Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011

Hey there!!
I'm doing great! How are you this week? I hope you have had an awesome week. Hey just so you know, President told me my release date, but you probably don't really want to hear that... :P Anyway, things are still going really great here. They have a good train system here and it is easy to get around also with our bikes.
We were able to see that family a little bit again. We were hoping that they would come to church, because they usually do, but we were bummed when they didn't show up. We decided to stop by them afterwords. It turns out that they wanted to come but Malin had a way bad migraine headache. She gets them every once in awhile. Omar was thinking about taking the kids with and coming anyway, but it was too tough at the time. So they said they were sorry and they are looking forward to coming next time. We have a meeting with them tomorrow though and that will be fun for sure.
Speaking of church, we went to the Silkeborg ward yesterday for the first time. There were about 10 people there and like 8 of them were over 70. Haha. But they are really nice. I told them that I can play piano and they were so excited and happy about that. After the meeting they all came up to me and thanked me for playing and said that it has been over 2 years since they have had music. They have just been singing a capella. It was kinda funny, in our Sunday school meeting it started out being about a conference talk but ended up just being all the old people telling pointless stories of the olden days.
We haven't had a chance to go back to Ikast where that guy Ashley lives. We have been pretty busy, but we will try this week hopefully and we are hoping that we can run into him.
We have gotten in contact with another former investigator. Her name is Isabella and she is a 70 year old lady from Scotland. So we speak English with her. She was such a nice old lady. Just your basic grandma. Her house was covered in tons of pictures and trinkets and all that, and she was always telling us stories about her grandkids and her childhood and everything. She is so cool though and so positive. She absolutely loves the church. She loves the people and the doctrines and everything. She told us that she wants to be a Mormon and that she would be if it wasn't for Joseph Smith. She doesn't believe that he was a prophet and that the book of Mormon is true. So that is what we will help her with.
On Wednesday we had Specialized Training in Århus. That was good. We watched a little movie about being a ''Go-getter''. And for lunch we ate some huge sandwiches. They were way good! Yup McCleary is a good guy. It is another Williamson-like companionship, meaning that we just do a bunch of random pointless childlike things, that just make things more exciting and fun. The other day we were in Silkeborg and we did some planking pictures. I'm sure you've seen some of those pictures before. It's when you just lay down flat on something and take a picture of it. It is just way funny for some reason. Oh and yesterday we had a lunch opera. When preparing, eating, and cleaning up, we sang everything we said.
And those are the highlights of this week. I guess I will stop teasing you and let you know my release date. Are you ready?? President said that it still can change if something happens, but this is my expected release date anyway. It is November 22nd! So just before Thanksgiving. And a little less than 5 months.
Glad you liked my pictures and video. Those roof pictures where actually where an investigator lives. I have a lot of pictures for you today! Lucky you! :D The first few are from Silkeborg, there was a lake with some cool fountains. Then there are some of those planking pictures that I told you about. It was pretty dang hard to lay on that little sign like that. The last one is me holding hands with a weird pig man. Enjoy. :D Oh yeah, I bought a new jacket as you can see in these pictures. Me and McCleary actually bought matching jackets. I saw it first and dibs it, but McCleary got the same one anyway. It was a good price, just 200 kr. (Like 35 bucks) So what do you think of it?
Thats cool that Tani and Tia did their play. I am sure they did an awesome job. Chelsey told me she went and that she really liked it.
That's cool that you could go see those youtube guys. So they started with youtube videos and now they have a show they do or what? I liked those sombrero mustache pictures. haha
I hope Jansen has a good time at EFY. That is good that he is going.
What the heck? Elder Christensen couldn't handle being away from Denmark and he is already back? He is probably spending most of the time in Odense I'd assume, but that would be cool if I ran into him. I'll keep my eye out. Well I hope you have an incredible week! I miss you a ton! Love Elder Tyler Lee

