Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

Hi everyone! Sounds like you are already having a fun time on your vacation! That's nice of Steve and Susan to let you in and be so nice. Redlands is a good place. It was fun going over there and staying with them for awhile. Tell everyone hi for me. So do you have other plans than Disneyland for while you are in Cali? It's going good as District Leader. I can tell you a little bit more about what it is I do. My district is 3 different areas that I'm over, and so I'll go on splits with them every once in awhile and teach them at district meetings, and it is also my job to interview the baptismal candidates if there is someone getting baptized. That would be way cool! So far I haven't done too much. Just called to the areas to get numbers for the week yesterday. Ældste Tolman and I bought a coconut this week. We were shopping and I saw some coconuts and I had to buy it. Man, it was soo hard opening that thing! We were banging on it with a hammer forever! It was way worth the work though because it tasted so good! It was the first time I've tried a real coconut. Oh I have to tell you about the train ride to Copenhagen for transfers... So we happened to sit next to the bathroom, and we ended up having to help 5 old ladies figure it out during the ride. They would always push the light for some reason instead of the open button, so we had to point to the button they are supposed to push. Well on the last one, the lady goes in and shuts the door, but I guess she did something wrong becuase after a minute the door just opened up completly on its own and the old lady was just sitting on the toilet with a horrified look on her face. So Elder Poulsen just stood up and walked over and pushed the button. That is not what I wanted to see. haha This week we borrowed the Emma Smith movie from someone in the ward and watched it again. I'm glad that I was able to see the ending. That movie was so awesome! So there is this lady in the ward, Lisa. The one that had us pick up the milk for her. Well she saw our missionary planners and said that she wanted something like that, and she gave us a little bit of money to find her a planner. Well we bought one and gave it to her, and she just yelled at us because it wasn't the one she wanted. What the heck? And then she had us carry a big bag of clothes to the church. This is a weird place. We went to visit Jesper the other day, and he gave us an excuse that I have never heard before. He said, sorry I can't meet with you today, one of my cats is giving birth. Haha. I guess that probably happens with him a lot seeing as he has a billion cats. Today we are going bowling! Woohoo. I'll let you know how I do. And then later tonight we are heading to Copenhagen because tomorrow is specialized training. I have some pictures for you. The first two are Tolman. And then there are some coconut pictures! That's all for today. Have fun at Disneyland!! Love Elder Tyler Lee

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