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Sept. 5, 2010

Hey! I'm doing way good! How are you?! It has been a way exciting fun week! I'm really sorry that it's taking me until now to write you. I bet you've been crying nonstop the last 2 days becuase you haven't gotten a letter from me. Haha just kidding ;) I have some good excuses for not writing though. First of all, on monday we went to Tivoli!!! Tivoli is basically the Disneyland of Denmark! It was so fun! So that is obviously why I didn't have time to write on monday when I usually do. And then yesterday we had to go to a specialized training with the mission president and the other missionaries in the zone. It took all day and it was way way boring. I was having trouble staying awake during the last half of it. Anyway, that is why I'm not writing you until now. (note from mom....I asked and yes, it is approved in the Denmark mission.)

Well like I said, this has been a big week, so I'll just get right into telling you about it. I'll start with The Nougat Challenge! First I need to give you a little background. So, here in Ballerup there is this challange that a lot of missionaries do called The Ballerup Run. It is a run from the mission office all the way to the Ballerup house. It's like a 10 mile run and a lot of missionaries try to do it so they can put their names on a sign. Well me and Elder Williamson thought that challenge sounded way too hard, so we decided to invent our own... The Nougat Challenge! There is a breakfast cereal here called Nougat Pillows that are way unhealthy and way delicious, and the challenge is eating an entire box of them in one sitting. It turns out that it's way harder than it sounds. Well, one day we had our district leader, Elder Roth, and his comp, Elder Larkin over for splits and we decided to all do the Nougat Challenge. So we each bought a box of Nougat Pillows and a liter of milk and began. A few minutes into it, we were already all completely sick, and over time we all wanted to give up and drop dead. Elder Larkin couldn't do it, he quit after half way. A bit later, Willy also chickened out. Elder Andersen got so close, but couldn't quite make it. But me and Elder Roth fought through, and we were able to finish the entire box!!! I was the first ever to complete the challenge! Although I felt way sick and completely terrible the rest of the day, and I honestly think that I will never eat Nougat Pillows again!
Work wise, we have been pretty busy. We were lucky enough to get all zone transportation cards, so we can go all over the place now. So we have been using them a lot to go to some of the places further away in our area. Oh one of them is a place called Ølstykke which means 'Beer Piece'. Oh Denmark... We've been trying to find some new investigators up there and there is a lot of potential becuase it's been so long since any missionaries have been up there. One day we were out on a beach and we found all these weird Jelly fish things washed up on the beach. Andersen said we can touch them and they won't hurt us, so we picked some up. They were way weird.
Here is a kinda funny story. We were walking down the street, and this muslim guy told us to come over to him, so we went in to his little flower shop that he was working at, and he basically just yelled at us for awhile about Muhammed and the Koran. We tried getting a few words of ours in there but it was tough. While we were talking with him, this crazy witch lady came in the flower shop and started smelling all the flowers, then she randomly sat down on the ground and just stayed there for a few minutes. Then she stood up, lit a cigarette and started smoking, looked at us and yelled ''Et slips på!'' Which means ''a tie on'' and then she left. It was so weird and random!
We've had a ton of eating appointments lately. There are 2 especially that I want to tell you about. The first one was a way fun eating appointment with an awesome family, The Ringheims. They have two little kids, ages 5 and 3, and the 5 year old, Mads is so funny. He always says way funny things to me, like ''Er der nogen hjemme i dit hoved?'' ''Is there anyone home in your head?'' And ''Du taler som du har en kartoffel i munden.'' You talk like you have a potatoe in your mouth'' I was laughing way hard when he told me that.
