Monday, February 28, 2011

Feb. 28th, 2011

Hey there!

Thanks! I'll be glad to recieve that package! Hopefully it gets here soon. Haha, that's ok that you forgot to stick those things in there. You sent me the school pictures in my christmas package so I have those already.

That is cool that you went to a Carl Bloch exhibit! Chelsey went there a few weeks ago and told me about it. That's cool that they have that there. I know a lot about that guy. Wanna hear something cool? Remember that castle that I went to a couple months ago? Well in the chapel in that castle they have a room with many of the original Carl Bloch paintings! So I got to see them in person! I didn't take any pictures because they wanted to preserve them so they were in a dim room and I couldn't use flash. Another cool fact, there is a member in Aalborg named Søren Bloch, and his grandpa, I think, is Carl Bloch. That's awesome that you were able to see his paintings. He is way good.

Congrats to Andrew on getting his Eagle, and to Camron for all that businuss stuff he does. It sounds like he is starting to be a pretty successful businussman guy.
The weather is finally starting to get better. But that happened like a month ago. I've heard that it is now supposed to make the swich to spring, so I'm happy about that.

I guess I'll get to telling you about my week. Well starting on Thursday it wasn't the best. I woke up on Thursday and I was sick! Grrr, Thursday happened to also be the day that we had planned to go to the white cliffs again as a whole district. So we had other missionaries with us, and I didn't want to ruin the fun, so we went anyway. It was sooo cold that day, and we were outside hiking in the cold. I don't know if you have tried hiking in the cold while being sick, I don't recommend it. It was kind of cool though because this time we went to the beach at the bottom of the cliffs so we got a different view, and we held a district meeting there. It was probably the coolest district meeting ever held. Anyway, I'm sure that was not the best thing for my sickness.

Later that night, we had an eating appointment scheduled with the Ravn Family. He assigned me to give a talk that sunday (yesterday)

Friday we took it easy for the first part of the day but had a couple appointments later so we went to them still. We met with Mogens and it went really well. By the way, his name is pronounced like (Moe-ins) He's a funny guy. We also met with Jeff, that guy I told you about and got some big disappointment when he told us that he isn't interested in our church at all.

Saturday we lost our car. They decided that another area needs it more than us so we had to drive to Copenhagen and deliver it. Oh, but when we were in Copehagen I got a dyne from some other missionaries, so I don't have to sleep in that dumb little blanket anymore. Right now we don't have any form of transportation. We can only walk. We might get bikes though, I think that would be fun.
On the train ride back I prepared my talk for the next day, and I think my talk turned out pretty good. Better than the last one. I think it's better when I prepare less. haha. Last time I wrote out the whole talk basically and this time I just wrote a couple of key words, and I think this one turned out a lot better. I talked about member missionary work (big surprise haha)

Oh it was so funny and weird, the closing prayer in church was given by this old lady, sister korgaard. She must've been really confused or something, because her prayer was half Danish, and half English. Haha. Vi beder dig om to be with those who ikke kunne be here idag... Me and Poulsen were trying hard not to laugh during the prayer. The funny thing is, she is Danish, so I have no idea why she would switch to english.

I have a few pics today too.
First is me with some ugly pink hair, and then the rest are from the white cliff beach and our meeting. It was way pretty, there was ice all over everything. It was also freezing cold...
I'll see ya soon!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb. 21, 2011


Thanks for the email, and for the picture of Jansen. It's always great hearing from you.
Hey well maybe I should tell you about what has happened this week, because it has been a really great week. We got 3 new investigators this week! Which is really good, especially for this area. And they are also really possitive ones.
Let me first tell you about Jeff. A couple of weeks ago, Elder Poulsen and I knocked on this guy's door. He said he didn't have any time, but said we could try again some other time. A few days later, our district leader and his companion came on splits. I was with Elder Mauler. We went and knocked on his door, not knowing what to expect. Jeff opened the door. Jeff, as we came to learn, is a young guy around my age who was in the military for awhile, and even served in Afghanistan for 6 months, and he is now studying at a nearby university. We taught him a good lesson and gave him a Book of Mormon. We also got his number and gave him a card with our number. Now this is where the story gets really good! A couple of days later, HE contacted US. I think it was maybe the first time that someone has contacted me from a card that we gave. Not only did he ask us if he could meet with us again, but he asked if he could come to our church and meet with us there! I said, yeah of course. So the next day, Jeff came to our church. We showed him around, which took about 5 seconds. (we have a really small church building) And then afterwords, we sat down and had a great discussion with him for about an hour. Jeff had a lot of great questions for us and was really interested in what we had to say. He even took notes and wrote down a lot of the stuff we told him, so he wouldn't forget.

