Monday, August 9, 2010

Aug. 3, 2010

Hey Everyone!!
Well, this has been a huge week! And a ton of stuff has happened! I'll start with Benjamin's baptism! Ben is now baptized! We traveled back to Esbjerg on Saturday night. It was kinda dumb that I had to pay to go back just a couple days after I left. Anyway, we slept there and then went to church in the morning and I had to translate sacrament meeting for some people. After the meetings we had Benjamin's baptismal service! It was really good and really spiritual! He went into the font and he was really nervous. When he leaned back to get baptized he got kinda scared and stopped, and then Elder Holladay had to force him down under the water. But he went under and it only took one try. When he dried off and came back into the room, he was so happy and just seemed so clean! We finished the baptismal service and I played a musical number in it on guitar. I played Joseph Smiths First Prayer. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it. After the baptism, we all went over to our mission leader's house to celebrate, and they made us some way good food! Then we drove back home after that. It was a really great experience and I'm so glad that I could be a part of Benjamin's life and help him become a better person!
The next day was Zone Conference. There were a few announcements of changes that are happening that we heard about. Most of them aren't so big, but there is this one thing that you should hear about; From now on, P-Days will be on Mondays! So that means from now on you have to write me before monday so I'll have an email from you there. :)
Also at zone conference I got my birthday comments! When a missionary has a birthday in the month, they get birthday comments, where other missionaries can just say things they remember about you or what they like about you. And my B day isn't this month, but it's next month, and we won't have zone conference next month so they did it this time. It was weird for me to think that I'll turn 20 so soon!
A few days ago we had an eating appointment with some members, and I had a really cool experience. The husband had a stroke about 15 years ago, and he is having it really hard right now, so he asked us to give him a priesthood blessing. Since I'm now senior companion, that responsibility fell on me. So I gave my first blessing in Danish!
Earlier in the week we had a service project where we helped this guy move, and then when we were done he have us ice cream, and he gave us SO MUCH! Ya know those liter cartons of ice cream? well he cut one in half and gave us each half, and then he cut another flavor in fourths and gave us each a slice, so I literally had to eat 3/4 of a carton of ice cream! Ugh... It was way too much!
Today we are taking our pday with 4 other elders. We are in Roskilde and it has been pretty fun so far. We went and saw a pretty cool Viking Ship earlier, and then we played a game of soccer. (My team won) And now we are here at the library emailing. Later we are gonna play some more soccer, and then go see a really cool huge church that they have here.
Ok, I have some other big news to tell you! Yesterday, we had splits, Elder Roth and Larkin came to Ballerup with us for the day, and it was a way good day! We taught 8 lessons, got 2 new potential investigators, a referal, and get this, a new baptismal date!!! Yup! Me and Elder Larkin went to teach our investigator Peter. We talked to him and read in the Book of Mormon about a mighty change of heart and asked him if he has experienced this as he has been meeting with the missionaries. He said that he has, and that he knows what we tell him is true, and that he really wants to get baptized! So we set up a date for September 11! Peter just has one problem, he drinks a lot. So that is gonna be the hardest thing to help him with, but we set a date for him to be done with drinking, so he has a goal to work towards. I really hope it goes through and that he is able to get ready!
Well that was my big exciting week! And I have some pictures to go along with it! About these pictures, the first three are from Benjamins Baptism! And then the next two I forgot to tell you about earlier so I will here. Me and Elder Williamson at dinner and then decided to go to a park and ride a teeter totter and then climb a big tree. It was really fun! The next one is the big Viking Ship, and then after that is a funny beer can. Read what it says at the very bottem of the can. The last picture is some of us missionaries jumping over a little stream.

Well the other missionaries want to get going soon, so I don't have much time to respond to what you told me. But It was good hearing that encouragement from dad. It has been a little tough being senior comp sometimes, but it is going really well. I'm understanding pretty much everything, and Elder Williamson is pretty good at danish too. We are teaching well together, and we get along way well! He is a ton like me, and he's way funny. It's been a good learning experience being senior companion, and I think that it will continue to be. I think I'm ready for it, and I'm excited for the rest of our companionship. Oh that reminds me, President also told us that he will be keeping missionaries in areas for a lot longer. around 6-8 months maybe! So I might be sticking around in Ballerup for awhile.
Well, I gotta go. Have a great week! Remember pday is monday now! Bye!!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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