Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Letter from members in Ballerup Ward

Dear sister Lee and family.

Thank you very much for sending our son, Morten, - or we should say Elder Olsen - a package from "Dear Elder". He was very happy for your thoughtfullness. As you know missionaries have limited time at the computer when they are staying at MTC, so he asked us to send you this mail.

You have a wonderful son. You can be very proud of him. When your son, Elder Lee, came to our ward, he connected with our son in a very fine way. They both play the drums and they have fun together and - most importantly - a strong wish to serve a mission. Morten went out on splits with Elder Lee and his companions. That was a good experience for Morten as a preparation for his mission, while he was waiting to actually leave for his own mission to Portugal.

Also we have enjoyed having the missionaries for dinner. They bring a good spirit along with friendship. On top of that we had the opportunity to get all the information we needed about MTC and so on. It was very helpfull.

After Morten left for his mission, we have enjoyed the precence of Elder Lee and his companion in our home. Today we spoke with him in church and it looks like he is doing fine. We have invited the missionaries to join us for christmas eve (we celebrate on the of dec.), but Elder Lee has been here for several months, so he might be transfered in the near future. But we would love to celebrate christmas together with him and his companion.

We have told Elder Lee that you are welcome to stay in our home, if you some time come to Denmark. It´s not a castle, but we enjoy it evenso.

Love from

Hanne and Henrik Olsen
Ballerup ward

Elder Lee has shown us nice pictures of your family and your dog so here is a picture of us, so you can put faces on our names.
The picture of our family was taken 14 days before Morten left for his mission. Henrik and I are sitting in the front and our daughter (she is pregnant with her first child) is standing to the left with her husband. Morten is in the middle and our oldest son with his girlfriend are standing to the right

Nov. 14, 2010

Hey everyone!!

How's it going?! I hope you are having a good week!
That is a great CD! Haha, and it was fun making. I think it would be fun to record another one of those when I get home. Ya know what, I have that cd on my ipod so I have also brought out the christmas music. My comps have thought it is way cool that my family did that.
That is still weird that Elder Clayton is back home. That was probably fun to see him again, and hear his homecoming talk. That's cool that he was able to really relate to that guy because of his love of basketball!
Yeah I know that Merrick kid, that is cool that he is going on a mission. And to Guam! thats awesome
Congrats with the Primary Program! Those are always fun to see! Did Tia have a talk or anything, or just a regular part?
Andrew is home already?! Whoah! So now who is the next on the list?
I told you last time I thought. Transfers are on the first of december and we will find out about them probably a week before. I don't know if I'll leave, but I think I probably will. I'll tell you as soon as I find out so that you will know where to send a package. I wish I could stay here for Christmas! I think it would be so awesome to spend Christmas with the Olsens! They are a great family. I talked to Hanne yesterday at church and she told me that Morten told her about the cookies and that he was really glad for that. She is fun, she is always keeping me updated with how Morten is doing.
The Jazz are awesome!! Klc said that all of those games they came back from behind in double digits to win it in the 4th quarter! That's way cool! Those must be some exciting games to watch! The Jazz seem to like giving the fans a little scare before winning the game!
Cool! Congrats to Camron! I wish him the best of luck with that! That's awesome that he has already come that far in it, and that would be really cool if he won the whole thing!
I read a fun story from my HC Andersen book the other day. It was the Ugly Duckling. Some of his stories are pretty brutal! Like in the Ugly Duckling, the ugly little guy got thrown out of the group so he was out looking for someone that would except him. Well, everyone just said he is ugly and they didn't want anything to do with him, but then there are 2 wild geese that run into him. They say; Hey man, you are way ugly, but we like you alright, Come on, you can roll with us. So the ugly duckling is all excited that someone is finally excepting him, AND THEN randomly the two wild geese both get shot!!! Hahaha, what the heck?!

Well I told you a couple of the things that happened this week, but there really isn't much more. It was kind of a boring uneventful week. Last pday we went to Copenhagen and tried to find some Christmas Presents. I was able to find a couple of things for the siblings, I also bought some really good extra dark chocolate for myself! That was way good, dark chocolate is the best! When we were in Copenhagen we also found this way awesome tie store! They had 3 big walls just completely covered in awesome ties! So I decided to get a couple of them. One of them is pretty funny, it's a tie with pictures of how to tie a tie on it. I'll sent you a picture of it.
Also this week we had another specialized training meeting. It was pretty good. I showed of my how-to-tie-a-tie tie and everyone seemed to like it.
Today should be really fun! We are going to that Experimentorium place in Copenhagen I told you about one time. It has all sorts of cool scientific stuff. So hopefully I'll have a few more pictures to send you next time.
I only have two pictures this time. The first one is of me and my cool new tie. And then the second one is my new planner. I don't think I told you, everytime I fill up my planner and get a new one, I decorate it. It makes planning a little more exciting. Anyway, with my new planner I decided to make it Christmas themed! It says ''are you ready for Christmas'' in danish. Don't ask me why santa has a pigeon on his head. haha.

