Monday, October 11, 2010

Hey everyone!!!

How's it going? I can't believe that it's this time again! I guess it goes a bit faster when I'm late with the last email by two days. Anyway, since it was a bit of a shortened week, there isn't really much that has happened. It was a great week though! The highlight of the week is definitely Jennifer's baptism! Yup, it went through! She was so ready! Here's about about that. Jennifer wanted to do it on Friday because for one reason, it was her 18th Birthday. She thought that would be cool so she can always remember it. She also wanted to make sure that her mom and sister could come, but her mom had work, so we held the baptism bright and early at 7:00 am! It would have been impossible for us to make it on time, so we were able to get permission to sleep at the church where it was being held. So us three, and also Elders Ribble and Van Nevel had a little sleep over at the church. It was fun, we played some Settlers of Catan. We woke up at 5 AM!! And we got ready. I was surprised with how many people showed up to the baptism, seeing as it was so early. There literally wasn't a single chair left in the room we held the meeting! Jennifer's mom was there, and so was her sister and 2 of her best friends, All non-members. It was way spiritual and a great service. I could just see that she was so ready and that she truly has a testimony.
So there is one success story that has happened this week, and here is another! Remember Finn and Pernilla that I told you about? Well yesterday they came to church again! And that means that Finn is now officially re-activated! They seem to really enjoy church, and I think they will continue to come! Pernilla has not yet agreed to baptism, but she loves the spirit she feels when she comes to church and when she meets with us. We taught her the Plan of Salvation again (its been awhile since she's heard it) And she loved it. I could tell that the whole thing really comforted her, and she said she believe in it all. So, although she hasn't said yes to baptism yet, I think that it is getting pretty close. :)
Sunday we had a really great day at church, because there were TWO missionary farewells! There was the guy Morten who is going to Portugal, and also a sister missionary, Christina, She is going to the eastern states visitors center mission or something like that. They both had really great talks and I think they are gonna be great missionaries. They don't actually leave for like 2 and a half more weeks, but they had there farewells today because next week is the primary program. Morten's talk was pretty funny, he was the last speaker, after a youth speaker and the sister missionary, and when he went up to the stand there were still about 30 minutes left. He looked at the clock for a few seconds, scratched his head, and then begun his talk with, ''Bishop has asked me to give a 15 minute talk'' But he did a good job and actually took almost 25 minutes. After him since there was a bit of time left, the bishop surprised the 2 missionary's moms by calling them up to share their testimonies.
Other than that there is not really anything that has happened. We have been kinda busy cleaning up our house, because president is coming to town on wednesday. :O
Yeah, Tivoli was approved. It might have been my best Pday yet! It y'all come over here on vacation sometime, that is a place that we need to check out. Although, it is pretty expensive without the discount. I might have some connections that could get us in. That's cool that Stacey P has been there, and that she's been here to Denmark!
The nougat challenge was brutal. I still hold the record. Another missionary called me today and told me that him and 3 other missionaries tried the challenge this morning, and they all failed! I'm telling you, it really is a challange. Elder Andersen wants to give it another shot, but Willy says Heck no.
We haven't been to ├ślstykke again yet, but we'll probably head over there either tomorrow or thursday, and see if we can find anyone to teach. We have been in a shortage of new investigators recently so hopefully there are some people ready up there.
Well, it sounds like you guys have been having a good time together with Aoi! That's a bummer that she has to leave tomorrow. Oh that reminds me, it's about time for the japanese student week again right? Are you planning on doing that again this year? That was always a fun thing to do.
Whoah! That is crazy that Tani is gonna be a teenager this week! And that I'll no longer be one in 2 weeks!
That's a good lookin' Utah project! Good Job, Tia! She's always been a creative lil girl.
Well, I'm gonna get going. We're gonna go to Copenhagen again today for P day, and try to find some cheap museums or something we can go to. Thanks for always being so good about writing me, Mom! I've learned by now, that a lot of people are flakes, and sure they'll write ya for a couple months, but after that... But at least I know that you won't be a flake. Thanks! :)
Have a wonderful week!

Love Elder Tyler Lee


I forgot to tell you about the pictures I sent

The first 2 are obviously from Jennifer's baptism. That is Elder Bailey, and Elder Tolbert, the one who baptized Jennifer. Then there are 3 pictures of me with a big toad I found. I guess they all come out this time of the year. We were walking home last night and they were hopping around all over. The last picture of the frog is kinda lucky. It happened to jump off of my hand right as the picture was taken. And the last picture is a drawing I did of Elder Williamson. Haha. There is always a picture of the new missionaries that we get in the banner about a month before the missionary comes, and Willy's was way bad. Everyone always gives him a hard time about it, so I decided to draw it.

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