There is also Mogens. He is interesting because the first couple times we met him, he really didn't seem to care. He never made eye contact and didn't answer our questions. But he still let us talk to him at his door. We thought he was just too nice to say no. But everytime we meet him he seems more and more possitive. We gave him a book of Mormon and he said he would read it. We came again and he was so much different than before. He smiled when he saw us and actually looked at us. We asked if he started reading, and he said he started but apoligized that he didn't get very far. Haha. We were just surprized that he had read. People never read. I've noticed on my mission that the book of mormon is what determines if someone gets baptized or not. If they actually are willing to read it and try to find out, they get a testimony and get baptized. If not, they never progress. It's too bad that many people just aren't even willing to try. Anyway, he also wants to come to church next week.

The last one is Kim. Kim is a guy name here. Yes mom, you have a man name. He was a referal, and is way interested in learning about everything. He is always thinking about deep questions, and trying to get more knowledge. He also is going to come to church next sunday.
So things are going pretty good workwise at the moment. It's nice actually having appointments now.

The Johansens are a fun family. Appointments there are always exciting. We went there last monday for FHE with them. So I brought my guitar and played a couple hymns for them and we had a little activity and all. The kids are now obsessed with guitar and one of the kids wanted me to teach him how to play. So I taught him a couple of chords. The cool thing is they had an extra guitar case and they gave it to me! And it is a pretty nice one. It is going to be a lot more convenient than the cardboard box I have been using. The funniest part of the night would have to be the 20 minute conversation we had about swear words. Haha. I don't remember how it came up. I learned that in Denmark they use the S word in the same context as us, but it is not bad at all here. The kids were all saying it and the parents and they were all laughing. I guess it's just like saying 'Oh crud' here. Don't worry, I'm not going to start using it.

We also met with Ronnie on Saturday. He made some way good cheeseburgers. The funniest thing he said this time was that he makes pizza by the spirit... O_o He rolls the dough and spreads the sauce and then opens the fridge and prays for insperation for the things that will taste the best on the pizza. He also played piano for us this time.

So get this, last week, the weather was getting pretty warm and sunny. All the snow was melted and it felt great outside. And then all of a sudden it is colder than ever!!! It has been snowing again the past few days, and its always windy. It is frustrating. I'm ready for the summer!

Oh yeah, bowling was fun last week. I wasn't playing my best. I had that same problem, I always get nine pins, but there is always one stupid pin that won't fall. My top score was 130. The last couple games I was messing around and working on my spin. I got ok at it and got a couple strikes like that. I think I am just going to try perfecting that from now on.

The main things that I need are Garments and a razor. I was wanting a few more pairs of garments anyway, even before some of them were taken. So maybe like 5 pairs if possible. I like the mesh ones the best. I don't know what size it is. The same that you sent last time. I guess you probably don't remember that. I can't really check right now. With the razor, it was some replacements too. I had it all in that black bag for convenience and the whole thing was taken. Sorry about all this. I'll be more careful in the future. other than those two things, there isn't really anything I need.

That is cool that you went in to get your hair cut by Chelsey. She told me about it too. She said it was fun having you come in and getting to talk to you for awhile. I guess she is doing a good job with all that hair cutting stuff.

So, you guys bought a condo, went on a cruise, and now are going to Disneyland all while I am gone? Wow.. Hahaha, just kidding, I'm in Denmark for 2 years, I can't complain. That is cool. That will be a fun trip.

Hahaha, Dad thanks for the story! That gave me a nice laugh. It actually reminded me a lot of a former companion I had who was definitely not my favorite. I don't know why you told me that story either, but it a good one. Don't worry, I'm not in that same situation right now. I haven't written much about my comp Elder Poulsen, just because it is just a nuetral companionship. We get along just fine, but it's not like a Willy companionship with a ton of adventures every day. It's just a basic companionship.

I don't have any pictures this week. Sorry. Probably next time. Have a great week!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Feb. 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day to you too! Valentines day is a really lame holiday as a missionary. haha. If I do anything to celebrate it I'll probably just get in big trouble.