Sorry that this email is kind of rushed. We don't have a ton of time. I love you and I'm excited for Christmas so I can talk with you all for a little while. Have a great week!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

PS, there was one more thing I wanted to ask for in a package, and it's actually something that I asked for before. I want a new guitar capo (the thing that you clamp on the neck) The one you sent me last time has been working fine, but it just takes forever to attach, and I am working on a song that I can perform for a zone confrence. It's that arrangement of come thou fount that I put together. Well in that song it has a quick key change and I need to be able to quickly clamp a capo on. I know that while I was there we had 2 of those black clampy capos, so there should be one. I would buy one here, but everything here is a ripoff.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nov. 7, 2010 (hopefully I can add videos to this one later.

Hey everybody!

It was nice hearing from you as always! Thanks for the email! I'm glad you guys have been enjoying some nice weather lately. It has been pretty chilly around here!

That is crazy that Scotty is leaving today! I bet he is way excited, but also way scared, and also just confused. That's how it was with me anyway. I've read a couple of his emails on his blog. I'm glad that he can get over there in Romania and start using what he has been learning and preparing to do. I'm sure he loved the cookies, and Morten too! I've written both of them letters a few weeks ago but I haven't heard back yet. I don't think you will have to worry about getting a coat for Morten. He is getting pretty close to the end of his MTC time. Have you emailed Morten's parents yet? They are really nice, I like that family a lot. Last monday we had a family home evening with them, and had a couple of investigators with. That was a good experience for us all.

I'm glad to hear that the funeral was good and that your talk and everything went well.

Thanks for the Sports update! Ya know what? Elder Klc is a huge sports guy, so he makes sure that his family sends him the update each week. So I have been hearing about the Jazz already. Too bad they started the season off with a couple of losses, but they seem to be doing alright now.

We caught that stinkin mouse! He was a tough one, but we got him! This last mouse we caught was pretty gross. We put 2 mouse traps right outside their hole so they couldn't avoid it, and I guess the mouse stuck his head out and tried eating the meat, and it snapped on its head, but it's body was still in the hole. Well this happened in the night, so when we woke up and found him, he was already really stiff and his fat body was stuck in the hole! So we try to pull it out by the mousetrap, but the trap fell off, so then it was just a crushed mouse head sticking out of the hole, and so Elder Klc put a bag over his hand, reached down there and gave it a nice tug, and it finally came out. I really hope we are about done with these mice!

I'm glad you liked my zoo pictures! Those face in a hole pictures are always fun. That negative giraffe one was actually an accident. I opened them with paint on the computer because I adjust the size first so they aren't such huge file sizes, and when I was doing that I accidently bumped a button that made it negative. I thought it looked way cool so I just kept it like that.

Yup, that big book he gave me is all in Danish! And he's not a member, I've actually only taught him like 3 times! It's way cool. This last week I read Den Lille Havfru (The Little Mermaid) Did you know that in the original story, the little mermaid doesn't even get the prince in the end?!?! How lame is that?! The prince marries the other princess.. Lame.