June 19, 2011

Hey Y'all :D
How are you?!?! Yeah transfers were a little too crazy if you ask me, but it's been good. I'm just glad that it is over and we have everything situated now in our new area. It probably would have been easier to wait the two hours for the next train, but we were already getting home late as it is. I think we got home at like 10:30.
Things are going really good here in Herning/Silkeborg. Its kinda lame that we don't have a car but I think it is funner on bikes anyway. We also got our train passes now, and we can take our bikes on the train so that is nice.
We have now gotten a hold of some of the former investigators and they seem nice. I have to tell you more about that one family in Silkeborg. We met with them last Wednesday and they are so awesome! The guy's name is Omar and he was less active but has now returned to the church, and the lady's name is Malan (I think its spelled like that). She isn't baptized yet, but she wants to. They have a goal to get married by the end of the year and when they do that, she will get baptized. It was such a great lesson, they are just so golden. They also have two little kids. A boy who is 5, and I can't remember his name, and a girl who is 2 named Melissa. She is probably the cutest little kid ever. She is only two but she has long dark hair, and she sure is a cutie. We arranged with them that we will come by every Wednesday evening to share a little message with them.
Another noteworthy lesson was one with a guy named Ashley. Yeah I said a guy named Ashley. He is probably the coolest guy I have ever met. He is from Australia and he has come to Denmark to play badmitton for the highest ranked team in the world. He can hit the birdie at 340 km/h! Crazy! He is also a musician and plays guitar and sings. We had a nice lesson with him and he seemed intrigued and interested, but he said that he wants us to respect him and have faith in him that he will do something with what we gave him, and so he said that if he finds out it is something for him then he will contact us. He said also that if he ever runs into us then he would be more than happy to talk with us. Our plan is to knock a lot around the place he lives and try to run into him. Things with me and McCleary are going way well. We have a lot of fun, but also work hard and get a lot done. By the way, he is from Layton, Utah. Our new thing we have been working on is juggling. Haha. We are trying to do the cool 2 person juggling where we juggle to each other. We are getting pretty good. I will for sure tell you all about Jennifer's Mom, Malene's baptism. They are both so excited, and I am too. But ya, it was a good week. Other than the lessons I told you earlier, we have also met again with Inge and also with Mia. They both love the missionaries. They are really nice and I think they will also be really helpful for missionary work. We went over to Mia's place to help her proof read a paper that she was doing for school, because it was in English. Yesterday was cool. There was a special broadcast for Scandinavia. We met in Århus with a bunch of other missionaries and members and watched it. There were 4 speakers who spoke. I can't remember the first guy's name, but second it was the Relief Society General President, and then Elder Bednar, and Elder Eyring went last. It was like a bonus little conference session. It was cool, at the conference I ran into a girl named Sofie Mølholt. And I might have told you about her way back when I was in the MTC. She was a sister missionary from Denmark going to Norway and she was in the MTC at the same time as me. Well now she is done and back home!!! How crazy is that?! It was fun talking to her again. And she seemed to be really impressed with my improvement with danish. I'm kinda rushed right now. We are going to do some service in a bit, so I can't say everything I wanted to. Congrats though to you and dad with your relay. Yeah I remember that race you do. And congrats also to Tani and Tia for their parts in the play. I know they will do a great job. I have a couple pictures for you and also a video. I hope it works. The first picture is from the other day when it was raining so hard!!! The picture doesn't do it justice. Then there are a couple pictures from up on a roof. And then 2 pictures of me stacking juggling balls on my head. The second one was falling right when the pictures was taken. And the video is of me and Elder McCleary juggling. I like your pictures you sent me. :) I miss you!! Have a fun week! Love Elder Tyler Lee

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 13, 2011

Yo!! :D
So do you want to hear about my new area and my new companion and all of the crazy new stuff that is going on?! Well let me tell you about the process of actually getting here first of all. It was one of the most stressful things ever. Mostly due to terrible planning by the AP's.

