Monday, January 31, 2011

Jan. 31, 2011

Hello!! :D

How are you doing? Thanks for the email!
So we heard about transfers. And we are both staying. So I guess I am here for another 2 months at least. Oh well I don't think it will be so bad, we are starting to get some good things going here. Transfers were way lame though. We had a bunch of missionaries in on that competition where we guess transfers, and when we found out about transfers it ruined all the fun, because for some reason President is keeping almost everthing the same. There are just a few changes but other than that, everyone has the same area and companion. Weird. The winner of the competition was Elder Williamson. So he gets a trophy. Haha, we are going to do this every transfer from now on. The trophy gets passed along to the winner.

I hope that I'm able to serve in Odense sometime too. But it's getting less likely. It's kinda crazy that I haven't had a chance to see the Halls at all. You'd think I'd see them around at a stake conference or somthing or other. Denmark isn't that big, and it's even smaller within the church.
I guess it is kind of fun being the ward pianist. And I'm sure they appreciate it, so I guess it is a little service that I can do for the ward. It is kind of stressful though sometimes. As you know, before my mission I didn't play piano for a few years, so I'm not the best and I didn't know a single hymn. But these people think that I'll just automaticly be able to play any hymn in the book.
Yesterday was Elder Poulsen's Birthday. He's now 20. The ward found out and they threw a little party for him after church. They had a way good cake. It had blueberries and it tasted great. It was funny, one of the guys tried to draw an American flag on the board and it was terrible. I should have taken a picture. It had like 30 stripes, and then in a tiny little corner there were a couple of dots for stars. And the whole thing was blue. haha.

I have a feeling that I might have to give a few more talks in this area.. I haven't had to bless or pass the Sacrament yet. There is one family here, the Johansens, they have 5 boys, and their family takes care of Sacrament most of the time.

That is sad to hear about that little boy who got lost out there. I hope that ends with a happy ending.

I wish I could report a lot of fun exciting things that happened this week, but it was pretty uneventful. We did however have a lot of success with missionary work these past couple of weeks. When I first came to this area we had one single investigator, but now we are finding a bunch more. We found like 8 new investigators or potential investigators, and the best part about it is that like 5 of them are young attractive women. I guess we are doing something right. haha. I'll let you know if anything happens with these people and if we are able to keep teaching them.

Sorry I don't have more to report about my week. We haven't really done anything because we have both had no money and no gas in our car, so we couldn't really do anything. I am excited to get some more money tomorrow so we can actually do things on p days.

I'm glad that the jazz finally got a win in there. Hopefully they will stop messing around and win some more games. I guess I'm not hip, I haven't really heard anything about that Jimmer guy. Dad mentioned something about him once, but that's it. That's cool that he is helping byu do so well. He sounds kinda like a big ball hog to me. haha jk.

Well, that is all for this time I guess. I sent you a couple pictures of a crazy car that we saw! I don't know if it can actually drive or not, it had a motor and everything. I also thought you might want to see a picture of me, and not just a weird car, so I just barely took a picture of myself 2 minutes ago. That's what I look like when I email you. Haha
Have a great week! I miss you!

Love Ældste Tyler Lee

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jan. 23, 2011

Hey Everyone!