My week has been pretty good. I've got a few stories I wanted to tell you. So the first one is about my visa, or in Danish, opholdstilladelse. The English word is a bit easier. Anyway, I've nearly been in Denmark for a year, so that means that my visa will expire! So I had to get it renewed so I won't get sent back to America. And it was so much harder than it should have been! I filled out a few papers and they told me to take it to the local commune office. So I took it there and they said it is the wrong place, so I have to take it to the police station, so I took it to the local police station. It was closed, so we tried another time and they said I have to take it to the head police station. So we took it there, and they said, nope, you have to take it to this place in Copenhagen! So, another day, we go to this place in Copenhagen, and... It was closed. So we try again the next day, we finally get in, and we had to wait nearly 2 hours before they called my number, so I finally got up to the place, I told them I wanted to renew my visa, and I handed them my papers. They said I was done... So, after hours and hours, and days of hard work, all I did was hand my papers to a lady... bogus.
Ok story number 2. We had district meeting, and afterwords we all did some work in the area to help the sister missionaries out a bit. We split up, and said meet back at 6. So I went with Elder Van Nevel, and it was getting close to 6 so we went back to the church. When we got there I saw someone from behind wearing black, and he had kinda bad posture. And Elder Klc also has kinda bad posture so I thought it was him. It was also already dark by that point. (it gets dark around 5ish right now) So we came to him and I shouted, "HEY" And the guy gets way scared and turns around. And then I realized it wasn't Klc. It was just some old guy. I was way embarrassed.
This last week we have had some exciting eating appointments! One of them was with a lady... We also had one with one of my favorite families, the Ringheims! They are the family with 2 little boys that are way crazy. I think I told you about them one time. And we had another eating apointment with the Paulsen family, and that brings me to the third story. We were at this eating appointment and the mom turns to Klc and asks, "Er det frygtligt?" (Is it terrible?) And Klc says, "Ja, Det går godt" (Yeah, it's going good) Haha, it was pretty funny!
Um, the last thing that happened this week was we had Stake conference yesterday! It was fun to meet with everyone in the area! Remember Maria Engbjerg, she was in my EFY group and is Danish? So I was excited to see her her in Denmark. Well, for the first 6 months I lived on the opposite side of the country than her, and now that I finally moved close to her, she moved to America... So at Stake conference I saw everybody in her family, but not her.

You asked about transfers, I'm not sure the exact date, but it is around the end of the month. I think I'll probably leave, but I'm not sure. If you send something, it would be best to send directly to where I'm living. I'll tell you as soon as I find out. Otherwise you can send it to the mission office, but it could be hard to get it especially if I move back to Jylland. And concerning the things I need, there's not much. The deordorant is holding out, I think those three you sent me will last most my mish. And you don't need to worry about sending toothpaste.. They have toothpaste. My razors are getting kinda low. There are 2 things that I'd request. The first, I know we used to have a disney song piano book. I've been playing the hymns, but I want something new. So if you still have that and can find it, that would be fun. Or something like it. Also, yesterday I recieved a reeses peanut butter cup from a former comp, and it was way good! So maybe a couple of those. BUT, remember, don't send the fake little ones in tin foil. Those ones are bad news. It has to be the real deal. Thanks!

Alrighty, I think that's all I've got for you this time. I have one single picture, sorry there isn't more, It's me with a yarn sign. Garn means yarn. there's only one pic, but I posted some videos on facebook, so I think that makes up for it. Take a look at them.

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Nov. 7, 2010 (There was one pic with this but it didn

Oct. 31, 2010 Pictures later : )


I'm doing great! Of course I'm doing great, it's a Pday! Pdays are always great! I'm glad to hear that y'all have had a good fun week! Thanks for all of the pictures!! That was fun seeing Tia's costume! :D That is way creative! I'm glad you had a good halloween! Cuz mine was really lame. :/ In Denmark they don't really celebrate Halloween, so other then carving pumpkins that day, we didn't really do anything to celebrate. We didn't ever even dress up or anything. Boring! The only thing I did to celebrate on Halloween was wear an orange tie. That's it. Oh yeah, we also decided to roast up some pumpkin seeds. they were pretty good!
I heard that two of my friends had their farewells on Halloween! Do you remember Carter and Austin? Carter is going to Texas, and Austin is going to Hawaii! I bet Carter and Austin did great! Too bad I couldn't be there. With me, I was pretty much the first out of all my friends to leave on my mission, so all of my friends were at my farewell! But the problem with that, is that when I come home, they will all be on their missions!
That is way crazy to hear about Sister Lotz! But it's very comforting to know that it's not just done after this life.
The temple really was great! It was a great experience going there! It's a bummer that I'm not able to go more often.
The mice are way huge!! I thought we were done catching them. We caught 6 of them really quick, and then over a week went by and there was nothing. So we were pretty sure that we got them all, BUT yesterday, we heard something in the kitchen and we went in there and saw a mouse jump out of the garbage can and run away! Grrr! This one is super smart or something. He doesn't even go for our traps! We put 2 traps right outside his house, and he just pushed them out of the way without setting them off! Haha, yeah I remember that! Well, I don't know if I actually remember it, or just remember hearing the story. Either way, it was pretty funny.
Yeah, I'm doing better, I still have a little bit of a runny nose, but other than that I'm pretty much back to my old self again. It didn't keep us locked up in the house. It was never too bad that I wasn't able to go out and work.
Thank you! I'm glad you like my scarf! I think it turned out great! It took me forever! Like 2 months or so. So it better be good after all of that work!

