Monday, September 26, 2011

Sept. 26, 2011

Hey Everybody!!
Thank you for all the great emails and all of the birthday wishes!!!! :D I can't believe that tomorrow is my birthday! It feels so weird to be turning 21! I'm getting so old! I'm excited though. I should have a really great birthday. I won't really do to much tomorrow to celebrate because we are really busy, but the next day Mia is going to through me a little bday party. Isn't that nice of her? It will be nice to have a little something because last birthday was really lame.

Whoah!! I never thought about this. In just a few days I'll be able to say I'm coming home next month! Weird! We are down to 8 weeks now. That will be done before we know it. There are six missionaries that go home in 2 weeks, and then me and my group will be the oldest in the mission. See ya soon! ;)

It sounds like everybody is doing good and that the girls are having fun as always with their plays. That's cool that I'll actually be able to see this next one.

Well there has been a little change in plans... A roadblock has come with Annie. :/ This last little while we have been working really hard to help her understand tithing, but she has had a problem with it. She has nothing against giving money to the church but she says that she won't be able to pay 10%. Because she has a daughter and grandson in California and family in Africa that she has to send money to each month to help them, and she doesn't think that she has enough to pay 10%. She said that she would be able to spend 500 kr a month and if the church won't accept that then she won't be baptized. She doesn't understand that it isn't about the money, but about the obedience and sacrifice. Anyway, she called us today and said that we are going to have to put off the baptism for now. She still loves the church and wants to come, but now she is just having some problems and the baptism will hopefully come later.

But at least we will still have a baptism in a few weeks. There is nothing that will stop Malin from getting baptized. She is doing so great! Even though she is getting a lot of crap from her parents and family, she is not letting it stop her because she knows it's true. The only thing that is a bummer though is that it is after transfers so I will most likely miss out on their wedding and I'll have to pay to come back for the baptism. Oh well it will be worth it.

We also hope that Ryan will keep moving forward. We were a little bummed yesterday at church because he told us that he was going to come but he never showed up.

So yeah this week has had it's ups and downs, but for the most part it was pretty good. Here is an up. The other day I bought a chocolate milk flavored slushy thing. It was so good! It was like hot chocolate, but it was freezing cold! (so I guess it really wasn't like hot chocolate at all..) I want another one right now.

This week we also went on splits to Horsens. I was able to be companions with the bald missionary, Elder Peterson. Haha. It was a pretty good splits. And when I was with Elder Camp we just talked about going home the whole time. He is in the group that is going home in 2 weeks.

Saturday was pretty cool. First of all we were able to meet with our investigator, Isabella again finally. It had been forever!!! She is doing pretty good. And then after that was fun. Do you remember those pictures of me and McCleary by that weird giant UFO-lookin statue thingie? Well on Saturday they had an open house thing for it, and we were able to actually go down inside of it! It was pretty cool. It seems so much bigger when you go inside of it! Don't you worry, I have some pictures of it.

Sunday was a good day, even though neither Ryan or Annie came to church. It was someone's birthday so we all had a delicious meal together after church. They had so much cake too. And then after we were finished with that we went over to Omar and Malin's place and hung out with them a bit and shared a message with them. I just love that family! By the way, it is the little boy, Lucas's birthday on Wednesday, the day after mine. It was funny, I told him that my BDay is the day before his and he got way mad and kept denying it, because he wanted his birthday to be before everybody elses. haha. We got him a coloring/activity book for his bday that we are hoping can keep him occupied during sacrament meeting.

I'm excited for this week because first of all it's my birthday! And we also have interviews and General Conference! I'm excited for conference! It's always cool because when I'm watching it I think that you all are doing the exact same thing.

I have a ton of pictures for you! Let me just tell you a little bit about them. So the first five are of us in OnePieces. We found these awesome One piece jumpsuit things at a store and had to try them on. They were cool, and they zip up all the way over the head. The problem though is that they are 200 dollars!! The next 5 are some of our recent card house creations. We are getting pretty good. Then the next 7 are from that giant space ship thing. And finally the last one is a giant disgusting spider that snuck into our house! It scared me so bad! It was so creepy! At first we tried to kill it by throwing a handfull of poppers at it, but that didn't work, it just made it mad, and it started running towards it, and it was SO fast! So we started yelling and hurried and crushed it with a newspaper.