Yeah things are going ok. Honestly though, I don't want to stay here in this area very long. Sounds exactly like the place dad described on his mission. Work here is just really tough. We find out of what will happen with transfers on friday, and transfers are on tuesday or wednesday. Some of the other missionaries and I filled out transfer brackets.. haha. We made our predictions for where everyone is going. It's a little competition we started up. My prediction for me is that I'm going to Randers with Elder Tolman.
Yeah it is weird with not so many people at church. This week there were even less, probably like 20. Our Branch President is imported from another ward. He and his wife travel 2 hours each sunday to be here. Oh wanna hear something funny? Our ward chorister is deaf! Hahahaha. I think it's kind of ironic. Anyway, on that note, I am now officially the ward pianist. I played for sacrement meeting again, but this time it was much better than last time. I was able to go down to the church a couple times throughout the week and practice the songs, so this time I could actually play both hands. My talk turned out pretty good I guess. I actually went over time on accident and cut into the next speakers time. It ended up being around 20 minutes long. I talked about pretty much the same thing I talked about for my farewell talk. I just translated that into Danish and changed some parts of it.
After Church we had a ward lunch thing where we all stayed after church and ate together. While they were preparing the food I was just messing around on the keyboard and impressing the kids. I switched it to drums and impressed them with some drum beats, and played some other fancy stuff. This one kid kept telling me to play Eddie Murphy. haha It turns out he meant that Crazy Frog song. The food was good, it was funny, the guy from ballerup, Lars Paulsen was there again today and he brought some cake in after the meal, and one of the kids yells out ''Hey everybody, the Dentist brought cake!'' Haha.
Works going ok. We had our district leader over and his comp for splits, and we got a lot of lessons in. We decided later to take a break from knocking, and did some less active work instead this week. We were able to meet with a whole bunch of less active members and get to know them.
Wow, mom! Congrats on the race!! Thats cool. I still think you and dad are crazy and don't think that I will ever enjoy running. I think I am going to try to start running again after this transfer. The snow is all melted and it is getting a little warmer.
Thats a bummer hearing about the Jazz. You never know what to expect with them. Hopefully they will pick it up, and stop messing around!
Glad you liked the pics. It was great seeing some more of you all. Some people are really starting to change. It's crazy there are so many swans there! I have no idea why there are so many there, but It's cool. I have a few more for you. The first 2 are us/me in front of a huge weird statue that's by our house. I'm not exactly sure what it is supposed to be, I think its a bee. Then I have a new swan picture for you. There were even more, and this time it was daylight so I had to get more pictures. Number 4 is of our Church/our Apartment. I guess I'll get going. Have a super amazing week. I miss you, and I'll see ya soon! Just 10 fast sundays.

Love Elder Tyler Lee.

Hey Tia!
What up sis? Thanks for deciding to jump on the computer and write a quick hello. It was fun hearing from you. :) I'm glad to hear that you are having a fun time with school and with your play and everything. I'm sad that I can't be there to see it. Oh well, maybe next time. Are you seriously in 4th grade already? And already half way through the school year? What the heck?! How did that happen? You are an old lady. Too bad you can't do the I need a vacation play. That was always a favorite of everyone. That Mountain Man Beaver Pelt thing sounds fun though. That is way impressive, 700 pelts! Wow. So what to you get to do with the pelts? Do you get to buy stuff at the end of the activity or something?
Well, I miss you a ton. There are a bunch of little girls that I play with in the different wards here and they always remind me of you. I'm excited to see you again in less than 10 months and give you a big hug!
Love Tyler.

Hey Sis!
Yo, Tani! Thanks for the little email. It's always great hearing from you. :) I'm glad to hear that you have it quite spectacular. That is so cool that you are getting so involved with all that drama and play stuff. I think it's great that you got such a big part. Good luck memorizing all your lines and all. I'm sure you will do great. I wish I could see it.
I listened to that Chopin song. That is way crazy. That will be really impressive if you can learn that, and I'm sure you will be able to.
Nice! Church ball was always my favorite! It is way fun. I didn't even know we had a girls team. Congrats, our ward always seemed to have the best players around.
Sorry I don't have more time right now. Keep enjoying school and everything. I miss you! I'll see ya in a few months. :)
Love Tyler.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Jan.17, 2011 Things are going better now


