Aoi. That must've been a fun week! Oh, I almost forgot! Happy Birthday to Tani! Now there is an extra teenager in the family! But next week it will go back down again. Did Tani get anything exciting for her fødselsdag? It's weird, everyone is getting older.
Happy Anniversery to you! Next year it'll be the big 25! Congrats! That's cool that you could go back to fish lake for a little trip together! It must be really pretty around this time of year.
I'm glad things are going well with Marathon training! I still think you both are crazy! Good luck with that and have fun!
Oh, I sent Scotty a dear elder today. I wanted to make sure he got it soon, because I told him to go find the 2 new elders that are coming to denmark and tell them that his cousin is gonna be training one of them. It sounds like scotty is doing good! I was able to read his first email home! He is a great big noob right now. Haha, I made fun of him a little bit in the letter.
Holy Cow! That is a lot of Jam! Good job mom! Too bad you can't send me a jar.
You asked a couple questions, so here's some answers. Yeah, the two that are leaving on their missions are going to the Provo Mtc. I told Morten to find Scotty and say hi from me. Oh, the sister missionary hasn't been able to get her visa yet, so if it doesn't come this week, she is going to come and help here in the Danish mission for a little while.
Finn and Pernilla are doing great! They came to church yet again! I think they've made it a habit now! They both really enjoyed the primary program! We meet with them one time a week, other than church, and our last appointment with them was really good! We were finally able to get Pernilla to pray! She has always been kinda shy and reluctent to pray, but she finally did, and she said that it felt like there was actually someone listening!
We have been able to find some new people this week too! We got 3 new investigators this week, so that's awesome!
No, we haven't been to the primary yet, but I think that would be way fun! There are a lot of cute little kids in the ward that are way fun, and it's fun talking with them.
It's definitely not summer anymore! It has been cooling down a lot, and it actually gets dark again at night. Winter is on it's way. :/ I'm sure it won't be quite as bad as the last one!
We survived the inspection from president! He thought it looked great! We also had interviews with him when he came. He took us each individually on a little walk and talked with us and gave us some good advice. Then before he left he gave us each a priesthood blessing and said a prayer with us.
No, we still haven't been to the temple. I know I keep saying that we will do it soon, but other things keep coming up, and we are never able to. I know we shouldn't keep putting it off, but it really has been hard to get over there. We are just so busy! We won't go next week, cuz it's my b day and we're gonna celebrate, but I'll probably try to take my greenie over there.
Well I think that's all I've got for you right now. Have a great week!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Ps. Oh yeah there is one more thing I wanted to tell you. 2 days ago, Elder Williamson came up to me and he's like, ''Hey, Lee. Do ya wanna learn how to knit with me?'' So I said, ''Ok.'' And then we went and bought the equiptment and both learned how to knit! Hahaha. It's way random, and pretty lame, but it's kinda fun. We are working on knitting scarves, and it's taking forever!

Hey everyone!!!

How's it going? I can't believe that it's this time again! I guess it goes a bit faster when I'm late with the last email by two days. Anyway, since it was a bit of a shortened week, there isn't really much that has happened. It was a great week though! The highlight of the week is definitely Jennifer's baptism! Yup, it went through! She was so ready! Here's about about that. Jennifer wanted to do it on Friday because for one reason, it was her 18th Birthday. She thought that would be cool so she can always remember it. She also wanted to make sure that her mom and sister could come, but her mom had work, so we held the baptism bright and early at 7:00 am! It would have been impossible for us to make it on time, so we were able to get permission to sleep at the church where it was being held. So us three, and also Elders Ribble and Van Nevel had a little sleep over at the church. It was fun, we played some Settlers of Catan. We woke up at 5 AM!! And we got ready. I was surprised with how many people showed up to the baptism, seeing as it was so early. There literally wasn't a single chair left in the room we held the meeting! Jennifer's mom was there, and so was her sister and 2 of her best friends, All non-members. It was way spiritual and a great service. I could just see that she was so ready and that she truly has a testimony.
So there is one success story that has happened this week, and here is another! Remember Finn and Pernilla that I told you about? Well yesterday they came to church again! And that means that Finn is now officially re-activated! They seem to really enjoy church, and I think they will continue to come! Pernilla has not yet agreed to baptism, but she loves the spirit she feels when she comes to church and when she meets with us. We taught her the Plan of Salvation again (its been awhile since she's heard it) And she loved it. I could tell that the whole thing really comforted her, and she said she believe in it all. So, although she hasn't said yes to baptism yet, I think that it is getting pretty close. :)
Sunday we had a really great day at church, because there were TWO missionary farewells! There was the guy Morten who is going to Portugal, and also a sister missionary, Christina, She is going to the eastern states visitors center mission or something like that. They both had really great talks and I think they are gonna be great missionaries. They don't actually leave for like 2 and a half more weeks, but they had there farewells today because next week is the primary program. Morten's talk was pretty funny, he was the last speaker, after a youth speaker and the sister missionary, and when he went up to the stand there were still about 30 minutes left. He looked at the clock for a few seconds, scratched his head, and then begun his talk with, ''Bishop has asked me to give a 15 minute talk'' But he did a good job and actually took almost 25 minutes. After him since there was a bit of time left, the bishop surprised the 2 missionary's moms by calling them up to share their testimonies.
Other than that there is not really anything that has happened. We have been kinda busy cleaning up our house, because president is coming to town on wednesday. :O
Yeah, Tivoli was approved. It might have been my best Pday yet! It y'all come over here on vacation sometime, that is a place that we need to check out. Although, it is pretty expensive without the discount. I might have some connections that could get us in. That's cool that Stacey P has been there, and that she's been here to Denmark!
The nougat challenge was brutal. I still hold the record. Another missionary called me today and told me that him and 3 other missionaries tried the challenge this morning, and they all failed! I'm telling you, it really is a challange. Elder Andersen wants to give it another shot, but Willy says Heck no.
We haven't been to Ølstykke again yet, but we'll probably head over there either tomorrow or thursday, and see if we can find anyone to teach. We have been in a shortage of new investigators recently so hopefully there are some people ready up there.
Well, it sounds like you guys have been having a good time together with Aoi! That's a bummer that she has to leave tomorrow. Oh that reminds me, it's about time for the japanese student week again right? Are you planning on doing that again this year? That was always a fun thing to do.
Whoah! That is crazy that Tani is gonna be a teenager this week! And that I'll no longer be one in 2 weeks!
That's a good lookin' Utah project! Good Job, Tia! She's always been a creative lil girl.
Well, I'm gonna get going. We're gonna go to Copenhagen again today for P day, and try to find some cheap museums or something we can go to. Thanks for always being so good about writing me, Mom! I've learned by now, that a lot of people are flakes, and sure they'll write ya for a couple months, but after that... But at least I know that you won't be a flake. Thanks! :)
Have a wonderful week!

Love Elder Tyler Lee


I forgot to tell you about the pictures I sent

The first 2 are obviously from Jennifer's baptism. That is Elder Bailey, and Elder Tolbert, the one who baptized Jennifer. Then there are 3 pictures of me with a big toad I found. I guess they all come out this time of the year. We were walking home last night and they were hopping around all over. The last picture of the frog is kinda lucky. It happened to jump off of my hand right as the picture was taken. And the last picture is a drawing I did of Elder Williamson. Haha. There is always a picture of the new missionaries that we get in the banner about a month before the missionary comes, and Willy's was way bad. Everyone always gives him a hard time about it, so I decided to draw it.