So first of all they wanted us to go Tuesday instead of Wednesday and that messed up all of our plans. But anyway, on Tuesday evening I took all my stuff to the train station and we went to Copenhagen. There, I said goodbye to Elder Tolman and he headed back with Elder Tolbert. I met up with Willy and that is when things got really difficult. Try to imagine the two of us with all of both of our luggage trying to get situated in a train that is completely packed. There was not an available seat on the whole train. Luckily we had gotten reserved seats and were able to sit there, but that didn't solve the problem of what we should do with our luggage. So we packed as much of it as possible in the overhead compartment, and stacked some other stuff around our feet. There were still 2 suitcases that we just had to leave kind of in the aisle behind us. They were in a place where Williamson could see them if he reaches his head around. He looked back and just checked on them every once in awhile. It was funny, there was one time he looked back, and then he turned to me and was like, ''dude, your bag is gone.'' I was just like, yeah whatever man. But he kept going with it, he was like, ''I'm serious, it is not there!'' So I jumped up and went over there and my bag was right where I left it. Hahaha. I just went back and started punching Williamson in the arm. Anyway, after awhile on the train a lot of people got off and we were able to get situated better and play some cards. The rest the ride was fun.

We arrived in Frederacia that evening and slept there, and then the next day was even more difficult and stressful than the one before. Now would be the time to tell you that we do NOT have a car here anymore! They took the car from this area and gave it to a couple of old people missionaries! Everyone in the mission thinks it is stupid and that we need a car here. And I agree, we really do. This area is huge! It actually covers two areas. Herning and Silkeborg. And they are a 30 minute drive apart. And also our apartment is in a little town that is 5 kilometers away from Herning. So they took away our car and gave us bikes. We were kind of bummed about that but I like riding bikes and it has been good so far.

So back to the story. Now this time we had to get on another train. It was me, McCleary, and all of both of our luggage, my guitar, AND 2 bikes!! And we each only have 2 hands. I don't know how they expected us to be able to handle this. The worst part happened when we had to switch trains half way, because the train didn't go all the way to our place, so the train arrived at a station and we had 2 minutes before the next one left. And it was over on another platform. If we missed it the next one didn't leave for 2 hours. So we piled our stuff on the train and ran to the elevator, went down, McCleary took the bikes and ran up the stairs, and I went to the other elevator... It was out of order! I was like, are you kidding me! So at this point the train was supposed to leave in 60 seconds, so I took a piece of luggage in each hand and ran up the stairs, then McCleary ran in onto the train. I ran back down and grabbed the next thing and ran back up. We continued that I think 4 times, and the last one was of course the biggest and heaviest thing of them all. And I carried it half way up the stairs and my body was pretty much like, nope we are done here. My legs like shut down. McCleary who had been at the top the whole time ran down and took it the rest the way, and I wobbled over to the train. It was weird, my legs felt so crazy. I don't know if you have ever tried carrying hundreds of pounds of luggage up the stairs in 60 seconds, but it is not easy. But we made it, and we finally made it home that night and were able to relax. But dang, that was way annoying.

Well we are finally settled in. We've been here in the new area for a few days now and we are started to get the hang of things. Elder McCleary is way cool. We are already having a really good time. For example, the other day we were playing some giant card games with my huge cards, and then we randomly started having a random noise contest. We were basically just making really loud and annoying sounds. We were making these weird noises and then 3 girls walked past the window that happened to be open and they started laughing and then came over and talked to us through the window and ran away giggling.

Herning has been great so far. It is annoying because we have to bike for a half hour just to get to the city, but we have met a lot of people and they are all really great. We've been calling all of the former investigators and trying to see if they are still interested. We've set up a few appointments and met a couple of our investigators. I'm excited for tomorrow because we are going to go to silkeborg to meet with an awesome family. We haven't met them yet, but the husband is a member that was less active but not anymore, and the wife is a non member, but she is going to get baptized they said! Her name is Milan, and the only thing that is holding her back at the moment is that they aren't actually married yet. They are working on getting married so she can get baptized as soon as possible. Guess what! On Sunday they missed the bus to church so they walked 45 minutes with their 2 little children just to make it there. So there are already some awesome things going on here! We have also started finding our own new investigators too. We were out contacting the other day in our little town, and we found this girl named Anja. She seems really interested and said that she would like to talk to us more about it. And we gave here a Book of Mormon.