Well I hope you have a great week! Thanks again for everything! And thanks for the birthday wishes! I miss you too!! See ya in no time!!!! :D
Love Elder Tyler Lee

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sept. 19th, 2011

Dear family.
Hey!! How's it going? I'm doing great! How crazy is it that we are down to single digits in weeks now! It is almost done!
Everybody is coming home from their missions now. So I guess the next is Colton right? And then me?

Congrats on your silver Anniversary! That is crazy! You are so old! Happy birthday to Tani! Yeah, it is kinda weird that she is 14. And also that I am nearly 21 years old. That is fine with me that you won't really be sending me much. That would kinda be a waste. It would be nice though to maybe get a little bit of money. I'd like to get a new euro suit before I come home, and also it would probably be nice if I could get a few odds and ends to bring back for people.

Well this has been another good week. They all seem to be good weeks lately. We have been so busy, it is hard to squeeze everything in that we need to.
I think it's awesome that Annie wants me to baptize her. And in the ocean! It is probably going to be freezing cold but hopefully we'll just be able to get in and out and hurry and dry off. Her baptism is in less than 3 weeks! I'm so excited, and I can tell that she is too. She is absolutely loving church, and really becoming friends with all of the members. They are also so happy to have her.

Tuesday was a great day. Tuesdays are always good because we usually meet with Annie, and Omar and Malin. We taught Annie about the Word of Wisdom, and she said that she likes drinking wine and coffee every once in awhile, but that she would stop. :)

Also on Tuesday we had an awesome appointment with the Pearse family. We talked a lot about faith and challenged Ryan to take a leap of faith by doing all of the necessary things to get a testimony and be baptized by December. He said that is something he wants and he'd do that. So, there is going to be another baptism in Silkeborg! :D We are going to set an actual date with him tomorrow. Probably the first or second week in December. So I won't be here, but oh well.
We went to Annita on Wednesday, and she was so happy to see us. She is so funny. And she is the nicest person ever. Bitten is also doing well. By the way, her name is pronounced just like its spelled.

Thursday we went to Århus for a special training thing. That was pretty cool. But other than those things, not much other exciting stuff happened this week. Hmm, I've been having really good weeks with awesome appointments and stuff, but there isn't really too much to write home about it.

Sunday was a very interesting day at church. We were in Herning branch this time, and I can honestly say that it was probably a good thing that no investigators came that day. It was kind of a disaster. First of all, David, the guy that plays the organ showed up late. He showed up right as we were starting singing the song, and he just ran in and shouted, I'm here! And then hurried over the the organ and started playing. Then during the second talk is when it got really interesting. It was Thomas giving the talk. You have to understand what Thomas is like to understand this.. He was baptized a little over a year ago. He's a way nice guy, just a little weird. Anyway, he was up giving his talk, but he apparently doesn't know how to give a talk. He was up there for about 30 minutes rambling on about random things that had nothing to do with anything. And he kept asking questions to the crowd and to the branch president. But nobody knew if they should actually answer so they just sat their quietly and he kept asking. Finally at one point the branch president stood up and told him that its his talk, he needs to just talk and stop asking questions. But he kept doing it anyway. And then finally when he was done he closed by saying something like,''I hope you all have a good day'' and then he sat down. It was pretty weird..

Anyway, the rest of the Sunday was actually really good. We had a potluck meal after the meetings that was really good, and then after that we rode back with a couple in the ward to their house. They live about an hour away from the church by car, but they come every week. They live on a farm out in the middle of nowhere outside of a tiny little village. So we went over there and got to know them better and they showed us around. they actually have a way awesome house that is way old and it has a ton of old furniture and stuff. The wife collects porcelain dolls and they were all over the house. We ate dinner with them and then we went home.

So that was my week. Today we are just gonna play some ping pong and maybe do a little shopping, and then we are gonna go over to Mia's and hang out there. Maybe play a board game or something.
I have 3 pictures today. They are just me making a house of cards. Nothing too exciting, but better than nothing at all, right? Thanks for the pictures you sent. Jansen is looking pretty snazzy.

Have a wonderful week. See ya!!
Love Elder Tyler Lee

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sept. 12, 2011

Hey!!! Happy Monday!! :) Today I have exactly 10 weeks left! So after this email there are only 9 more. Isn't that crazy?!?! November 22 is coming up so fast!!