Well, should we get to my week? It's been a pretty good week I guess. Last pday was really fun! The weather turned out to be way good, so we went to the Copenhagen Zoo!! It was cool! There weren't very many people there, so we had a lot of it all to ourselves! Today we are gonna go to Copenhagen and try to do some Christmas shopping. I have absolutely no idea what to get people!
And speaking of Christmas, all of the Christmas decorations and displays and everything have already come out here! It's so early for that! But Christmas in Denmark is way huge! I feel like I got ripped off having my first mission Christmas in the MTC, now I'll only get to experience 1 here in Denmark. I'll just have to make the best of it!
One day, there was this huge yard sale type thing going on, where a bunch of people set up some stands and sale all sorts of random things, so we decided to stop by and see if there was anything good.
Oh, we have an investigator, Neils, we were over at his house teaching him, and he asked me if I had read the H.C. Andersen stories. (In case you don't know, H.C. Andersen is like the most famous Dane ever. He wrote all sorts of stories, like The Little Mermaid, and the Princess and the Pea, and many more) Anyway, I told him that I'm familiar with some of them, but I haven't really read them. And then he went and grabbed a huge book of all of H.C. Andersen's stories, and just gave it to me! It's like 3 inches thick! Over 1000 pages! I was like, hey man, you don't have to give me this. But he insisted. So lately I've been reading a whole bunch of exciting stories. It's great Danish Practice too. I think that is gonna be a good souvenier to bring home with me.
I don't think there is really anything else that happened this week. It wasn't the most exciting week ever.

I've got a few picture for you! Most of them are from the zoo. Here, I'll tell you a bit about them. So, the first few are from our trip to the zoo. The polar bear smiled for me in the picture. There were also a few of those put-your-face-in-the-hole pictures, so I took a few of those. Then there is a picture of me chillin with some penguins. Then I have some giraffe pics. After the zoo pictures there is one of the huge yardsale thing.
I'm gonna finish this up so we can head over to Copenhagen. have a super fantastic week!! I miss you a bunch! Did you know that in like 2 weeks, I'll be halfway done! See ya in a year and a bit.

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Oct. 24, 2010, (yup, you guessed to come later! )

Hey Everyone!

How's it going?! I'm doing great! Thanks for sending me those pictures and videos and a nice email!
The weather here is alright. It's definitely not summer anymore! There were a couple weeks that were way cold, but then in brightened up again, and lately it's been ok. My coat does look nice, but it also keeps me warm. I've been plenty warm so far. And if it gets way cold, and my coat isn't enough, I still have my old ugly coat just in case.
Thanks! I'm glad you like my new glasses! They are actually kind of annoying. It's nice being able to see better, but it also makes it harder sometimes, because the frame is in the way, and they get dirty sometimes and its annoying to clean them, and all that. So I don't wear them all the time. Just sometimes. Yeah, they help me see far away, I have no problem close up. And yeah, I was able to pick them up as some litte store for a couple bucks.
:( It's sad to see the little white car leaving. That has been a good car. I'll miss the little fella.
That's way crazy that Edward is starting his mission! He isn't old enough for that!!
I finished my scarf! I took forever! But I'm finally done. Now I can move on and finally get other things done!

We had some halloween fun on friday! Elder Bailey and Elder Larkin came over for splits and we carved some jack o lanterns!! It was way fun! It was so hard trying to find some tools to use. In Denmark, they don't really celebrate Halloween, so it was impossible to find a pumpkin carving kit. We walked around Copenhagen for a couple hours trying to find something like that that we could use. Finally we just decided to by a couple of swiss army knives with all of the different little tools. They worked out good enough. Pumpkin carving was fun, I felt bad for Elder Larkin. He cut into his pumpkin and it was all gross and rotten, and smelled disgusting, so he didn't get to carve one. Well, do you want to know what my Jack o Lantern was? It was.... Elder Williamson! Haha. Remember that picture of him that I drew? Well I turned that into a jack o lantern! It actually turned out really good! I used a new 3 color technique, where for parts of it I cut through all the way and other parts I just cut part way. Of course I took way longer than everyone else. I even had it all drawn on the pumpkin before they even came. They all finished and I went like 3 hours longer. Haha. I'll admit, I stayed up past bedtime. But it was for a good cause! I sent you a picture of my pumpkin, what do ya think?
Oh! Here is the update with the mouse problem! We've caught 6 of them! Gross! I think we might've got them all, because we caught them all pretty quick, and then the last few days we haven't gotten anything. They were so hard to catch! We couldn't get them at first! First we tried putting peanut butter on the traps, but they just kept licking it clean! So then we put some cheese on it but they just at that. So then we tied the cheese on with some string, and it worked the first time, but then they kept getting past that. So we finally stuck a piece of hotdog on the trap, and that does the trick! We caught 4 that way! I'll give you a warning, I attached a couple of pictures of the mice, and they are a bit gruesome, so if you have a sensitive stomach, leave the room now.