Things are going better now. I'm getting used to this new place. I'm still kinda bummed about all this, but I've now seen the little branch and got to meet some of the people. There have also been some good things happening work wise the past couple days, so I'm thinkin that I'll be able to get used to it and it will be fine. Thanks for your emails.
Oh yeah, so Nykøbing is prounounced kinda like ''new-koob-ing'' Go to google translate type it in, there is a button that lets you listen to how it's said. So you can hear it in a robot voice. It's funny that you have no idea how Danish is pronounced or anything. Haha, because for me it's just natural now, and I forget sometimes that all you people back home don't know it. :P Let me tell you a bit about what has happened so far here. We have one investigator, yeah only one... So we have spent a lot of time trying to find new people, knocking on a lot of doors. And we have had some success. We taught a few lessons and got a couple of phone numbers. There is this kid, Daniel, like 20ish, he seemed really cool and said we can come over again and tell him more. And there is also this girl, Steffanie. It's funny, before we knocked on her door we could hear the radio on really loud inside and she was singing along. Anyway she let us come inside, which almost never happens the first time you meet them. She is probably 25ish, and she is a way believing person. She had her bible opened up on her table. We had a nice chat with her about religion and she was really interested in the book of mormon, so we gave her one. I'm excited to go back there and see what happens.
The weather is getting warmer. Most of the snow has melted and it has rained the last few days. We have a car, but the problem is, we have no gas. The missionary before used up most of our gas money because he had to drive to copenhagen and back a couple times because of his back problems. So even though we have a car, we have been walking around most the time.
Church yesterday was... Interesting. It was way different than what I've ever experienced. There came about twice as many people as there usually is, and there still were not very many at all, maybe 30. It was cool because a family that I know really well from Ballerup was there visiting so I got to catch up with them. Listen to this, the ipod wasn't working for some reason, so they said that they would just have to sing without music, so I decided to volunteer and play the right hand. So without any practice I went and sight read the music. It turned out all right. I'm going to practice though during the week so I'll be ready for the songs next week. Oh, I was also assigned to give a talk next week... 10-15 minutes in Danish. Wish me luck.
Yesterday after church we visited a less active lady and her daughter. They were so much fun! Little kids are great! The little girl was named Isebella. She's 9 years old. For most of the time I just let Elder Poulsen talk to the mom, and I just played with Isebella. :) She showed me all of her toys and told me all sorts of stories about school and everything. And then we made paper frogs together and she colored them for me. It was way fun. Hopefully we can help them come back to the church.
Tonight is going to be exciting... We ran into this guy on the street the other day, Ronald Smith Jr... He is an interesting guy.. He told us all about how he used to be a member of the church but than he was excommunicated, but he still does all of the things that mormons do. He holds his own sacrament meeting at his house every week. Anyway we have an appointment with him tonight.
Oh yeah, zone conference was good. It was nice seeing all the people from Sjælland zone again. They seemed happy to have me back. I gave the cactus to Williamson and it was a big hit. Everyone thought it was so awesome. Haha. It even made it into the zone conference picture, so you will be able to see it in the next banner. Yeah, president and his family are doing good. They talked a bit more about what happened, and he talked about how thankful he is to have a knowledge and testimony about the plan of salvation.
Let me tell you a bit about my pictures today. The first one is of the 2 paper frogs that I got from Isebella. :) Then these next few are crazy. We were walking somewhere and we turned a corner, and all of a sudden there were TONS of swans! Ya know how there are usually only like 2 or 3 in a pond? Well there must have been 50 swans here. I couldn't even get a good picture of all of them because there were so many. Then I've got a picture of my new shoes. I have a nice brown tie that matches the shoes exactly. The last 3.. Remember that time I sent you a picture of me playing giant solitaire? Well I bought some cards that are even BIGGER! So here is real giant solitaire. We also made a big house of cards. You can also see my freshly cut hair. Ya know, any card game is 10 times funner when played with giant cards. haha. Anyway, those are my pictures.
Ok hopefully I'm not forgetting anything that I wanted to tell you. I probably am, I usually do. Oh well. I hope you have an amazing week. See ya in 10 months! ;)