Well this has been another awesome week. Everything is going so good right now. Wanna hear some exciting news? We were over at Annie's house and we started getting plans ready for the baptism, and she chose me to baptize her!!! :) I'm way excited. It will be awesome to get in the water before I come home. And one of the cool things about it is that she is going to get baptized in the ocean! How awesome is that?? The date that she is getting baptized is the 8th of October, so the weekend after general conference. By the way, she is still doing great! She was in church yesterday and loved it again. The ward members are all become good friends with her already and she's already fitting in.

Yesterday after church we had a branch counsel meeting and we talked about Annie's baptism and also Omar and Malin's wedding/ baptism, and the ward is so excited for all of it. It has literally been years since they have had a baptism, and now they are having two in one month! Oh btw Omar and Malin had to push their wedding back 2 weeks because it was too soon and they couldn't get it all figured out. They are waiting on some papers to arrive from Canada for Omar. So they are getting married on the 22nd and she's getting baptized on the 29th. You are welcome for that picture of them. They are such an awesome little family.

Let me tell you about the Bednar fireside! It was so awesome!!! So, we woke up early and traveled down to Copenhagen on Wednesday. When we got there we ate lunch and chatted with each other and all that fun stuff, then at 2 o'clock Elder Bednar came. The first thing that I thought when he walked in was, Wow he is a lot shorter in real life. Ha ha. We all took a group picture (they will send it to me). And then from there is was us missionaries and him for about 3 and a half hours! It was so cool, because he didn't come with anything specific he wanted to talk about. He just talked to us and we asked him questions and he'd go from there. those 3 and a half hours went by so fast! The theme of the day ended up being about how we should be an 'Agent' who acts and not an 'Object' that is acted upon. His testimony was so strong. And then when we were done with that meeting, we traveled over to the stake center and there we had another fireside with Elder Bednar. This one was open to anybody, and there were so many people there! It was a similar settup (questions and answers) So in all we were with Elder Bednar for close to 6 hours. It was a way awesome experience! It was awesome to see that he is a regular person too with a sense of humor. At the first of our meeting with him he had us all stand up and say our name and where we are from, and he was joking with us. Like, there was this sister missionary who said she went to Davis high, and Elder Bednar was like, ''So you are a Davis Dart, eh? That is the dumbest name ever!'' Ha ha We had some good laughs that day. Well that was that. It was way cool that he was able to come.

Also at the fireside I saw a bunch of familiar faces. I talked with Jennifer and her mom, Maria Engbjerg (from EFY) And also the Olsen family from Ballerup. They are some of my favorite people ever. They have a son on a mission in Portugal that I became really good friends with while I was serving in Ballerup.

After that we went to the Ballerup house to sleep. It was the last time that that will happen because they are getting rid of the house and the missionaries are moving. We also got a new bike for McCleary, so we don't have to walk around with blister feet anymore.

Let me tell you about a couple of our other investigators. Things are finally picking up in Herning. Two investigators that we found a few weeks ago are doing way well. We met with Anitta and had an awesome lesson with her. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she was so excited. It was funny, she wouldn't stop thanking us for it. She promised us that she would read it and pray about it. And she also would like to come to church some day with her 16 year old daughter Anja.

We also met with our investigator Bitten and had a similar experience. We taught her about the book of mormon and she said that she thinks it sounds way interesting and that she would go to the library and rent it. She couldn't believe it when we said that we have one with that she could have for free. She said though that she is excited to read in it and that she would try praying. She's never really tried praying because she doesn't really believe in God. So we asked to try and pray and ask if there is a God and if he is there. We hope that these two keep moving forward. Oh yeah, and Bitten has a pet squirrel named Henning. Cool huh?!

Oh, we caught another frog a couple days ago. It is huge!! I think it's the biggest one I've ever caught. I have to pictures of it for you, and also a video. :)

That's it for my week. It was a good one. :)

That's cool that Camron and Rurika have now moved into a little place of their own. It doesn't sound very luxurious but it'll do.

That's crazy that it's been 10 years since the 9-11 attacks. Yeah I remember that very well. I haven't really seen or heard too much about it hear in Denmark, but that is probably just because I don't really follow much with the news as a missionary. I did read a little bit about it in a newspaper.

You asked a couple questions about the mission. First, no I don't think that me and Elder McCleary with be together for the rest of my mission. Because he was told by President that he will be training at the next transfer (Early/mid October) So I assume that he will stay and get a noobie, and I'll move one more place for about a month and a half. That will be kind of annoying to move once more for a short time, but oh well. Also you asked about Sister Andersen. I am pretty sure that she will come home about 2 months after me.