Hmm, it seems like I was just barely writing you.. I'm glad that you survived those few days waiting for my email. I was really worried that you might not make it. Since I just wrote you a couple days ago, I don't have much material for this email. So don't expect another novel like last time.

Yeah, last week was so crazy. There was so much that happened, good and bad.
I sure do have a lot of crazy eating appointments here in Nykøbing. We had another fun eating appointment a couple days ago that is worth telling you about. It was the Johansens again. They invite us over at least once a week. We ate with them on friday and we are going there again tonight! When we pulled up last time it was so funny, because they have 5 windows on the side of there house, and there was a different kid in each window waving to us. The 2 youngest kids started fighting about who gets to sit next to me. I said, Hey whoah, you can both sit by me. While we were there I tought them how to do light saber pictures with a pen. It was fun, I'll attach some of them. We are going over there tonight for FHE with them.

Church was cool yesterday. It was branch conference so there were a lot of guests from the stake. There were 3 different people that I knew from Ballerup so it was good to see them all. I had a lot a pressure to play piano my best because it was a full house.

It's been kinda discouraging lately because like all of the people who seem possitive randomly don't want anything to do with us. They won't answer or anything and they seem to just avoid us. It's hard putting all this effort into something and seeing no results come of it.

The other day I was bored to I decided to make a paper chain for how many days I have left on my mission, haha. It isn't a trunky chain, it's actually an anti-trunky chain. Because I see that I still have a looooong time to go.

I've bought a few things to get me by, things that were stolen. I didn't buy a new dyne because they are way expensive, but I just bought a little blanket for now and a pillow. Elder Williamson has an extra dyne at his appartment so he is going to give that to me the next time we see him. For now I'm just getting by with the crappy little blanket. Yeah, they took my razor. I bought some crappy little disposible razors. And I am pretty low on garments as well. If you wanted to send a couple things I wouldn't complain. Well, if you or anyone happen to send a package you would need to send it to:

Elder Tyler Lee
Østerbrogade 33, 2tv
4800 Nykøbing F

I wasn't expecting a valentines package from you anyway so it's alright. It would be kind of weird for my mom to be my valentine anyway...

I'm sure everyone is always ready for those plays to get over by that time, and to move on to something new. It sounds like they have some fun plays in store for this next year. Hey, I guess I'll get to see one or two of those plays next year.
That is some crazy news! I heard that Jerry Sloan retired this week, and also about all the controversy. That's crazy! He has been good, but I think that it is time for him to move on and like you said, get some new blood. Now hopefully they can get it together and start winning some games.

I'm glad you liked the White Cliff pictures. They really were amazing! I think it is one of the coolest places I have seen in Denmark. It might be something that we could all see in the future sometime.

Jansen and his girl are looking pretty snazzy. I think it is funny that the style now is wearing shoes like that to dances and formal things.

The first 5 pictures I sent you this time are the Johansen kids. We were doing some light saber pictures. I think the 5th one is so funny! One of the kids wanted to try taking the picture and he just completely failed. The best part is the kid's face, he is so in to it. haha. Then I have some pictures of my chain. I still have forever left. It's 278 days, as of yesterday. And the last one is one of my new ties. It was so rediculious that I had to buy it.
Today we are going to go bowling! Heck yeah! I always love bowling. Thank you for everything! I miss you! Can't wait to see you in 9 months.

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feb. 10, 2011 cont.

Alright here are those pictures from our trip to the cliffs. Enjoy. My favorites are the ones with me on the green moss, and the white cliff to one side, and the blue water to the other side. It was way pretty.
The third to the last is Elder Poulsen ... Then me in a tree, there was a really cool branch, and last is me in a weird chair.

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Feb. 10, 2011

Sorry again that you had to wait til today to hear from me. But this has probably been the craziest week of my mission so far. So much has happened, and I can warn you right now that this might be a long email. I'm going to get right into telling everything that has happened.

Church was good. It was testimony meeting and there were only like 15 people at church, so I thought for sure that I would have to go up and take a few minutes bearing my testimony, but they were actually able to fill up the whole meeting. There weren't even any awkward long pauses between people. I think I'm getting better at piano. I learn the songs a lot faster than I did at first, so I get bored of playing the hymns over and over again, so I have been learning Part of That World on piano. :) And also I'm learning the Zelda songs! haha.