Here is a little bit for Tani Loa:
Hey Sis!! What's up?!?! Sorry I've been such a loser and haven't responded to some of the letters you have written me. It's because I've been knitting a scarf and I haven't had any extra time. But now I'm done, so I should have some extra time to do important things, like write my lil sister.
You're gettin pretty old! The new teen in the house! How does that feel? It's weird for me to think that you are in Junior high! How are you liking that? I bet you have already changed a ton. I probably wont even recognize you and Tia when I get home!
Holy Cow!!! Congratulations on getting a part!!! That is way cool! It's awesome that you have gotten into that so much, and that you have so much fun with it. Let me know more about it and how it all goes! You're gonna do great!
Hahaha, mom told me a little bit about that aquarium! That sounds way fun! I went to a big aquarium like that here in Denmark. We were able to touch the Sting rays and some little sharks and things. Of course mom would scream. Haha, those signs sound funny. It's me that inspire you to take those pictures?! Wow, I'm honored!
Well, how is everything going? Things are going great here in Denmark. I think I'm finally getting the hang of things. I miss you a bunch! How a super day and a fun halloween!!

Well, my week has been up and down. I got a stupid cold! :( My nose has been runny for like 5 days, and I can't sleep. But, I also went to the temple!!! It was so awesome finally going into the Copenhagen Temple! It was over 9 months that I hadn't been to the temple so it was way great to finally go again! It was also an awesome experience to have it in Danish! The Copenhagen Temple is way pretty! The outside is kinda weird, but the inside is way beautiful! Hopefully I'll get a few more chances to do that while I'm here!
Other than the temple and splits, nothing too exciting happened. Oh, Yesterday at church was a good/bad day. We had 4 investigators come to church!! Which is way good! The bad part is that I had to teach the lesson in Priesthood. And for some reason they decided to combine the Elders quorum and High Priests. So I had to teach everyone! And of course that was the day that I was the sickest. The whole lesson I was just sniffling and I couldn't think very well. They all said it was a really good lesson, but I don't know about that..
Today should be fun! We still aren't exactly sure what we are gonna do. We are gonna make our decision based on the weather. If it isn't rainy weather, we are gonna go to the Copenhagen Zoo! And if the weather isn't the best, we are gonna go to a place called The Experimentorium. Its like this big scientific museum with all sorts of cool experirements and fun scientific things like that. I'll have to tell you about it next time.
I have a few pictures for you. The first 2 are from our temple trip. and then the next two are some mice pictures.. The first mouse we killed, and a bunch of dead mice stacking up in our garbage. Then there's a funny picture of some bar in Copenhagen. They probably have the best beer in town, but they aren't 100% sure. Then there is my Willy Jack o Lantern! And lastly is a picture of me and my knitted scarf! I hope you enjoy these pictures.
Have a great day!!

Love Elder Tyler

Oct. 17, 2010 (pictures to come later)

Hey Fam!!!

Holy cow! Today is the 18th! Ya know what that means?! Another month down! Like you said, next month is my one year mark! That is so crazy! It has been nearly a whole year since I have seen y'all. I agree! It is sometimes scary how fast time goes by!
It's good to hear that you've all had a good week this week! It must be fun getting the family together! Brielle sure is a cutie! That's way weird for me that she is talking now! It sometime feels like everyone back home is just on pause right now waiting for me to get home. But I guess everyone else is still growing too, and it has been a year'ish since I've seen her.
I didn't hear anything at all about those miners! When you were talking about it, that was the first I've heard! Klc said he heard about it in the MTC a little bit and he told me about it. That is way crazy! That's awesome that they were able to get out of there safely!
Things are going great with me and Elder Klc. Yeah, his name is crazy. I've heard a lot of the same dumb jokes in the past couple weeks. For example, ''Klc? Like Kfc? Hahaha''.... I'm tired of that already, and I'm sure he has heard these same jokes a million times in his life. Anyway, we are getting along just great. He is a fun kid. Kinda a big noobie still, but that's expected of him. He is starting to get the hang of things, and already improving with Danish and everything.
Oh yeah, Here is Mortens MTC adress:

