Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 11, 2011

Hey everybody!!

Thanks for the email! :) How are you doing this week? It sounds like you have had a pretty fun week, Except maybe for Jansen. That looks pretty painful! Is he doing alright?

I'm glad you were ok with me writing you a day late again. We got a lot done with Inge this past week. The project is almost done! We have poured so much sand and layed so many bricks. So if you ever need to lay some bricks, I'm a pro by now. ;) I'm going to have to get some pictures of the backyard when it is all finished. I wish I had some before pictures. Maybe Inge has some that I could get.

This has actually been a really good week again. Everyone seems to be really impressed with our work because we get so many member present lessons each week. We've been leading the mission all month! The thing is, most of them just come to us. We have some really awesome members in the little branches here. We have had so many busy days lately. Which is a good thing. I always prefer having lessons scheduled over knocking on doors all day. On Wednesday and Sunday we had Silkeborg days, and got 4 lessons there each of those days. We are also going back tomorrow and have 4 more planned. Silkeborg is awesome and that is where most of our positive work is taking place.

Malin and Omar and their family are doing so awesome! They came to church again yesterday and we gave them a lesson about the priesthood. Omar said that it is important to actually use the priesthood that he has, and is now working on being able to baptize Malin. He was also called in to an interview with the branch president and I think he might have been given a calling. Cool! The other day we were also at there house and I got some pictures of Melissa. I'm sure you would like to see her.

Well we emailed on Tuesday, but we weren't able to take the rest of our pday until Thursday! But it was a fun day. first we went to the mall and I wasn't planning on buying anything, but then I saw some cool shoes that were way cheap. (150 kr) (25ish dollars) and so I bought them. We also bought some ping pong paddles and balls, because at the sports hall they have a ping pong table, then we went there and played for over 3 hours!!! Crazy huh? But it was so much fun. Its cool because me and McCleary both had tables at our houses and we are like exactly evenly matched.

Friday we woke up early to go to a district meeting in Horsens. We were told the night before at like 9 that we were supposed to do a 15 minute training.. But it turned out pretty good. After the meeting we hung out a little with the missionaries there and we all went out to eat some delicious steak and fries. When we came home we had an appointment with Ausra. We also had another one with her two days later, on Sunday. She is doing so good! At the one yesterday we had Mia with and it was so good. We challenged her to baptism, and she said she can't answer that now but she could maybe see it in the future, and then Mia told all about her conversion story, how she told the missionaries that she would never ever become a Mormon. But that changed. The spirit was really strong and Ausra had a lot of sincere questions about how she could experience what Mia did. It was sad because it was also the last time that we met with her, because she moves in 2 days. We exchanged emails and stuff and she is excited to meet some missionaries in Lithuania.

Umm well those are the highlights of last week. Our pday has been really fun so far. Oakey and Horocks came down from Skive to have Pday with us. We played a bunch of card games last night and this morning, and then we went and played ping pong for like 2 hours. We started out taking turns and having a tournament but then we decided to play 4 player. We had teams and you have to pass the paddle after every single hit. It was crazy but so much fun. Me and Horocks were the grand champions. After we are done emailing we are planning on going to play soccer golf. Yeah that's right, soccer golf. Just imaging golf, but with giant holes and a soccer ball. They have a whole course and we scored some free tickets.

So I got a call from Elder Shreeve. He said that he got an email from his dad and his dad said that he had received his travel plans. So I assumed that you had received mine as well. I was excited to see if you wrote anything about it, but there was nothing in your email. So I had to check on facebook just in case and I saw that you had written about getting them. So yup, I guess I got my travel plans! So now it is certain! It is going to be a looooong day, but I think it's cool that I'm arriving at 2 something. So we will have a few hours to do something before I collapse of exhaustion.

Your 4th of July sounds really fun! I heard that they legalized more fireworks in Utah! That's cool. Now maybe it is more like a Danish New Year. Its cool when everyone is launching them all at once. My 4th of July this year was really dumb. We did nothing to celebrate. ha ha
I have some pictures for you! Two of Melissa and two of my new shoes.
I hope everything is going great! I miss you all and can't wait to see you on November 22! :D

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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