Ok, sunday after church is when things started getting really crazy. We packed some things and left to Slagelse. That is where our district leader is. We stayed there with them that night, and the next day we all went to Copenhagen for Pday! We got a big group of missionaries together, I think there were 10 of us. It was way funny, we went to the middle of the city in a busy place by a fountain and had a little ceremony for Elder Williamson because he was the transfer guess winner. He was presented with a trophy and gave little speech. It was funny, we were clapping and stuff and people were stopping to see what was going on.

In Copenhagen we walked around and went into some stores. We went to an awesome tie store and I picked up some nice ties. I'll have to show you a picture of one of them, maybe next week. It's pretty wild. We also went to a church there that was really really cool. They have the original famous Christ sculpture there. Me and Elder Poulsen wanted to go and see the Little Mermaid statue. It's back from China finally. But the other missionaries didn't want to walk over to it. Lame.

Ok, the next day was specialized training, so we met with all the missionaries in the zone, and also with President of course, and got some instruction on how to be better missionaries. Aw man, me and Willy were just talking about how we wanted to go to Sweden so bad. One of our favorite bands ever, Rush, were playing in concert that same night about 2 hours away! After training was done we headed home. We were at the Copenhagen station and had like 40 minutes before our train came, so we went to mcdonalds to get some dinner. In the mcdonalds there was a crazy lady on the ground held down by some cops, and she was just yelling and screaming, it was so weird. So anyway, I put my bag down, ordered, and literally 30 seconds later I turned around, and my bag was gone!!! Someone stole my bag! I think that the screaming lady was working with the thief or something. There wasn't to much in the bag, and nothing irreplaceable, but still it is way annoying. There was my dyne (that feather blanket) my pillow, both with the cool cases, there were a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, my cool gold tie, one of my favorites }:-( A couple pairs of G's and my bag of toiletries stuff. So I have to buy a new blanket and pillow and some other stuff. grrr. The last couple nights I just slept with my sheet over me and my coat on top of the sheet. and no pillow.

Anyway, yesterday was way awesome! We had an appointment with a less active guy who lives really far away, on the very edge of our area, and we have been told that there are some really awesome white cliffs over in that area that we have to see. So after the appointment we went over there and checked it out. It was way cool!! We went on a nice little hike and saw some really cool stuff. I got a ton of pictures there. We also went to some castle ruins. That was also way cool.
Well, that is why I haven't been able to write you until now.

Well it sounds like you have also had a pretty eventfull week. That is a lot of neat stuff that has happened, especially with all the church stuff; baptisms, missionaries, conference, members of the 70, and all that. That is cool that they were able to visit the Christensens and help them out a bit. It's good to hear that Jason is doing good. That would be awesome to see him go on a mission.

Whoah, new stake presidency finally. I new that Pres. Wadley had been it for a long time, but I didn't know that it was close to 10 years! I guess it is time for a change. I don't recognize any of those new names, but I guess I'll get to know them as soon as I get home.

Thats a bummer that there has been so much sickness going around there lately. I've been pretty lucky so far on my mish. I've never really been sick, more than just a little runny nose or sore throat. It's never been something that has stopped us from working.

It's sad to hear that about Cambrey. It's weird hearing something like that happen to somebody so young.

Thanks for the sports update. It's funny, everyone has been talking about the Super Bowl, everyone was all excited about that, but I really didn't care one bit about it. I'm sure the Measoms have been excited about that, I know they always have been big Packer's fans.

I'm going to get going. I'm tired of typeing. This time I have like a billion pictures for you. Lets see if I can explain these all. Haha, I love the first one. We were walking down the street and I saw this awesome little house. It looks just like a guy with a hat and a mustache! Then there is another picture of a building with a face. Numbers 3 and 4 are the award cerimony for Willy. Him getting his award and then his acceptance speech. Next 2 are from the church in Copenhagen. Next is a bunch of missionaries crammed in a car. You can't see at all how many there are in that car from this picture. There were also 3 missionaries in the front 2 seats, and 1 in the trunk. then the last few here are from the castle ruins we went to. I'll attach the white cliff ones in another email. :)
Well, that's all I have for you today. See ya.

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Monday, February 7, 2011

Feb. 6, 2011

Hey I am really sorry to say this, but I can't email you today. We are in Copenhagen and there isn't time today. I most likely won't be able to write you until thursday. Sorry. But, at least I'll have a lot of good things to write about. Love you, bye!

Love Elder Tyler Lee