So I'm scheduled to speak on the 27th eh? Alrighty. That is ok I guess. If I'm not too lazy I'll try to get a talk figured out while I'm hear so I don't have to worry about it during thanksgiving. Do you know If I have an assigned topic? Probably not yet.

Well I gotta bounce. I hope you are doing well and that you have a great week!

See ya!!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sep. 4, 2011

Hey there!

Thanks for the email! Want to hear something crazy?? Today I have 77 days left! That's 11 weeks! And that means that we will only have 10 more emails on my mission! Crazy huh?
First of all, thank you very much for all of the pictures from the wedding! It was fun seeing those. Everybody is looking pretty nice in their suits and dresses. Tia is getting tall! Rurika's dress is very pretty, and the cake looks delicious. Too bad I'm not in any of the pictures.. oh well. I'm excited to see the professional pics as well.
It sounds like everything is going great, and that is awesome that there is a new little cousin that's been born!
It's been another awesome week here in DK! It's true, everything seems to be falling into place. Here is another example. We are wanting to introduce Omar's family to the Pearce family because their families are so similar, and the other day we found out that they already know each other! Omar and Ryan are in the same Danish class! We are hoping that they will all become great friends.
Alright so let me tell you about the news and updates from the week. Last Monday we had a district meeting here in Hammerum, and then after that we all had a sports day together. That was really fun. We played ping pong, basketball, and handball (a very popular sport in Denmark) We didn't know the rules so we kind of made up our own version.
Annie is still doing awesome! She told us that she reads in the book of mormon every single night and it helps her sleep. The other day she said that she was reading until 3 am because she couldn't stop!! We are going over to see her again tomorrow. Omar and Malin are doing great too! They have been working on getting their marriage ready and have come up with an official date now. They are getting married on Oct. 8 and Malin will get baptized the week after! :) I'll try to get some good pictures of both. It's cool how excited they are about it now! Before it kinda seemed like it wasn't so important to do right away, but now that they are moving on it, they are both so excited! Speaking of that family, it is cool seeing how much Melissa has grown. When I first came she was just barely starting walking, and now she is running all over the place and now she talks too.
Well I think that is the update with our most positive investigators. Hmm what else have we done this week? On Friday we found out that the church was having an open house thing and they told us to come, so we did but nobody showed up. So me and McCleary ended up playing close-your-eyes pictionary for an hour. That was fun. After we were done there we caught a train to Århus to go there for splits. In Århus me and Elder Feil went to the church to translate some meeting they were having there and there were a few people at the meeting from Aalborg. It was fun talking to them and catching up with them. We came back Saturday evening.
Sunday was fast Sunday again. Only 2 more left. I'm always surprised with the little branches in Denmark with how they are able to fill up all the time with their testimonies. I was waiting for a pause so I could go up but it never came. After church we went over to Mia's place and spent some time with her and a couple of her friends. We played a quiz game and it was so hard because it was in Danish. But it was way funny because it seemed like the only questions I was getting right were the ones about Denmark. Mia was very surprised that I knew those answers. It was funny she was like, I'm danish and I don't even know those answers! It was mostly luck..
This next week is going to be good too. If you don't remember, this is the week that Elder Bednar is coming to speak with us!! We are going to Copenhagen on Wednesday and he is going to talk to us missionaries for 3 hours! I'm way excited! I will for sure tell you all about that. Oh we are also excited for it because Elder McCleary is going to get a new bike while we are over there so we don't have to walk around everywhere anymore (I've gotten blisters on my feet)

Well have an incredible week and have fun in St George! I miss you a whole bunch! See ya soon!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Aug. 28, 2011

Hey everyone!!

