Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Aug. 15th, 2010

Hey there!

As always, it is great to hear from you! I always look forward to email day!
Haha, yeah the weather has been crazy! It still just rains and rains every day! And it is way heavy rain. It's like standing in the shower when we walk outside! I don't understand how much water could possibly be up there! I like the rain! But just not when I'm trying to do missionary work.. Luckily last week the rain held up enough for us to play soccer. And it's not raining today, so it hopefully won't mess with our pday.
It really is a cool church! It is just way weird! And the ward really is so awesome! I'm glad that I'm serving in a mission where I can get to now and love the ward members so much. like you said about the missionaries in Spanish Fork are over 35 different wards! And each ward has a ton of people, so they aren't able to get to know them at all. I'm really glad that I am here. Here in Denmark I'm just over one ward and there are like 80 people, so I can really know them and I grow to love them a ton! This ward helps us a lot with missionary work, and they feed us a ton.. :/ We have so many eating appointments. Which I don't like by the way. Sometimes eating appointments are really fun, and the food is usually pretty good, but I hate being forced basically to eat so much.
Yup, I'm a pretty good cook apparently. I've never been into cooking at all until I was comps with Elder Williamson, but now I think its pretty fun, and delicious of course. We've been experimenting a lot and have made some really great meals.
I'm not exactly sure whose idea it was with those chess pieces... We just pulled them out, and one of the horses was missing it's head, so we're like, that head would look pretty funny on that dude. So we did it. Haha! Hey, missionaries get pretty bored sometimes! We have to find ways to have fun! I think my favorite is horse face!
Here's another thing that we have started doing to have fun. Another way weird pointless thing. There is a door at our house that has a bunch of random pictures of missionaries, and we decided to reenact them all.. So we have been going to the exact same locations all over and doing the exact same poses and everything. It's completly stupid, but it has been so fun, and its so funny looking at our pictures with the originals!

Well, my week was ok. It wasn't the most exciting week. We actually didn't do anything really. It was just a basic week. We did find out some pretty exciting news though! There is a missionary going home in like 2 days, so there is going to be a missionary in need of a companion. So... We are getting a third companion! Cool huh? He is gonna come here tomorrow. His name is Elder Andersen and get this, he's a Dane! So hopefully he will be able to help me out a lot with my Danish. He's probably pretty good at Danish. ;) So yeah, he'll be serving here in Ballerup with us. I'm excited, but I'm also kinda bummed, cuz me and Williamson have it really good how it is now. The next 4 days I won't even be in Ballerup though. That's some other news. President Andersen is gonna do a 4 day training thing with some of the missionaries, and so I'm gonna go to Roskilde for the next 4 days and serve with Elder Larkin. He is completely new. He's been here for only 2 and a half weeks. Anyway, that was all pretty confusing for you, but that is what's happening.
This P-day should be pretty fun. Earlier today we kicked a soccer ball around for a little while, and now we are just here at the library emailing. Then after we are done here we're gonna get some lunch and head over to Copenhagen. We'll do a bit of shopping or something, and just walk around the big city. Then tonight we have yet another eating appointment.
Well like I said, it was a pretty uneventful week, so I don't have anything else to report.

So Camron is gonna get a surgery?! Ok! Yeah that's something that he's always had, it'll be good for him to be able to breathe. That sounds like a fun 2 weeks he and Rurika had. I want to take a class where we go on 2 week high adventure camp outs! That's scary what happened to Rurika, but thats good that it wasn't worse! So whats going on with those two? Are they pretty serious? They've dated for a long time now!
Well thanks for sending me some pictures! It was fun seeing tani and tia! It is weird how much different they both already look. Especially Tia! She's way different! With those glasses, and when did her hair get so dark?!?! I have a few pics for you. Not to many this week, but here ya go. The first is a picture of me in the pouring rain. That's what it's been like for the past couple weeks! Then the next one is a picture of me, but the real reason we took this picture is for the lady in the background. The one wearing the green. She is absolutely nuts! She is always sitting at that same bus stop, and she just yells things at people when they walk by. She's always wearing the same clothes too. The first time I saw her, before I knew she was insane I went up to her and contacted her.. Well, I found out pretty quickly that she is crazy. She basically just screamed and shrieked at us... Anyway, the last picture is just a big scary spider. Enjoy!
Well, I guess thats it for this week! Have a super week! Bye for know!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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