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hey y'all. <-- (I've been around Van Nevel and his Tennessee accent too long) First of all, thank you for the encouraging words. :) I'm trying to have a good additude about all of the stuff that has happened, but it is just really hard to. The last couple of days have been really tough. Saying goodbye to everyone was hard. I've been transferred before, but it has been nothing like this time. I never thought that I would become so attached to the people that I serve. I really do love the wonderful people in Aalborg, and leaving them suddenly was the hardest thing that I've had to do on my mission. This was equally as hard as when I said goodbye to my family and friends when I started my mission. I miss the people in Aalborg already, they are some of my best friends. I really really hope that I get the chance to go back there one more time. I'll definitely go there again, if not on my mission, then I'll go after. I also hope that I can grow a similar love for the people here in Nykøbing. I just got here last night and haven't been able to meet anyone yet. I guess I'll just have to have a good additude about things and try my best. On that note, I guess I can tell you a little bit more about the new situation. I'm now serving in a place called Nykøbing Falster. It's way down at the bottom of denmark on an island. It's in the Sjælland zone, but not actually on Sjælland. It's another island below it. My new companion is Elder Poulson, I think that's how you spell his name. He is from big ol' Texas, and he's very proud about that. He's been on his mission for almost 8 months I think. He's a cool guy and i think that our companionship is going to be a fun one. We left from Aalborg on Monday at 10 am. I feel bad for Elder's Greenhalgh and Van Nevel, because they had to travel all the way to Copenhagen with me and straight back again (but at least they got to go back again) That was over 10 hours for them.. hehe. After a break in Copenhagen I met up with Elder Poulson and we got on another train and headed to Nykøbing. We arrived at our apartment around 6. It was pretty crappy trying to get all my luggage there. I only have 2 suitcases (most have 3) but I also have my guitar, a cool framed painting of a sailor smoking a pipe (haha, I don't think I ever told you about that), and I also had a cactus... hahahaha. ok side story.. There is a girl in Aalborg, Cecilie, who had a birthday and we happened to have an eating appointment with her and her family the day before. We decided to get her a present. Well, we couldn't think of what to get her so one day I was talking to Elder Williamson on the phone and I asked what we should get her. He said, Just get her a cactus! So we did :D. I decided to get one for Willy too. So that made it a little harder to transfer all my stuff, oh and on top of that, one of the wheels on my big suitcase busted. grrr. The ward here isn't actually even a ward. It is just a branch. I've been told that there are only about 14 people that come each week! So it is going to be a bit different. The church building is extremely small, and they don't have anyone who can play piano. They use an ipod and speakers for music, and if they find out that I can even play a single hymn, then they will make me play. Our apartment happens to be right above the church. So we have no excuse if we ever come late to church. And church is only 2 hours. We have probably the nicest apartment in the mission. It is really big and well kept. So you may be wondering why it has such a bad name with the missionaries. For one thing, the ward is basically nonexistant, and the work is way hard. We have 1 single investigator at the moment, and the area has been knocked and contacted to death. Everyone has talked to us and almost nobody likes us. That could be the reason. Oh, Dad, I hope you know I do like hearing your mission stories from all those many years ago. I may not have when I was younger, but now that I'm a missionary myself it's fun hearing about what my dad did. And even though it was several decades ago, and times have changed over these many many MANY years, it still helps me out today. ;) Hey guess what! Next week I'll hit my 14 month mark, and that means that I only have 10 months left! TEN! We can count down on are hands, how crazy is that?! I can't believe how fast these months are flying by. Tomorrow should be a good day. We are having a zone conference. So I will get to see all of the missionaries who have been in Sjælland zone again, like Willy and Klc and the rest. Oh I wanted to tell you, I bought some fancy new shoes last week! They are probably the coolest shoes ever. They are brown with kind of a pointy-ish toe, and the best part about it is they are suade. They are ecco brand, which is supposably a good shoe, and I scored them at half off. I don't have a picture right now, but I'll try to remember to get one for next time. I have only one picture for you today. Nothing special, just me standing in front of a billion Cactuses. Uh, I mean Cacti. We went to a store called Plantorama, there was just a sea of plants, any plant you could ever need. This was the cactus isle. Well, I'll talk to ya next week! Thank you for always being there for me, especially when I'm having a hard time. Have a wonderful week! Love Elder Tyler Lee

