Saturday, September 25, 2010

Aug. 29th, 2010

How's it going?! It really is crazy how fast the weeks go by and how quickly another pday rolls along!
Yeah dad, it is kinda hard sometimes having 3 missionaries. It makes it weird and awkward sometimes. That is why we usually split up when contacting. We go 2 and 1 so it is less weird. Also we try to go on splits every once in awhile when we get the chance. I guess we should just use this opportunity with 3 missionaries to our benefit. But yeah, Andersen is a good tool to have. He helps us a ton with Danish.
Well mom, first of all, you are welcome for the little present. It wasn't much, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. So, you asked me a ton of questions, I'll try my best to answer them all.
Yeah there are a lot of people who speak english. Especially the younger generation. They all know English. But for the most part we speak danish with everyone if they can. We have like 4 or 5 investigators who are foreigners and only know english, but the rest are in danish. Yeah, It's helping my danish a lot I think to have a danish companion as well as a danish mission pres. We write a letter every week to the president and give him a little update of the week and I do that in Danish too. The main change that has happened with the new pres is that we hold all our meeting in Danish now, and p days are monday (which I don't like by the way) Other than that, not a ton has changed. Oh yeah, now we also have zone conference and interviews only one time every other month instead of every month. So that's a bit of a bummer. I haven't been in a temple for over 7 months. :( I haven't had a chance to go yet, cuz for most of my mission I've been to far away from the temple. But we are planning a temple trip soon, so that will be great!

Well, I guess I'll get to what's happened this week with me! This has been a good enough week! We did some fun things and got a lot done. Last p day we didn't really do anything too exciting. Well, that's not completely true. We went to a genbrug, which is a little store kinda like the DI. And guess what we bought there!!!! Snake skin ties! :-O Haha! I bought a green one, and Willy bought a red one! They are way ugly, but they only cost 2 and a half crowns! Which is like 40 cents. How could we say no to that?!
I cut both Elder Williamson's and Elder Andersen's hair the other day. I'm basically a pro at it by now. There is this kid, Morten, He is way awesome! He's in the ward, and he is going on his mission next month. He leaves on my birthday actually. Anyway, he came with us to practice for his mission. So we split up, I went with him, and the other two left and did there own thing. It was a cool going with him for most of the day showing him what it is like to be a missionary. He is way excited, and he had a lot of questions about mission life.
On Saturday we did a ton of service for an older couple. It was the same people that had the american kids over. They told us that it would probably take around an hour to 2 hours, but we ended up being there for like 5 hours! It was fun though. They are probably my favorite people in the ward so far! They're way fun and always just joking around.
Hmm what else? Oh, you asked about our investigators. I actually was planning on giving you a little update about some of them today. Now I've been here for a little while and I've gotten to know a lot of them. I'll start with peter, I told you a little bit about him before. He is the alcoholic guy who we set up a baptismal date with. Well he was supposed to be baptized on sept 11, but that's not gonna work. He hasn't been able to stop drinking yet. So we had to push the date back... a lot. We decided that he'll get baptized next year. So he has some time to make sure that he's off alcohol for good. Of course if he's ready before that he can get baptized sooner.
Next we have Alain. He is way awesome! He told us that he feels peace when he reads in the BOM and when he meets with us. Now we just need to get him to church.
Irene, she is kinda in the same situation as Alain. She loves meeting with us, and she reads in the BOM almost every single day and really likes it! But she is just really stressed right now, and really busy with school, work, divorcing her husband, and handling her little 2 year old wild boy. She says it's just too hard for her to come to church right now.
We are also working with a man named Finn, and his girlfriend, Pernille. Finn is a member, but less active, and Pernille isn't a member... Yet ;) We've been trying to help them come to church, and yesterday they both came for the first time in several months! And they told us that they'll come next week too!
The last one I want to tell you about is Jennifer! She is definitely a golden investigator! She was invited to church by a member in the ward, and she came! Then, she got a book of mormon, and has read all the way through 1st and 2nd nephi. She came to church 5 weeks in a row, and loves it! She's already made a ton of friends in the church, and knows a lot about the doctrine already. We taught her the main lessons, and now she has said yes to baptism! That is how missionary work should be!
Well that the update with investigators. Hopefully they all continue to progress towards baptism!
I have a lot of pictures for you again. I'll tell you a bit about them right now. The first one is just me and Willy and the bustop, I don't know what we are looking at or why we are laughing. Then the next few pictures are from last pday. We tried on some ugly hats and glasses. The next one is a typical danish scene. Beer, beer, and more beer. Then the next three are our ugly, yet awesome, snake skin ties. Then there are some pictures from our service day. I wasn't expecting that picture of me when he took it. And then the last one is kinda random. I took this cool picture. I hope you enjoy!
Well, I hope you have a great week! See ya!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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