It was so great hearing from you like always!!! :) Thanks! Whoah!!!! Camron is married!!!! This has been one of the best weeks ever! So much good stuff is happening now!! It's like the best is being saved for the last of my mission! I have to tell you about the week right away. It started out lame, because last p day we were so set on going to play soccer golf. The weather was perfect, but then we looked up a travel plan of how we would get there on bus, and it said, take bus number whatever to Sunds, and then walk for an hour! It turns out that the course is out in the boonies, so if we have any chance of going we are going to have to get a hold of a car. We are running out of time though, the weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. Later in the day we went over to Mia's place and had dinner and played settlers of catan, and then we went back out side to grab our bikes and ride home and guess what!!! McCleary's bike had been stolen!! Ya serious, someone jacked it! So the rest of the week we've been on foot and bus. The mission office is getting us a new one, but we have to wait another week or so before we can get it. Tuesday was a Silkeborg day. We met with Annie, and Omar and Malin. Wednesday was fun, we went to Århus for a zone conference. Those are always fun. It seemed like it had been awhile since we have met with other missionaries. Oh at the end of the meeting they gave each companionship portable dvd players. Cool huh. For watching a preach my gospel dvd and other church stuff.
Thursday we did a little bit of service with Inge. I don't know how that never gets done. Oh yeah that reminds me, a few weeks ago we were doing service over there and Inge's little niece and nephew were over. (they speak english) At first they were way shy but by the end they were so crazy. We ended up having a big battle with them, and Inge got a lot of it on film and put it on Youtube. It's kind of long, but now you can see a little bit of what it is we've been working on (we've come a lot further) And also some cute little kids. The girl's name is Blue. How cool is that??
Friday we were working in Herning and we got a few lessons in. One with our new investigator Anitta. She seems way cool. She is actually good friends with Mia! She saw my VDR ring and I told her what it stands for and she thought it is way cool and is going to order one online.
Saturday was a Silkeborg work day. We had a good lesson with the Pierce family. Ryan the Dad said that he'd like to come to church again, and then we invited the whole family and asked if they would like to come. they said they would think about it, and later we got a text saying that they think its a good idea and they want to come. They can't come this next week but they want to come the week after.
Then Sunday is when it gets really good. It started out by us going to the Silkeborg church and finding out that there had been a bunch of water damage downstairs so we went down there to help clean up a bit and saw that the carpet was soaking and there were like 5 frogs hopping around! Hahahaha. so we started church by catching frogs and releasing them back into the wild. We were bummed when church started because there were no investigators, and we were hoping that there would be 4. but after a couple minutes, Bruno walked in and sat down, and then a few minutes after that, Omar and Malin came in with their family. So we were able to have a guest class and Omar could translate for Bruno. (If you don't remember, Bruno pretty much only speaks French, and Omar is fluent in French) Bruno really liked the lesson and he wants a french BOM and for us to teach him and his fam. Unfortunately we found out that they are planning on living here for only about 2 months. So we will have to work fast. Then at the end of the lesson was the highlight of the week. We said something about testimony and the Malan was like, ''I got mine the other day!!'' And then she told us a story about how a couple days before she was praying about a wedding date but couldn't feel anything, so she decided to pray about something that she believed, the book of mormon. And then she said that she was filled with so much joy and warmth and was overwhelmed and started to cry. She said that now she knows without a doubt and needs to be baptized. that got us to discussing the wedding date and we made a goal for being married in September. Omar was a little reluctant but said that they actually have a free weekend on the 17th. So we said we could do it then, and that Malan could be baptized on the 24th. I could just see that she was so excited. Omar was like, hmm that's a little quick. And then Malan was like, ''well you better hurry because I'm getting baptized on the 24th!'' Whooo! So we have another baptismal date!!! They agreed to that and are starting working on the wedding plans!
After church we went over to Annie's house and ate more food. We had a great lesson with her and I was so happy to hear that she had been reading in the book of mormon every night and that it has been helping her sleep calmly. She is rock solid. She will get baptized for sure. We will probably have to bump her baptism though to the 8th of October because conference is on the 1st.
So that was the super exciting Sunday and awesome week!

Whoah!!! My brother is married!! That is so weird! Thanks for telling me all about the whole thing! It sounds like everything turned out very well. I'm sad that I had to miss it but I'm glad that they got married. It's cool that I now have a new sister.
Oh the other day my memory card got messed up! I put it in my camera and it says, ''reinsert the memory stick'' So I do but it doesn't help! It's all screwed up! I'm lucky though because I have almost all of the pictures backed up on my harddrive (all except like 10ish) and I also have been emailing most of them. It is way annoying though because I'm gonna have to buy a new memory card. :/

Thanks again for everything! Especially for supporting me through my whole mission! Have a fantastic week! I'll see ya soon!!! :D

