Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

Hey sorry to keep you waiting, and sorry to tell you that I will have to do it again. The library closes soon and there isn't time to write about all that has happened.

But, I will tell you a bit about interviews! It was the first time I have had interviews with president in 4 and a half months! Because when I had that emergency transfer it was right in the middle of interviews. (Nykøbing interviews were just before and Aalborgs were right after) So I missed out. It was good talking to President Andersen one on one again. He told me some really big news! So transfers are coming up, and he told me what would be happening with me! Are you ready? Well first of all, I'll be staying in Nykøbing longer, and I'll be getting Elder Tolman. AND I'm becoming District Leader! :) So that will be really exciting! It will be some extra responsibilities, but I think it'll be fun! And one of the coolest things is the other bit of news that he told me. In my district it includes the Bornholm Elders, and President told me that it is time for another splits over there, so I get to go visit Bornholm! I don't know if you know anything about Bornholm. It is a little island way way way to the east of Denmark. They speak a language that is a mixture of Danish and Swedish there. It has a reputation for being a beautiful place, especially in the summer. All missionaries want to go there but no missionaries want to serve there, because they are so far away from everything and they usually stay there together for several months. So going on splits there is a big desire for all missionaires. I would also have to travel through Sweden to get there, and then take a boat for part of the trip. How cool is that?! President told me that me and him would go there together for probably 3 days sometime in June probably.

Anyway, transfers happen on wednesday. I don't really know Elder Tolman. He has been here for only 4 months and all I know about him is that he broke a chair at his first zone conference. Haha, he was so embarassed.

Oh dang, this library closes in 5 minutes! So I'm going to have to cut this email short and you can get the rest tomorrow, because there is still a bunch to tell you and I have a lot of pictures too. Sorry to keep you waiting again! Bye for now! Love Elder Tyler Lee Ps I attached a pic of Denmark so you can see where bornholm is. That little island clear over to the right!

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