Monday, April 11, 2011

April 5, 2011

Hey again!!! Sorry about the stubby email yesterday, I'm just going to get right back into telling you what was going on with my week. Where did I get to last time? Oh yeah, I had just told you about interviews and what is happening with transfers. I just remembered, there is one more thing that President Andersen told me about. He brought up my release date. :O That is so weird that it is getting so close. The date isn't set, but this is how the conversation went. He said, Lets see when you are going home, and then he pulled out a paper and it said me and two of the others go home on Dec 13... What the heck. I told him that it said Nov 17 on the calender he gave us, so he looked at that and was like, oh that's right. Anyway, he basically just said that he wasn't sure and that we would figure it out later. So I could come home on one of those two dates most likely. I think it would be a bummer to miss a third thanksgiving if I had to stay an extra month. That would be a good time to see all of the extended family again. The next couple days were the only days that we were able to work like usual and so we went and visited our investigators so Elder Poulsen could say goodbye. He also had to start packing because we were out of town for the weekend. On saturday afternoon we left for copenhagen. We got some food at burger king and then went to the young adult center to see the first session. The elders that drove us from the station got kind of lost on the way to pick us up, so we came like 15 minutes late. The weekend was way fun, because for one thing we saw conference, but also we got to see a bunch of other missionaries and members that I know from Ballerup. And we also stayed in the Ballerup house with 8 missionaries, so it was a party. (Missionary appropriate party of course). On sunday we went to the stake center and saw the priesthood session, and then later on we saw the saturday afternoon, and sunday morning sessions. We don't get a chance to see the final session, so I'll just have to watch it online sometime or just read it when it comes out. Oh I wanted to tell you. I'm sure I have told you about Maria before. She is the girl from Denmark that I met at EFY before my mission. She was in my group. Well, it had never worked out for me to see her, I was either on the opposite side of the country, or when I was closer, she was living in America. Well I finally saw her at Conference! It was cool seeing her and catching up with her a bit. I also met her parents and talked with them for a bit, they just got home from a mission in Poland. I was also able to see Jennifer and her mom again! They are so fun! I don't think I've told you, Jennifer's mom is investigating the church now pretty seriously. She has stopped drinking coffee and everything. :) I've got some pictures from all that.. It's so great that we are able to hear from the prophet and apostles every 6 months! I think one of my favorites was from Neil L Andersen in the priesthood session. His talk was all about missionaries and missionary work. Haha and then the President Monson one just made me want to get married way bad. ha ha. :/ Ok and then after conference was over we went back to ballerup for one more night, and the next day (yesterday) we spent p day with them. It was kind of lame, we had planned on going bowling together and were all excited for that, but we went to the bowling alley and it was closed down! And there wasn't another one close. But it's ok we still had a fun pday. We ended up going to a cool church that had a bunch of huge coffin things. And then afterwords we got a soccer ball and played a couple games. It was really fun. Well we are back home in Nykøbing but we are making another trip up to Copenhagen tomorrow for transfers! Anyway, thanks for your email. And thanks for the awesome pictures. Utah weather is so weird! It has actually been pretty sunny around here lately! It sounds like you have had a good conference weekend. Thats great that you have been able to get together with some family. I bet the kids are getting way excited for the california trip! Say hi to the lees for me! That vacation got here pretty quick! Time moves too fast.. You asked about Elder Christensen. Well he goes home in 2 months! I remember when I was with him he hit his year mark and now he is basically done! That would be cool if you could go to that, I'm not sure exactly when it is. Did you ever end up doing anything with his mom? Hahaha That April Fools dinner looks awesome! Did you come up with that?! I think that is so funny. It looks so much like a cake. Umm, well I think I'll wrap this up. I sent you a ton of pictures. The first few are from Conference. The first girl I'm with is Maria, and then there is Jennifer and her mom. There are also some random stuff of Me, Willy, and Klc. Then after those there are some pictures from our trip to the Church. :) Thank you for everything!!! See ya! Love Elder Tyler Lee

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