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Aug. 21, 2011


Hey! How are you doing this fine day? I'm going to get to telling you about my week right away, because it's been a really good and exciting week! First of all let me tell you about the update with Annie! So, we've been over there 2 more times this week and both the appointments were way good. We gave her a baptismal calender and she said that she is still excited about being baptized on the first of October. This last appointment we had, we brought the Bowlers with us. they are an older couple missionary pair, and we invited them so Annie would have someone she's knows when she went to church for the first time, because we were in Herning on Sunday. Anyway, she became great friends with them. She told us at one point in the lesson that she has committed to baptism and she is not going to back out. She also told us that we always bring such a good spirit with us and that is why she loves meeting with us. Well yesterday was her first day in church... And she absolutely loved it! She already got to know the members and invited some of them home to her place after church. She's excited to keep coming to church and the ward is happy to have her. Oh yeah, she had a concern about tithing, but we explained it to her and she said that it wouldn't be a problem at all. So she will get baptized for sure, there is a good chance that it is before October 1st.
Here is another little miracle that happened in Silkeborg yesterday. A guy named Bruno just walked in and is waaay interested in the church! He is also from Africa, which helped Annie feel more comfortable. And he has a wife and 3 kids. He speaks French which is perfect because Omar is from Canada and speaks French! It seems like everything is working out just perfectly!
Things are also picking up in Herning. This week we had the zone leaders over on splits and we found 3 new investigators. 2 of them seem pretty positive. Mia said that she wants to come with us to teach them, because they are around her same age. And then in Church we had a lot of people there. Michael Kjær, the guy whose roof we helped fix, and his family came and enjoyed it, and our investigator, Gene showed up as well. We had a total of 3 investigators in church, and 2 less actives.
So that is the update with the missionary work. Here are some of the other things we have done this week. I hit my 21 month mark for one! 3 more to go.
There is a member named Thomas, who noticed we didn't have helmets, so he bought us some helmets. Thing is, he got us girl helmets. A pink one, and a light blue one with flowers. What the heck?
Oh here is something cool we did. We caught a fly, tied it to a leash, named it Fredrik, and kept it as our pet for a day. Haha. How you ask? Well you catch a fly in a cup, slide a paper under, and put it in the freezer for 5-7 minutes. The fly freezes and looks like it's dead. Then get a long hair and tie a slip knot and slide it over one of the fly's legs and tighten it. Put the fly on you hand, or somewhere warm and it will slowly thaw out and come back to life and even start flying around on its little leash. It's a pretty cool trick. Fredrik ended up escaping, so we crushed him with a magazine.
Yesterday after church we went over to Mia's place for lunch, and she also asked for a Priesthood blessing, so I got another opportunity to give a blessing in Danish. That was cool.
I think that is about all that has happened with me. I think that today is finally the day that we will be able to play soccer golf. the weather is finally cooperating!
I'm glad that you have had a good week and that wedding planning is going well, although you've had some annoying and stressful days I'm sure. It's so crazy that they are getting married on Saturday! That came up so fast! I can't believe I'm gonna have a new sister in 5 days! It sounds like you have been having a ton of fun with her mom and family. They sound pretty fun.
I have one picture. Well, I did. But the computer is being dumb and not letting me open it. So I guess that will have to wait.
Hope you have an amazing week!! See ya very soon! :D Bye!!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Aug. 13, 2011

Hey Y'all!!