The ward members are way cool too! It is actually another little tiny branch like Nykøbing. I'd say it is the same size. We are over two tiny little branches, and we have only met the Herning one so far. I have to tell you about 2 specific members. The first one is Inge. She is actually inactive but she loves the missionaries, and she invited us over our second day. She is really fun and so is her 14 year old son Patrick. There is also a girl named Mia in the ward. She was baptized just like 2 months ago and she is way awesome! Her story is pretty cool. She is so into the church and is always sharing it with her friends and inviting them to church. Already we have been over to two meals at her place with one two different friends of hers invited over.
I'm thinking this is gonna be a loooooong email... I have so much stuff to say.

Lets go back in time a little bit. Back in Nykøbing right before I left we weren't able to figure anything out with Mie Louise. That was a bummer, but we were able to say goodbye to most of the others. Like Henrietta and Isabella. I'll miss that little girl. We also had one more appointment with that guy Dalsgaard, and he is doing way good. He had read even more in the BOM and is really liking it. He said he made it to where Nephi broke his bow and make a new one.

Hey here is a way exciting piece of news! Jennifer's Mom, Maline finally has a baptismal date!! She is getting baptized on the 16th of July! I'm so excited for her, and me and Elder Williamson are planning on going over there for the baptism.

Sunday, we went to the ward here in Herning for the first time. There were like 15 people there that day. They are all really nice, and they even have one who can play piano, so I don't have to worry about that any more. I helped bless the sacrament and McCleary said a prayer. We each also were called up to share our testimony. I have a feeling that they are gonna be calling on us a lot while we are here.

Sunday night, some other missionaries came over. It was Elder Oakey and his brand new missionary, Elder Horrocks. They came over because it was Elder Oakey's 21st Bday and they wanted to celebrate it with us. So we played some games together that night. We borrowed Settlers of Catan from that lady Inge. The next morning we went over to a gym and played basketball for awhile. That was fun. There is this way awesome rec-center right by our house and it is completely free for us. They have basketball, racquetball, ping pong and a bunch of other stuff. So we plan on spending a lot of time over there on pdays. Later on in the day we went to Jensen's Bøfhus for lunch, and then had a little party with them, Mia, and Inge. (Elder Oakey is the one who baptized Mia so they are good friends) That lasted most of the rest the day, and when we went back home we played some more cards and went to bed. And now we are to today, and I am writing you an email. :)

Well that is the update with me. If you have any questions about my new area or anything else, just ask. :)
I have to finish this up, we have an appointment in a bit, so sorry I don't really have time to respond to what you wrote. I have some pictures for you. The first one is me and Elder Meyer. He is going home soon and that was most likely the last time I saw him for a long time. Oh and Willy decided to jump in on it. Yeah then there is one of Oakey (birthday boy), Willy, Tolman, and Me. Then a better one of me and Meyer, then a last pic of Tolman and I. And then I thought you might like to see what Elder McCleary looks like. He wasn't ready on the first one..
Have a super day!!!
Love Elder Tyler Lee

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 5, 2011

Hey there!!! :D

How’s it going?? Yeah I am really excited! It’s always fun experiencing something new, so transferring to Herning should be good. I’m kind of nervous going into an area that has been shut down and reopening it. Because there probably won’t be many investigators and we’ll have to start from scratch. But I guess that is how it was here when I first came. It has been closed because we had a shortage of missionaries. I’m way excited for McCleary. We are gonna have a ton of fun. :) I don’t think I’m DL in this new area. And the trip to Bornholm is a no go. President never got around to it, so that it a bummer.
It was sad saying goodbye to people
Yesterday we went to Annizette to say goodbye to her. I’m really going to miss her. She is a way funny girl. We ended up just talking about food and movies, and a little bit about God. We are hoping that it will work out to see Mie Louise one more time. We set up an appointment with her for Tuesday evening, but then the APs decided that we are moving Tuesday instead of Wednesday. So we are trying to figure something else out with her. We will probably go there later today. Oh I don’t think I told you. Elder Tolman is staying here and he is getting a missionary named Elder Tolbert. Haha, so that is going to be a little confusing for the people here.