Elder Morten Olsen
Portugal Porto Mission
Provo Missionary Training Center
MTC Mailbox #124 12/01
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604

He doesn't need a coat as of yet. His mom is funny, she is always worrying about him, but Morten says he is fine. So don't worry about getting him a coat, but I'm sure he'd enjoy getting a little treat or something. I have never heard him speak English, but he speaks perfect english. So do his parents. I don't have their email, but we have an eating appointment with them tonight, and I could ask them.

ANYWAY... This has been a really eventful week. We have been way busy, yet we hardly did any work in our area. Because we were so busy with other things, like zone conference and training and things. I'll start from the begining. So last pday after emailing we went bowling! I love bowling! It's so fun! In Denmark you pay per hour, not per game. So we were able to crank our 4 games. My first one was the best and I went down from there. The first game I scored a 158. It made me way mad though because I have no problem knocking 9 pins down. But there is always one stupid pin that won't fall. You can take a look at my score card.
The next day was zone conference. It was fun, as always meeting with the other missionaries, and we had some good training from the mission president. Also at zone conference, I performed a music number! I played Joseph Smith's First Prayer on the guitar. They all liked it and wanted me to play another one, so after zone conference I played Sweet Hour of Prayer. The next day was a specialized training. It was for missionaries in leadership positions like zone/district leaders, and trainors. So we got an extra day of super training. It was pretty boring. I was struggling to stay awake during the last bit of it. Thursday we were finally back in Ballerup, but we had a ton of service that day. We helped Bother and Sister Rasmussen from the ward. They are way awesome. They remind me a ton of grandma and grandpa! I always like when we go over there for service. They have a huge yard and they always have something for us to do. Friday was our only day of actually doing missionary work in our area. We stopped by some people and taught a couple lessons. And Saturday we met together with all of the missionaries again. This time it was to contact a bunch of referalls from the temple open house. It was 6 years ago, but there were a ton of referalls from it who were never contacted. And then finally, Sunday. We had church. It was a pretty eventful week.
There are also some more exciting things that happened throughout the week. I did something pretty stupid, I did two eating challenges this week... The first was eat a huge burger. Me and 3 other missionaries all got these way huge burgers and tried to eat them. I failed. A few days later, Elder Klc decided he wanted to do the nougat challenge. So I decided to try it one more time and try to get a better time. I did! I cut my last time in half! My new score is 29:34. I was pretty happy about that. Now I promise, I'm never ever ever gonna do the nougat challenge again! Elder Klc was doing pretty good. He had all of the nougat pillows down in about 35 minutes, and he just had a little bit of milk left to finish. He was chugging the last of the milk, and, well... He spewed... At least he gets to go on the back of the board.. People who hurled.
Well, off of that subject. When I first came to Denmark I started reading the Book of Mormon in Danish. At first I would have my Danish one and English, and I'd read the verse in Danish and then in English right after. After a couple months I was able to just read it straight through in Danish and understand almost anything. And anyway, last week I finished the book! It was pretty exciting!
Guess what! This week, we found out that we have mice! :O We've seen them running around a couple of times. Gross! We found their house I think. There was a stack of papers in a big cardboard box that we had in a corner for recycling or whatever, and we found out that there were a couple mice living back there! So yesterday, we dedided that we had to get rid of it. So we got prepared, we tucked our pants into our socks, just in case, and we grabbed the whole box and quickly dragged it outside. Two mice ran out! I'll admit, I screamed a little bit. Anyway, we are gonna get some traps today and try to catch us some mice.
Here is one more exciting thing that happened this last week. At zone conference I was having trouble reading the board, so, I decided to get glasses! Dad and Tia both got new glasses, and now I did too. It's crazy seeing the world more clearly. It's like everything is in high definition now. It's kinda funny, I got the glasses at a little cheapo store for like 3 bucks, but they are prescription and everything and they help a lot.
This is getting pretty long. I think that's good enough for this week. ;) Oh one more thing, we are going to go to the Temple on Friday! I haven't been to the Temple in over 9 months! So I'm way excited!
Anyway, thank you for everything! I'll see ya in a year and a month!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Oh I forgot to tell you about the pictures!
The first one is my bowling score. Look at all those stupid 9s! :/
Then there are some pictures of my super huge burger.
After that is us doing the Nougat Challenge. We decided to put it all in one big bowl.
Then there is another cool Danish statue! I think it's way funny! It's just 2 fat naked guys trying to pull another fat naked guy up the cliff.
The last 2 were taken so you can see my new glasses. What do ya think?