Hey, How are you? Don't worry at all about not getting an email to me last week. I'm sure you took it harder than me. And don't worry Mom, there was another email waiting for me so I had something to read. :) I also understand that you have all been really busy with wedding planning. That is understandable. I'm so excited to get pictures from their wedding. It is so close, less than 2 weeks! Oh yeah, I received their wedding announcement the other day. I can't believe he is getting married! I'm sure it's gonna be fun for you to have a house full of guests for the next couple weeks. By the way, Elder McCleary's bro got married on Saturday!
Well I'm really glad that you enjoyed all those pictures. It's weird how some weeks there is just so much to take pictures of, but then other weeks there is absolutely nothing.
That campout that you went on sounds really fun! Ya you are right, Me and Chelsey did go on that hike to Stewart Falls one time. It is a nice little hike. Not to tough, and the waterfalls at the end are really cool.
Well There is some big news from this week that I need to tell you about. Remember that African lady, Annie that I told you about? Well let me tell you about our last appointment with her. It was last Tuesday, we went over there and this time we didn't eat beforehand because we expected her to have food for us again. She did. And again we had to eat soooo much. It tasted good though. Anyway during the meal we were talking and she made fun of McCleary's acne, and told me that my brother's marriage won't last.. What the heck? But then, we started teaching her, and from there on out, everything changed and went way well. We taught her about the holy ghost, and after she asked us for a priesthood blessing. So we gave her one of course, and after that she seemed so excited. She then told us that it is time that she gets baptized! She told us that she wants to set a goal to be baptized before the two of us leave, so we set a date for October 1st! Woohoo! She seemed so excited for that! We are going over there tomorrow to tell her more about what she needs to do before she is able to be baptized.
We've also discussed with Omar and Malan about when they are going to get married. At first they told us that it would probably be in December, because that is when they have vacation. So I said; well it's up to you two, but I go home in November and I would love to be there, if that can changes anything. And they said; Ya know, actually we could get married as soon as possible, and then have a big reception later so family and friends could be there. So that is the plan. They will get married soon. And Malan can be baptized shortly after.
Those are the 2 biggest highlights of the week. We didn't really do to much other exciting things.
On Saturday we had a cooking day with Mia. It was way fun, and delicious. :) She taught us how to make 4 different danish dishes! Frikadeller, Farsbrød, Boller i Karry, and Karbonader. And the best thing about it is they are really easy to make. I'll have to make it for you and teach you to some day.
Oh yeah there was also this cool band that we saw. We were riding down the street and we heard some music so we went towards it and found a free concert. So we watched for a few minutes. It was funny, they have a keyboardist that really gets into the music. I actually really liked their music. They are called Ole Frimer Band, You should look this up. or this one if you want to see the crazy keyboardist. His solo starts about at 3 minutes. Its so funny. But he is actually way good.
Hmm, well I don't think that I have anything to report today. So I'll finish this up. I have a couple pictures for you. First is a picture of my VDR ring. I figured out a cool new technique for coloring it, where I use crayons and fire. And then is my new Dyne cover! Isn't it awesome?!
Have a wonderful week!!!! I miss you! Bye for now!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

July 31, 2011

Hey everyone!

That was weird. I went to the computer today, and there wasn't an email from you. That is definitely a first. But it's ok. You are probably pretty busy with wedding plans and all.
Well let me tell you a little about my week. The nice weather didn't last long. The rain is back! grrrr. It always ruins our plans. You heard about my last pday already. it was so cool. After we emailed we walked around and shopped a bit. I got a couple of sweet ties. They are flat on the bottom.
Tuesday I had to eat soooo much. We had an appointment with an African lady named Annie at 12:30, so we ate lunch right before. Well, then she decided to surprise us with lunch. And she is the type of person who insists that we eat more and more until it is all gone. I was already full before we started and I had to eat like 3 plates. I wanted her to leave the room or something so I could take the rest of the food on my plate and throw it over the fence. Haha.
We've also had appointments with a lot of our other investigators. We've spent a lot of time in Silkeborg, and those days are always good. On Thursday we had dinner with Omar and Malan and there kids, and also Omar's mom was there from Spain. It was one of the funnest appointments I've had. Their kids are so fun. Lukas brought out all these toy instruments and had us practice with him in a band, and then after dinner we put on a concert for the others.
We had splits with the district leader. Elder hardy and Årsnes came over and we had some fun and got some work done.
Hmm, this really hasn't been the most exciting week. Mia got home from Sweden. She had been there for 2 weeks to a Mormon party like efy but for 18-30 year olds. She is so excited for the church! She said it was the best party she has ever been to. It's cool seeing how much the church changes her life, and how happy she is becoming.
Oh yeah I thought of something else. On Saturday we had a big church cleanup work day. The church building was being attacked by trees and bushes. You couldn't even read the sign in front because it was covered by a tree. So we helped cutting down trees, cleaning the church, and painting a shed. The church is looking so much better now.
Hmm, well that is all that I can think of. I have those pictures from Himmelbjerg for you today. It's only letting me attach 10 at once, so I'll send a couple more right after.
Have a great week!! See ya soon! Bye!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

July 24th, 2011

Hey there! :)

First of all, Hey Tani, Thanks for the email!!! I'm glad that you are so excited and have been having such a great time!! That camp of yours sounds like a blast. I always enjoyed scout camps and things like that. I'm excited to see you in a few months! It's gonna be weird to see how much you and Tia have changed.