I’m sure it has been fun and maybe also a little stressful starting to get ready for that wedding. That would be really cool if you could go to Chelsey to get Rurika’s hair done. Chelsey has been doing a lot of hair for weddings the past couple months so she is pretty good at it.
Haha you mention the June bugs, I don’t miss them at all. Denmark doesn’t have any annoying bugs like that that I’ve noticed. They have the giant slugs and snails that come out in the rain but they aren’t too bad. This time of year has been pretty annoying though because my allergies have been pretty bad. And it is also so hot at night. So between those two things I haven’t been getting too much sleep lately.
This week was a good, and also interesting week. On Tuesday we found 2 new investigators, but one of them is kind of insane.. We were walking down the street and this guy came up to us and was like, ‘’Hey you must be latter day saints. I’m Michael… The Archangel.’’ He said God revealed to him that he is Michael, and that in his second life he was Noah.. He gave us his address and I guess it is up to the Tolman and Tolbert if they want to visit him. But we also found another person who is normal, and it was a cool story how we found her. We were going to stop by Jesper, remember him? And we said, alright this is the last time we’ll try him because he hasn’t been home for like 2 months. So we walk over there and knock on the door. He doesn’t answer, but right at that moment a lady walked by, and said we are wasting our time with him, he is insane and he is in the crazy house. But then she started staring at our tags and was very interested. We talked to her a bit there, and she gave us her phone number and address. :) It was one of those stories about being in the right place at the right time.
Oh I broke a string this week on my guitar.. :/ It was the first time I’ve done that on my mission. But I bought some new strings and put them on. It was probably a good thing, because those strings were way old and the new ones sound much better.
We had a cool apt. with Dalsgaard. I think I might’ve mentioned him once. If not, he is a new investigator we have. We went over to an appointment, and he had read the first 8 chapters of the Book of Mormon. And not only did he read, but he actually remembered what he read, thought it was interesting, and he liked it. Oh yeah. We taught him about Joseph Smith and more about what the BOM is all about and how we got it. He also had a ton of questions because he had looked up about our church online. He really liked our temples, and he sounded excited when I said there is one in Copenhagen. Anyway, we have another apt with him tomorrow right before I leave.
On Saturday we had my last appointment with Ronnie. And he invited Else over again too. We had his homemade pizza, and it was really tasty. He was really sad to hear that I would be leaving. Oh yeah, one of our bikes is getting fixed, AGAIN! So we took the bus out to Ronnies place, but it was 32 kr. Which was more than we wanted to pay, so we just walked home afterwards. It was like 8 kilometers and took us an hour and a half.
Yesterday was my last day in church So I said goodbye to the ward and they seemed sad to be losing their piano player. Haha. But luckily Elder Tolman plays a little bit and he can figure them out.
Last night I started packing and getting ready to go. I hate packing! I always put it off. I hope I’ll have room for all my stuff. I’ve gained a lot of stuff while I’ve been here.
So the plan for tomorrow is after our apt with Dalsgaard, we will go get on a train around 4 to Copenhagen. From there I will get on another train with Elder Williamson and the two of us will head over to Jylland. That will be fun. It is only us two who are moving from Sjælland to Jylland. We’ll spend the night in Frederacia and then I’ll meet up with McCleary and we will go to Herning. Oh did I tell you we get a car? Other than that I don’t really know much about the area.
I’ll finish this up. I have a few pictures for you, the first 3 are my new planner. Can you believe another 6 weeks has gone by?? It always goes so fast! Be careful, the second one has some blood and gore. Then the next picture.. Tolman wanted to decorate his own planner and this is what happened. Then there are some comparison pictures for how much shorter my paper chain is getting. And the last one is one last picture of me with Ronnie and Else.
Thanks for the pictures you sent. That dog of C and R’s looks fun.
I can’t wait to hear from you again next week!
Love Elder Tyler Lee