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan. 8, 2011 :(


I have some extremely terrible news... This is probably the absolute worst thing that could happen. There is an emergency transfer.. Since we were 3 they have to take one of us to fill an empty spot in the mission. So anyway, I am leaving the amazing city of Aalborg to go to what is considered by the missionaries to be the ''not the greatest'' of Denmark.. Nykøbing. I'm really not happy about this at all. Aalborg is my favorite place ever. This sounds crazy, and no offense to you, but I like this ward even better than my home ward. So I am really bummed that I have to suddenly leave it. They called me yesterday and told me that I was leaving. They said originally that I would be leaving today (saturday) But I said No, I'm at least going to church on sunday to say goodbye to people, so President said I can stay til monday. But then I'm out of here. :( It really sucks. I want to go into it with a good attitude but I can't really. We have so many good things that have just started up here. The holidays finally got over and I was able to get a hold of many of the old investigators that I've had. They were all excited that I was back and wanted to see me again. I was able to get a ton of appointments with them over the next couple weeks, and now I learn that I won't even get to see them. I was also needed here for some things with the ward. I agreed to help sing in a little youth choir in sacrament meeting and to a fireside and now they will have to try to do it without me. Tomorrow is going to be tough saying goodbye to everyone. It wouldn't be that bad, but the thing is that it is so sudden and unexpected. I expected for sure that I would at least be here for the rest of this month.
Anyway, I'm leaving on Monday. I don't know all the details, but I may or may not be able to send you an email at the regular time. Just send me an email when you usually do, and I'll write back when I get the chance.
Have a good weekend.

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Jan. 4, 2011

Hi again!

We went to FHE last night and that means that we had to take an hour out of our Pday and that means that we get an extra hour today of computer time and that means that you get an email from me two days in a row. ;) But this one is basically just to send you the pictures that I meant to send you yesterday. I'll go ahead and tell you about them.
So first is me on New Year's Eve wearing a some cool glasses and an awesome hat. Then the rest are from our trip to the north. There isn't much explaining that needs to be done about them. The last one is pretty cool. It is the path from the hike that we did. The path was completely frozen. The whole thing was just a chunk of ice. Anyway, there are the pics. Enjoy :)

See ya later.

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Jan. 3, 2011

Hey Y'all!

I'm doing great! How are you? Mondays are great!! There is no better way to start off the week then with some nice emails! Thanks!
I'm glad that you had a good New Years! Sounds like you had some fun. New Years in America is just not nearly as big as it is here in Denmark. Let me tell you about my New Year's Eve! It was awesome! So anyway, we went to some people in the ward, Benny and Ane-lise Kristensen. She is a gourmet cook and she made such amazing food. When she serves it, it all looks so pretty that I don't want to eat it. I don't remember if I told you this before, one time I had an eating appointment with her and she served a dessert that had real gold flakes on it. So I ate gold. This time it was some really good meat. Cooked rare, just how it should be. And a whole bunch of other stuff, salads and potatoes and all. Mmmm it was good. We also watched the Queen's speech. Each year the Queen comes on tv and gives a little new years speech. The rest of the night we played some fun games, and did another 'white elephant' type gift exchange. This time I ended up with some good chocolates. Then midnight finally rolled around and it got really exciting. In Denmark they launch fireworks at midnight, and I gotta say, our fireworks in America sure are lame.. There were fireworks in every direction, it was crazy! I got some cool videos but guess what.. I left my camera at our appartment.. I'll show you sometime. The weirdest part of the night was after we had had enough of the fireworks, we came back inside and they served us another meal. At 1 am! It was way good, but I really didn't want to be eating at that time.

The rest of this week was fun! On tuesday we had a little christmas party thing with the mission. We all met together and had some food and games. They even brought a Wii along and I got to play the newest Mariokart game for a bit. It was fun.
Saturday was really cool! We went with the Jensens up the the tip top of Denmark, Skagen. I've been there a couple times before, but this time was really cool because it was way windy, and the waves were a lot bigger. We also went on a hike through the woods and to the ocean. The path was completely frozen! It was straight ice! It was so slippery but I managed to survive without falling. Elder Greenhalgh was the only on who actually fell down. We found a big frog there. The little guy couldn't even hop, it was so cold. It just crawled it's way across the ice. Poor guy.