I am doing great!! I hope you are doing good too. I've been thinking a lot about coming home, and I'm so soo excited, but I'm also sad. I've been hear so long that it is gonna be hard to leave. I'm really gonna miss so many people, and also the danish food. :) But it is going to be so great to see everybody again! I can't wait!
I know, it's crazy what happened in Norway?? There was a bombing and also a shooting a little ways away. There were a lot of people who were killed. It's so terrible what some people chose to do. It is really shocking to everyone hear in Denmark, because that kind of thing never happens here, and Norway is so close and so similar to them. Today everyone in Scandinavia had a moment of silence at noon to respect the people who were killed.
We have been really busy lately. We always have so much going on, but that is always a good thing. it's a bummer because we can never play soccer golf. We keep planning on doing it every pday, but it is always crummy weather, its ridiculous. We are in July and I've had to wear a coat for the past 3 weeks! It seriously has been raining every single day. I don't know if I told you about this or not, a week or so ago there was a ton of major flooding in the Copenhagen area because of all the rain. Everyone's basements were flooded and the streets and railroads were too. It caused millions of dollars in damage. It would've been interesting to be serving over there. The missionaries apartments were flooded too. Anyway, I'm ready for some sunshine and good weather! Until then we will just be playing a lot of ping pong for pdays. That's always fun too.
I know! I'm so excited for Elder Bednar! It's gonna be so cool. He has always been one of my favorites to listen to, and it's going to be awesome to be able to be so upclose and personal with him. I'll let you know all about it. I didn't know that he came and visited Camrons mission when he was there!
I'm so happy for Jennifer's mom too! Baptisms are always so great! It's so awesome when someone you know accepts the church and the gospel and is changed and blessed by it. It always makes all the hard work worth it. They are planning on visiting utah sometime in the future and also stopping by to visit me perhaps. That would be way fun! I told her that my mom is always happy for guests, and that we could take her around to some of the sights in the area.
Whoah, Rurika and Camron are having their wedding in one month! It's coming so fast! I'm excited to hear about how it goes. Hey here is something interesting. Elder McCleary has an older brother who is getting married next month too.
Well, ya wanna hear a bit more about my week? Well, last pday we didn't really do much other than email and play ping pong and relax a bit. Then on tuesday we worked over at Inge's on our big project. We thought we were gonna finish and we probably could have, but we ran out of stinkin bricks! So know we have to wait to get some more. Oh guess what! While we were working there I got stung by a bee! }:-( Dumb bee. It got all swollen up and then later itched way bad.
Wednesday was Interviews. Those are always fun, because its a good chance to talk one on one with president, but it's also a good chance to just hang out with the other missionaries while president is interviewing the others.
Thursday was a Silkeborg day, and those are always good. We met with the pearce family, and they said that they are going to be coming to church next week to hear our talks. We also met again with Omar and Malan and their family. This is awesome because this is really the first time on my mission that I've been able to teach families! And those are always the best. Omar and Malan have promised to actually set a date for their marriage within the next couple weeks, and then we will actually be able to set a baptismal date as well.
Friday and Saturday I can't really think of any noteworthy things that happened. Oh except for the crazy drunk guy that squirted invisible ink on my shirt. He saw us and ran over to us and they squirted all this stuff on my white shirt and started laughing and we kept walking. Then he ran and caught us and was like, it's fake it's fake, see... haha
Then Sunday was talk day number one. Get this, I had to prepare the sacrament, bless the sacrament, give a talk, and translate the other talk. We get called on for a lot... But the talks went well. It was just me and McCleary who were speaking. He took about 13 minutes on his and then I was left with like 25 minutes.. I was able to take up 20 of them and we ended a minute or two early. Now we are all warmed up for next week in Silkeborg.
We were invited over to dinner yesterday by some members and they gave us some chocolate cake that they made, it was way good. They gave us the extra to take home. Ya know what's way good? Have you ever tried cake in milk? You put the cake in a bowl and poor some milk over it. It is one of the best things ever! It's definitely the best way to eat cake. I think I learned that from Landon.
Hmm, well that is all. I don't have any pictures of me, but it has been another 6 weeks, and that means that I decorated a new planner! Woohoo! I really like this one. Let me know what you think. I also have a short video of Melissa. :)
I hope you have a super amazing week! See ya so soon!

Love Elder Tyler Lee.