Surprise email! ;D

Hey! Surprise email! ;D
So last night we found out about transfers and I just want to tell you real quick what's happening. Are you ready?? I'm moving! I'll be going to a place called Herning. It's actually been shut down for awhile and me and Elder McCleary will be re-opening it. So that will be exciting. Also probably kinda tough. Yeah, so I'll be getting Elder McCleary and I am way excited for that! He is awesome and I think we will have a lot of fun. He's been on his mission for 10 months now. I don't know too much about Herning, but I know they have a really small branch like here in Nykøbing. I will tell you all about it when I get over there. Transfers are on Wednesday so the next few days will be spent getting ready and telling everyone goodbye.
I can't wait to here from you on Monday!
Love Elder Tyler Lee

May 29, 2011

Hey Dad and Mom and Everyone!! :)
Whoah, Dad you are also a great letter writer. It’s not just mom. Thanks.
That is way exciting about Camron and Rurika!
August 27th eh? The day after Mom’s Bday.
Dad our investigator is named Barbl, not Barbie. Haha.
Yeah I thought that tree was pretty cool. It is actually right out our window, and one day I was just sitting there, I looked outside, and was like, Holy Cow, it looks like Jylland! So I took a picture. It is crazy how similar it is.
It sounds like everyone has been having a fun summer vacation already. Scandinavian days are always fun. Yeah I think I will have a new respect for it when I come home and go there again. It’s nice you were able to have a lot of fun family time and fun time.
I haven’t heard anything about transfers yet, nothing from interviews but it will be soon. I will most likely move, and I actually want to stay here a little longer because of Mie Louise. She is doing awesome and it seems like as soon as I leave an area that is always when they suddenly get baptisms.
But on that note, let me tell you about our lesson with Mie Louise. It went way well! We went over there and she had invited a friend over named David who was a member at one point. He was excommunicated 15 years ago. At first I was thinking, ugh why is this guy here? He is just sitting there smoking and swearing and talking about pointless stuff. But then when we actually started teaching the lesson it was really good that he was there. I found out that he still believes that the church is true and still considers it as his church, and he had a ton of knowledge about what we were teaching. We taught Mie Louise the plan of salvation, and she was really involved the whole time with questions and comments. She likes the plan and thinks it makes sense but doesn’t understand it all completely. She kept asking though about how she can get her own confirming answer and so of course we told her. She seemed committed to try, and she is also excited for our next meeting. We are going to watch the finding faith in Christ movie.
Let me tell you a little bit more about my week. Tuesday was a really great day. We got so much done and President was really impressed when I told him about it at interviews. We had 7 lessons, 2 of them member present lessons, and we also got a new investigator. One of those lessons was also the Mie Louise lesson I told you about. Like I said we also had interviews with president. I didn’t get my release date out of him yet, but we did talk about it a little bit. And I told him that I would really like to go home before thanksgiving. He said that he will mail it out soon and then I can call him and discuss it. I’ll let you know more as soon as I find out. We also had a combined district meeting with Elder Williamson’s district. I don’t know if I told you that Willy is district leader now too. That was fun, the two of us did a combined training, and it was fun teaching with him again like the old days.
That was most of the excitement for the week. The rest of the week up until Sunday there didn’t happen very much. Sunday was kind of weird though. Before church started we were pulled into another room by the branch president along with a couple ward members. And I guess it was some kind of apology meeting. I am still confused about the whole thing. I guess a couple weeks ago in our missionary coordination meeting, sister Ravn said something mean about Sister Korgaard and she found out and was really offended. She was saying, ‘all my life I have never been treated this bad, I don’t trust sister Ravn and I can’t forgive her right now’ They were acting like kids. I still don’t know why they even got us missionaries involved.
I think I’ve made it through the boring part of the bible and now it is pretty exciting.
I just finished judges and there were a lot of cool stories there. Like with Samson and all those other judges.
That’s pretty much it for this time. By next time I will know if I’m transferring or not and if I get a new companion.
I have some bad news. I haven’t taken any new pictures this week. Some weeks I have so many, but other weeks there is just nothing worth taking a picture of. So sorry about that. All I have for you is a movie of Tolman trying to juggle. He’s been practicing for a month.
Have a super week and I can’t wait to hear from you again next week!
Miss you! :)
Love Elder Tyler Lee :D
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to say that yesterday we also thought primary at church. In other words we taught the 2 youngest Johansen kids. It was fun and it went really well. We talked about different stories in the scriptures about when they were commanded to build a ship and they were able to do it because of their faith. And we focused the lesson on faith in god. Then after we made our own origami ships out of paper and floated them on some water. It was fun!.