See ya!

10-10-10 (pictures to come later)

Hey Gang, Dad and Mom!!!

Elder Klc is a cool kid. We're getting along just fine. It's really funny hearing his fresh out of the mtc Danish. Haha. I makes me realize how far I've come and how much I've learned while I've been here.
Sister Andersen, the one from SF, seems pretty cool. (well she's from Spanish, so of course she's cool) I sent Camron an email and asked if he remembers her, but he hasn't written back. Oh well, I hardly ever wrote him when he was on a mission.
Conference was way good! It's hard to choose a favorite.. I really liked the one Elder Holland gave. He talked a bunch about missionaries. I watched that one in Danish, so I'll have to make sure I read it again when we get the Ensign. The one that really hit me the most and really helped me was the one by Elder Packer. It was about how we can turn to Christ and use the atonement to help us overcome our weaknesses, and habits. It was really neat because I also saw that one in Danish, but there were some parts of it that I really needed to hear and I was able to understand it just as good (or better) as I would've in English. That also strengthened my testimony.

We've been able to meet with a lot of our investigators this week. It's been really good! We had the zone leader's over two days ago for splits. Basically they just came over, ate all of our food, didn't wash their dishes, made a big mess, and left. }:-( It was fun though. We were also able to get a lot of work done that day. Oh, me and one of the ZLs, Elder Steed, we were knocking and we found a super possitive, seemingly gold contact. It was this guy named Michael. He seemed excited to talk to us, and he said he and his friend write Christian music and he was in the middle of writing a song about the 10 commandmants when we knocked. He was way interested and had a lot of questions, and everything was just going perfect. We told him about the BOM and I asked if he wanted one. He said he'd really like that and he could show his friend too. And then we asked if we could come some other time and teach him more, he said he'd really like that, and then.... His mom came home... She just basically yelled at us. She was like, ''You can't talk to him, he's only 17, go away, blah blah blah'' And she shut the door on us. :/ grrr

Last night we had dinner with Jennifer, the girl we helped get baptized, and her mom. It was way fun. We thought it would be just like 2 hours or so, but we ended up being there for like 4 hours! She wouldn't let us go. Haha. We ate some curry meatball things on rice, Oh and she gave us rootbeer! It's pretty much impossible to find root beer here and it was the first time I've had it in a long time. We also had some cake and played trivial pursuit. The Danish one. It was way hard. And we ended with a nice little lesson.

No, I haven't written them back yet. It's cuz I'm a pretty good procrastinator. I put the pro in procrastinate, remember. No, but really I have been busy, and its sometimes hard to find time and energy to write letters. But I will. I have gotten most of those letters. I think there are maybe one or two of those names that I haven't seen yet.
My friends in the MTC? Well, Morten is there, but I found out that Christina isn't! Listen to this, she showed up, and they said they weren't expecting her. I guess they didn't think she ever got her visa. So anyway, they sent her straight to the Salt Lake City mission. Crazy huh. I don't know how long she'll stay there or whatever, but that would be a big surprise. Morten though is in the MTC. He's liking it. We had an eating appointment a few days ago with his parents and we talked a lot about him. I also sent him a Dear Elder. I don't have his info with me, but I can send it to you later.
Whoah, I had no idea that Zac was getting married! They sure know how to through a party, huh!

Today, we are gonna go bowling for P day! I'm way excited! I love bowling!
Well, we are hungry and we're gonna get going, so I'll finish this one up. I put some pictures with this email. The first is some really awesome artwork we found. A guy in a bathtub statue. Then there is Poul Jørgensen in real life! I'm pretty sure I told you about this guy. He is in every single newspaper. There is always an advertisement for his car place, and there is just a way funny looking picture of him. So we looked at the address and saw that it's way close to where we live, so one day we visited it just so see if we could find him. And we did! Haha He doesn't look as jolly in real life.. Anyway, the next 3 are of me of course. That's at a place in Copenhagen that's pretty famous. It's in a lot of postcards and pictures of Denmark. Lastly is the one I just took of my new shirt. Everybody Dance!
Have a great week!!!

