Monday, October 11, 2010

Sept. 19, 2010

Hey Everyone!

I'm doing great! How are you. I hope you have had a great week!
This has been a pretty good week for me. We went to an all you can eat pizza place a few days ago, and the pizza was absolutely terrible! I couldn't eat very much, simply because it didn't taste very good. :/
I've seen Jennifer a couple times since she was baptized and she is doing great! She is so happy to be in the church now!
Oh I want to tell you about sunday! It was great! It was the ward primary program! The little kids were so cute! It was a bit different than in Utah, becuase there were only about 15 kids in the entire primary. They did a really great job though! The whole program was focused on Christ, and all the little kids came up and said their lines, and they all sang some songs. It was great! It was kinda funny because there was a little kid that was off in his own world the whole time. I think there is one like that in every primary. There was also the kid who was terrible at singing but he sang really loud anyway.
Elder Andersen left this morning because another missionary is going home and they didn't need 3 here anymore. So me and Willy have one more week of freedom together before transfers! We have to make it good! Oh speaking of transfers, I found out about whats happening to me! We aren't supposed to find out until a couple days, be we were with the APs and we were able to squeeze it out of them. So here it is... I'm staying here in Ballerup, and I'm gonna be training! Yup! I'm getting a little noobie son! :-O That's weird because it seems like just barely that I was the little noobie!
Umm, other news? Oh, next Pday is my 20th birthday! Holy Cow! That's way weird! It's not feeling at all like my birthday is coming. I guess it will definitely be a lot different without all my friends and family here.

Well thanks for the good letter! It sounds like there is a lot that's been going on! It was probably a little hard to say bye to Aoi. That must've been a fun week! Oh, I almost forgot! Happy Birthday to Tani! Now there is an extra teenager in the family! But next week it will go back down again. Did Tani get anything exciting for her fødselsdag? It's weird, everyone is getting older.
Happy Anniversery to you! Next year it'll be the big 25! Congrats! That's cool that you could go back to fish lake for a little trip together! It must be really pretty around this time of year.
I'm glad things are going well with Marathon training! I still think you both are crazy! Good luck with that and have fun!
Oh, I sent Scotty a dear elder today. I wanted to make sure he got it soon, because I told him to go find the 2 new elders that are coming to denmark and tell them that his cousin is gonna be training one of them. It sounds like scotty is doing good! I was able to read his first email home! He is a great big noob right now. Haha, I made fun of him a little bit in the letter.
Holy Cow! That is a lot of Jam! Good job mom! Too bad you can't send me a jar.
You asked a couple questions, so here's some answers. Yeah, the two that are leaving on their missions are going to the Provo Mtc. I told Morten to find Scotty and say hi from me. Oh, the sister missionary hasn't been able to get her visa yet, so if it doesn't come this week, she is going to come and help here in the Danish mission for a little while.
Finn and Pernilla are doing great! They came to church yet again! I think they've made it a habit now! They both really enjoyed the primary program! We meet with them one time a week, other than church, and our last appointment with them was really good! We were finally able to get Pernilla to pray! She has always been kinda shy and reluctent to pray, but she finally did, and she said that it felt like there was actually someone listening!
We have been able to find some new people this week too! We got 3 new investigators this week, so that's awesome!
No, we haven't been to the primary yet, but I think that would be way fun! There are a lot of cute little kids in the ward that are way fun, and it's fun talking with them.
It's definitely not summer anymore! It has been cooling down a lot, and it actually gets dark again at night. Winter is on it's way. :/ I'm sure it won't be quite as bad as the last one!
We survived the inspection from president! He thought it looked great! We also had interviews with him when he came. He took us each individually on a little walk and talked with us and gave us some good advice. Then before he left he gave us each a priesthood blessing and said a prayer with us.
No, we still haven't been to the temple. I know I keep saying that we will do it soon, but other things keep coming up, and we are never able to. I know we shouldn't keep putting it off, but it really has been hard to get over there. We are just so busy! We won't go next week, cuz it's my b day and we're gonna celebrate, but I'll probably try to take my greenie over there.
Well I think that's all I've got for you right now. Have a great week!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Ps. Oh yeah there is one more thing I wanted to tell you. 2 days ago, Elder Williamson came up to me and he's like, ''Hey, Lee. Do ya wanna learn how to knit with me?'' So I said, ''Ok.'' And then we went and bought the equiptment and both learned how to knit! Hahaha. It's way random, and pretty lame, but it's kinda fun. We are working on knitting scarves, and it's taking forever!

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