May 22, 2011

Hi!! Thank you for the email!
It doesn't matter if you almost forget, as long as you don't completely forget. :)

I know! It is so exciting that those two are finally getting married! Haha I was thinking, they have waited so long, they might as well wait a couple more months, but I guess it's best that they get married as soon as possible. :) You just better get a ton of good pictures, that's all I can say.
Congrats with the 5k and the success of your students! I don't know if you have told me about that program. If you have I might've forgotten. Is it like a class you do? Do you get paid for it, or just for fun?
Yeah I was just thinking this week that school should be getting out soon. That's exciting! Oh and happy birthday to Jansen! Too bad to hear about his ticket.. What did he do wrong?
I'm glad that Shane has found an apartment and he is able to be moving on with his life now.
I haven't heard anything else about my release date yet but I assume we will talk about it at interviews. Interviews are on Wednesday.
Well, transfers are in like 2 weeks, and needless to say, I am excited.
This is way annoying, this computer is being stupid and won't type all the letters I'm typing so I have to keep backspacing and respelling like every other word.
I want to tell you a little about one of those potential investigators from last week. Her name is Mia Louise. She is awesome. Well, she has like 5 piercings in each ear and a ring in her lip, but you can't be fooled by her appearance. She has actually really thought a lot about religion. We stopped by and she let us in, and we were there for over an hour! She asked us a bunch of good questions and luckily I had some answers. I also asked her, 'What if it is true? What will that mean to you?'' She said if she finds that out then she will change her ways, and be baptized in our church. She was really curious about our beliefs about the Plan of Salvation and we have an appointment with her on Tuesday to go more in depth about it. She also received a BOM and seemed excited to read in it. Then yesterday we were walking down the street and we passed her, and she was with a friend. She smiled at us and waved excitedly and said, 'see ya Tuesday!'' Which to us was a really good sign, that even though she was with a friend she was happy to see us, and meet with us. I'll let you know more how it goes with her.
It was a bummer though, because I think we lost our investigator, Barble yesterday. I called to set up an apt. and asked if it was Barble. She said, no this isn't her. So I asked if I had a wrong number, and she said, I couldn't tell you. And then she hung up. But it was obviously her because she has a heavy accent. She seemed so positive last time. I think what happened is what has happened to me in the past. When someone is actually interested, they look it up, or talk to someone about it, and they just hear a bunch of anti Mormon fake junk. We will try to stop by sometime and see whats up.
Oh, there is someone else I need to tell you about! Remember Jennifer? The girl we baptized? Well her mom is going to get baptized soon! :D She knows it is true and all, but was trying to find a cheaper apartment so she could pay tithing. She has found one so it's just a matter of time! I will definitely make sure I go to that. She is an awesome fun woman.
Friday was really cool! We had a mission conference with a member of the quorum of the 70, Elder Fingerle! So the entire mission met together for that, and it was really good. Him and president Andersen had some really great stuff to say to us. Oh I also performed a musical number on guitar. It was a little nerve wracking playing for the whole mission and for Elder Fingerle, but it went really well. I played Jesus the Very Thought of Thee.
It was fun seeing Elder Christensen there for a last time before he goes home. It's crazy, when we were comps he hit his year mark, and he said, ''When I go home, you will only have 6 months left.'' I was thinking, yeah that will never get here, but it did! I remember you said you would like to go to his homecoming if possible. I asked him about it and he said it is on June 12. He gave me his home number and his moms number so you can find out more about it. Where it is and all.
Well that is my news for you, we also had a big storm last night with thunder and lightning. It was pretty cool!
Like I said earlier, we have interviews scheduled for Wednesday, but they might have to be cancelled, because President is in Iceland, and while he was there that volcano erupted and flights are cancelled for now. So he might be stuck there! It makes me wonder if it affected an Elder who was supposed to be going home from Iceland. I don't know if it was before or after the volcano but he might be sticking around a little longer.
There are 2 pictures today. The first is me and Elder Christensen from the mission conference. And then a picture of a tree I saw today that looked a ton like Jylland. (the peninsula part of Denmark) So I took a picture of it. It's even got the dripping nose.
Thanks for everything!!! I miss you! Have a wonderful week! :D