Much Love, Elder Tyler Lee

Oct. 3, 2010

Hey everyone!!

Congratulations with your marathon!! That's crazy! It was the hottest one ever?! Wow! That's awesome that you two were able to make it, and without really any complications! It sounds like that condo has been a great investment. Why did you have to wait til a week after I left before you bought it? You said that one day I might run a marathon with you.. Don't count on it. I still hate running. That's fun that you were able to spend some time there with the family, and with the Green Beans. That choir was really good, thats cool that Tanner was in it. I saw one kid I know in it. Christopher Knudsen, my friend from high school.
Happy Birthday to Tia!! Now I guess you made it through our crazy month of Birthdays. I hope she had a super great day!

This has been a fun and exciting week! First of all, thanks for the Birthday present! I really like it. I decided to get me a new coat. It keeps me warm and it looks a lot better than that missionary mall thing I had.
One of the highlights of this week is of course getting my new companion! We went to Copenhagen and met them, and we didn't even know who we were gonna get until the minute we met them. Anyway, my noobie is Elder Klc! Yup, Klc. It's pronounced like Kelch. I guess they forgot a couple of letters or something. He is from Salt Lake City. He is a pretty cool kid. Definitely green. It's kinda fun hearing fresh out of the MTC Danish, and seeing the new missionary get-things-done attitude. I think these 2 months with him are gonna be good, and it'll be fun helping him out and getting him going. Oh, and he is already getting into the European style!
Here's something cool, one of the sisters that just came in is from Spanish Fork! Cool huh! I don't know here from before, but she knows Camron. They had some classes together and things. Her name is Whitney Anderson. She's the sister on the very right in the picture.

Conference was great! Yeah, we were able to watch it here this week. All the missionaries in Sjælland zone met at a big church and we watched conference there. So that was fun of course to see all of the other missionaries and chill with them for awhile. We watched both the saturday and sunday morning sessions live. They were at 6 pm here. And we also watched the saturday afternoon, and priesthood session delayed. We couldn't stay up for the final session because it is shown from 10 to midnight here. I watched two sessions in Danish this time. It was awesome to see the improvement! Because 6 months ago I watched one of the sessions in Danish, and I could barely understand anything! And this time I could understand it all! It was also neat because it seemed like the parts that really applied to me and I really needed to hear, I could understand those parts extra clearly, just like it would've been in English! There were a couple problems though with seeing it in Danish. One, it was easier to tune out, and two, the jokes aren't funny.

You asked a few questions about the area. Well, we have a lot of investigators who are doing good. Finn and Pernilla keep on coming to church. I actually felt bad yesterday cuz they called me and asked why the church was closed. I guess they didn't know about Conference so they showed up to the church at the regular time and nobody was there. We have been having a hard time meeting with a lot of our investigators though lately. :/ A lot of them are just really busy right now.
Morten and Christina are now both over in the MTC! They seemed excited to leave! I was talking to Morten's mom a few days ago, and they hadn't heard from him yet. She seemed really worried and caring, and she reminded me of you, mom. ;) She said that Morten didn't bring any type of jacket because he's going to portugal and would never need it, and it would just be a waste of space. So she is worried that he's gonna freeze to death in the MTC. I told her if he needs one my mom lives 10 minutes away from there and she would gladly bring him a jacket. You'd do that right? If he needs one, I'll let you know.
Elder Williamson ended up going to Skive. It is his first time over on Jylland. He's with my MTC comp, Elder Hansen. It's pretty cool that they went to Skive because there haven't been missionaries there for almost 2 years! They are reopening it. I actually don't remember where Willy is from. It's somewhere in utah.. I think maybe Highland. That sounds right.
Yeah, we get a few chances to do service around here. Not a ton. It's mainly for the same people. Kjeld and Britta Rasmussen. They have a huge nice yard and they are an older couple, so they need some help with it every once in awhile.

Well, today we are gonna go to Copenhagen. Klc wants to see the big city, and do a little bit of shopping. We really want to plan a temple trip soon. I know I've been saying that for a long time, but we have just had to much to do and couldn't. We want to go next week if possible. We just have to call some people and figure out what we need to do, because the temple is closed on mondays.

I've got a few more pictures for you this week. The first in me on my Bday! They made me a cake at the eating appointment we had. Then there are a few pictures of our custom Rubiks Cube. The rest are from when I met Elder Klc and the others.
Gotta go, but thanks for the email, and I'll look forward to hear from ya again next week! Have a wonderful week!!