Well we had another eating appointment a couple days later, and I have to say, It was literally the worst day of my entire mission so far. I was so ticked! Here's the story. The whole day, we had planned a big barbeque. We bought some chicken and some briquettes and we were gonna have a delicious bbq chicken dinner. Finally the time for the bbq came and we got everything ready. We made some mashed potatoes, some garlic bread, and the chicken was about halfway done getting cooked, when a little old lady in the ward calls us up. She asks us if we are coming, and says that the food is ready... Then I hear Elder Andersen just say ''Shoot!'' It turns out that this lady made an eating appointment with Elder Andersen on Sunday, and for some reason he forgot to tell us about it or even write it down in his planner. So of course he forgot about it. Anyway, we tell the lady that we can come but it would take at least an hour to get there. She says that's ok. So, we have to put all of our barbeque food away, and we walk to the bus stop, which is a 6 or 7 minute walk. When we are almost to the bus stop we see the bus driving away. So becuase we missed that bus that meant that we had to go the the main station by foot. The walk to the station takes 30 minutes, we had to catch a bus there in 14 minutes... So we ran to the bus station, and made it right on time to see our bus driving away!!! But we chased it down, and the bus driver was kind enough to stop for us. So we were on the bus, all of us just tired and grumpy, I was thinkin how could this get any worse.. We finally arrive at the little old lady's house, and to top everything else off, she serves us lasagna! Don't get me wrong, I like lasagna, but for some strange reason that I don't understand, I get lasagna so much at eating appointments and I'm tired of it! I've seriously eaten lasagna at half of my eating appointments on my mission! Anyway, I was pretty mad at Andersen that night.. The moral of this story is, if you ever have missionaries over for an eating appointment, don't give them lasagna.
Well, on to a better topic, PDay! Tivoli!! It was so dang fun! It is a big amusement park in Copenhagen. We got in really cheap to, because Elder Andersen's mom has a pass or something, so instead of paying around 300 crowns it only cost us 120, which is like 20 bucks or so. Since it was a monday afternoon, everyone was in school or at work so we pretty much had the entire park to ourselves! So we were able to go on ride after ride without even having to wait in a line! They have some pretty wild rides. The craziest was this one airplane ride. It spins in a big loop way fast. They say you experience 5 Gs. It was way crazy cause they asked us how wild we wanted it, and we told them as wild as possible, and all 4 of us that went on it blacked out! We didn't go unconcious, but our eyes went dark. It that even legal to have a ride like that?!?! Check it out. . Anyway, it was a way fun day, but I was feeling pretty sick after that. I think it is a good think to wait in lines at amusement parks to give yourself a little rest.
Well, I think that is about it. Oh yeah, there was that boring training that we had yesterday, but that's not worth writing about.
Since it was a big week, I have quite a few pictures for you this time. The first ones are of the Nougat Challenge. There is before the challenge, then later is my final bite, and when I completed it. There there are pictures of some critters I've encountered this week. A jelly fish, a little frog, and some ducks. Oh yeah, I forgot to say, there was a Coldstone at Tivoli, so we got some delicious icecream there. There's a pic of that too. And then, there are a couple of pics of Willy and I riding a giraffe.

Ya know whats weird? We are in the month of September now! I turn 20 in 2 and a half weeks! That is crazy!
Scotty enters the MTC today! I'm so excited for him! That's fun that you could all spend some time together before he heads out. He was set apart that long before his mission? That must've been kinda weird for him. Well, I'm excited for him, and he's gonna do great! Is there a mtc address that I could write to him sometime?

I'm glad you like hearing about our investigators! Oh, how could I have forgotten to tell you, remember Jennifer that I told you about last time? Well there is some big news with her! I don't remember if I told you this, she isn't actually in our area, she has just been coming to our church because her friend is in the ward, so we had to refer her to the other missionaries. Well, on their very first appointment with her they challenged her to baptism and she said yes! So she decided to fast and pray about a date this last sunday, and she decided to get baptized on this Friday!!! Holy Cow! So there is gonna be a baptism in 2 days!

Thanks for the pictures of everyone! It's fun seeing them. It's weird, the kids have already changed a lot! And I'm not even half way done! I gotta say, I'm really diggin' Tia's style! So how are the kids liking school so far?

Well, I gotta get going. We're gonna eat some lunch and then we're going on splits with that kid Morten again. By the way, he's going to Portugal! Have a great week! Oh, and have fun with Aoi!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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