Other than that not much happened. I am glad that the holidays are over. They were fun and all, but now we can get back to work. Most of our investigators were on vacation or just told us to wait until after the holidays. And so yesterday we called a ton of people and they are ready to start meeting with us again! I called Celina, remember her? She was the most positive person when I was here last time, but she had slacked off and hasn't been meeting with missionaries anymore. But she was really excited to hear that I had come back to Aalborg, and she really wants to meet with us again! I also talked to her little daughter on the phone, she is a cutie. Last time I saw her she could only speak Chinese, but in the past 6 months she has learned Danish! Cool huh. I'm really excited to see both of them again.

Oh I thought of something we have been doing lately. Basically just being ninjas.. We throw cards across the room at a candle and hit the flame out. It's probably the most ninja thing I have ever done. Oh besides this one time I was sleeping, well trying to, and a stupid fly kept buzzing past my face, so I open my eyes and right at that same moment the fly flew past in front of me. So I quickly reached out my hand and caught the fly in my hand. I then crushed it and went back to sleep. That is a random story... Anyway, I got some videos of us throwing the cards at the candles. I'll show you sometime.

Thanks for the pictures! It's always fun seeing pictures of you all and the things you have been up to. :)
I had a lot of pictures for you, and some videos, but I forgot my camera.. :( So you are just going to have to wait.
Well have fun getting back to real life, with school and work and all. I can't wait to see you later this year! It is so weird that it is 2011! Where did 2010 go?! I have been in Denmark for an entire year (almost). See ya soon!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Oh yeah, you asked about the family I had Christmas with, The Klitgaards. I don't know their email, but I can find out. Yeah they speak English. The dad served his mission in Provo, so he is way good. He loved it and they are basically half american now.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dec. 26, 2010

Howdy!!!! :D

I agree, it was really fun talking to you all! It's a bummer that we had all of those technical difficulties and it didn't work like we wanted. And it also kind of shut off abruptly at the end. But I enjoyed it anyway. I'm glad that I was able to see everyone for at least a couple minutes. It is weird how people are changing. I think the biggest changes were Tani and Camron.
I'm glad to hear that you had a good Christmas I'm glad you like your presents! Well, all of them except for the licorice things. The other candies are all way good, right?

Well, since I talked to you a couple days ago, you already now how my Christmas time has been. We did however have another Christmas party yesterday after church! It was way fun! Oh yeah, church was pretty exciting. There was a problem with the alarm and it went off for like the first 10 minutes of sacrement meeting while they waited for someone to come fix it. The party afterwords was awesome. We went to the Frost family's place. They are way fun, they have 5 little kids and the youngest 2 are so fun and cute! They are 3 and 5. At the party we watched toy story 3 in Danish while we waited for the food to get prepared. I really liked it, and I thought it was way funny in Danish. Have you seen that one? Then we ate a ton of food.. again! I am so sick of food! After the food we did a gift exchange game. I ended up getting a brush and mirror.. haha.

Last week we went to the big Ikea here. It is the biggest one in all of Scandinavia I heard. It's huge! And guess what. I tried the Swedish Meatballs for the first time. I've heard from every one that they are incredibly good. They were pretty good. I would have to say though that the coolest part of Ikea was the air blower thing in the bathroom. It was like a super turbo power one. It was like a leaf blower! After Ikea we went to a couple other stores and to a firework place. I ended up buying a big bucket of fireworks.

Tomorrow we are having a Christmas/New Years party with the mission. We are meeting with President and a bunch of other missionaries, it'll be fun, I'm not sure what we will be doing.