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Oh ps. Thanks for the pictures too!! Tia is such a goof.

May 15th, 2011

Hey everyone!!
It was great hearing from you as always!
How's it going?? I hope you are having an awesome day!
First of all I want to say that I got an email from Camron today. He had some pretty exciting news!!! That is so cool that he finally proposed!! Him and Rurika are getting married!!! :D Holy Cow!!! He said the ceremony would probably be a little bit before I come home. :T lame, can't they wait an extra couple of months? Jk. That's way exciting though!
Whoah, so the mirror just fell down completely on it's own? That's weird. It's a good thing that nobody was in the way.
Thanks for the pics of Jansen and his date. That white tux he had is pretty snazzy. Thats cool they got a limo! I hope he had a fun time. I remember him telling me that he didn't really have anything planned out.
Tell Grandma and Grandpa hi! And sorry that I haven't written in awhile. I received their letter a week or two ago and I'll try to write back this week.
I have had a really good week. And it went by really fast it seems like. I'm always glad when Mondays get here quickly. It usually drags on. Being District Leader is going well. I haven't had too much extra responsibility. We had a lot of spits this week though. First on Tuesday we had the Zone leaders come over, and we got a lot of good work done. In just that one day we cranked out 7 lessons (which is pretty dang good) And we handed out 3 Book of Mormons, and got 4 potential investigators. So that was our Zone Leader splits. Wednesday we biked out to a city and we made a stop by the yellow fields! They have bloomed! They are so cool! We also went back to that pink church and were able to go inside it. We found out that the church was made in the 1100's! Crazy huh?! It had some really weird paintings all over the ceiling.
On Thursday we went to Slagelse for splits and also to say goodbye to Elder Roth. He is going home tomorrow! It was fun. We got some good work done and we also ate some GIANT burgers!! They were way good and way huge!
On Saturday we had an appointment with Ronnie. It was raining way hard and we had to bike a half hour in the pouring rain to get there. But it was a nice appointment. He invited his friend Else over as well and now she is a new investigator. She already knows a lot about the church because of Ronnie. So although he is no longer a member, he is doing some great missionary work.
Yesterday evening we had an eating appointment with our mission leader and his wife. Finn Korgaard.
Well those are the highlights of my week. Wanna see some pics? The first few are from the yellow fields of course then there are some from the Tingsted Church. I took some pictures of the weirdest paintings. There are some guys stabbing children and babies for some reason, and then some more baby stabbing, I think that one is a circumcision.. I think the pictures are kinda funny just how nobody has any emotion in any of the pictures. There is also a blasphemic picture of me preaching from the stand. Then after those pictures there is another I Love Mom graffiti we found. This one is Osama and his mommy.. Then there are our giant burgers. Mine was 650 grams, and Tolman went all out and got the 930 gram burger. Yes we finished it all.. The final picture is me, Ronnie, and Else. Notice the big thing of ice cream on her shirt.. haha.
I'll talk to you again next week! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Love Elder Tyler Lee