Let me just go ahead and tell you about all these pictures I sent. So first we have me and Van Nevel trying on some cool hats. Mine got cut off a little bit. Then there is me eating a yummy Ikea meatball. Number 3.. Here is something crazy. So we were at the library and we saw this old guy with a big grey beard, a big coat, and then little tiny daisy duke jeans.. What the heck?! And it's like 15 degrees outside, whats wrong with this guy? I had to take a picture and show it to you. Sorry for the disturbing image. Alright the next few pictures are from Christmas eve. This is the family that we spent it with. The parents are Flemming and Hanne Kitgaard, and there kids, Michelle and Lennie Kennie (yeah, his real name is Lennie Kennie Klitgaard. How cool is that?) and their kid Mike and his girlfriend Nicole. Oh and of course their dog, Bjørn. Bjørn means bear in danish.

I miss you a ton and can't wait to see you in less than 11 months! :D

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Dec. 19, 2010


Well, saturday is Christmas! I can't wait! Last Christmas was pretty lame, so I need to make this one extra good! And I'm sure it will be! So I don't forget I'll tell you the info right now. We have it all figured out with the Ægtepar. They said that we can use their computer for it. . Send them a message or something to make sure it works. The plan is that My turn is around 5 or 6. So that would be around 9 or 10 am christmas morning for you. Sound good? It could also vary a little bit, so just have the computer ready to go. I am way excited!
Well, That's crazy that the Provo Tabernacle burned down! I wonder what happened?! That picture of Jesus is crazy!
Well, I have my new companions now. Elder Van Nevel and Elder Greenhalgh. They are both pretty cool! It was tough saying bye to Elder Ribble. It was too bad that we only had 2 weeks together. We took a train down to Odense and stayed with the missionaries there. We went to a burger place called Bull. It was so good. The second best burger I've had in Denmark, right after Hard Rock. Then the next day was a training meeting. It was good for the first half, but then as always, the second half is just me trying to stay awake. It went from 10 to 5 with a one our lunch break in between. After it was done we all headed back to Aalborg. We didn't get back until midnight. Oh guess what! Ribble was supposed to fly home on saturday, but his flight was cancelled because of all the snow!! And then they cancelled a few more flights, and he won't be able to fly until Wednesday or even later than that! I'm sure he is a little anxious to get home. That would be tough.
There is a ton of snow!! I think it's funny that everyone here tells me that it usually doesn't snow in Denmark until January. I just happen to be in Denmark for the 2 worst winters ever!
We have been doing a lot of caroling lately. It has been really fun. We are lucky enough to have 5 missionaries here, us 3 and the senior couple, so we basically have a full choir here! The members who we have visited have really enjoyed it. Hopefully we are able to spread a bit of chrismas cheer.
We haven't really been able to work much with our investigators these past couple of weeks because of the holidays. They are all on vacation or just way too busy. But hopefully it will pick back up again after new years. In the meantime we will just focus on working with the great members of the ward!
We have so many eating appointments coming up this week! Everyone wants a piece of the missionaries! I am a little worried about all of the food that I'll be eating.. I'm also recieved a ton of sweets from everyone.
Thanks for your package!!! I have recieved it. Some are those hints are pretty funny! It's kind of funny, I think you and Chelsey must have used the same website or something because she did the same thing. I'm excited to open all my presents! It has been so hard to wait! I don't know if I'll make it til Christmas Eve.. ok ok, I'll wait. That's weird that you haven't gotten the package I sent yet. I sent it the same day as Chelsey's, but hers was smaller. They said that the last day to send it to make it before christmas was the 8th and I sent it before that, so it better get there in the next couple days.
I'll go ahead and tell you about my pictures. The first one is me holding the biggest piece of chocolate that I have ever seen in my life! It was HUGE!!! next is a Santa sighting! I think he is going to McDonalds. That explains why he is so fat. I think that picture is way cool because for some reason everything is kind of blurry except for Santa. He is in focus. third is me and Ribble saying goodbye.
I'm going to get going. We have a lot of plans for today. We are going to Ikea (the largest one in all of scandinavia) We are also going to a firework factory, and some other stores around there. It should be fun. Well, have a fantastic week! I am super excited to talk to you on Saturday! That's in 5 days!! Talk to ya then!!!

Love Elder Tyler Lee