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Aug. 22, 2010

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Hey There!

How's it going everyone?! It was good hearing from you, as always!
Wow, so you have been experiencing the same thing I have (weather wise) That's crazy how much it's been raining! It's been flooding certain areas of Denmark too! I've never experienced this much rain! The rain wasn't as bad this week. It is actually a really warm sunny day today. No we don't have a car here. We just take busses and trains everywhere. And walk...
It's good to hear that camrons surgery went according to plan. Hopefully he will be back to his self before too long. Well, I guess to his new and improved self. That video was way funny! Hahaha! That's weird that he was having a hard time speaking english and that it was easier for him to speak japanese.

Well, I guess I'll get to my week. Here's what happened, starting with last pday after we were done emailing! So, we went to Copenhagen as planned and walked around for a bit. We did a little bit of shopping, and I did buy something. I'm sick and tired of all of my baggy american dress pants, so I bought a pair of nicer fitted dress pants that I will use to work in sometimes, so I don't look like an idiot with my american parachute pants. Elder Williamson got a pretty good buy too. He bought an awesome Danish suit! Well, after that, we just looked around at a few more stores and then bought some yummy icecream! And then we went to a place in Copenhagen that is a way big tourist attraction. You might've seen some pictures of it before. I sent some pictures from when we were there. After that we just went home.
Then the next couple days was all of that confusing companion exchange stuff that I told you about. I didn't go to the training. Elder Roth did, so I had to go with his companion. I went to Roskilde with Elder Larkin for 3 days, and we worked there together. It was pretty good. Larkin is completely new, so he just followed me around and did whatever I said. It was kinda funny. It was also fun hearing his danish. I remember when I was like that. Oh and speaking of crappy danish, I was looking through my stuff, and I found that tape that I recorded when I was in the MTC. Anyway, I went back and listened to what I recorded, and there was some danish that I recorded on there, and it sucked so bad! Haha, I thought I was good back then but it was terrible! So many mistakes, and awful pronounciation!
Well, after I was done in Roskilde I came back to Ballerup, and now we have our third companion, Elder Andersen.. He is really fun sometimes. We play a lot of games and stuff. Oh, I don't know if I told you this or not, it's kinda lame and nerdy, but Pokemon is way big in the mission. There are a lot of missionaries who are kinda obsessed with it, and Elder Andersen is more into it than the rest of the mission combined. So we have been playing a lot of pokemon in the evenings. Haha. Oh, and Andersen is so messy! He came, and as soon as he opened his suitcases it just exploded, and in like 5 minutes the place was a mess! He had clothes and pokemon cards and stuff everywhere! But luckily we got it all cleaned up. We had to because the mission president came to our house yesterday! So we had a deep cleaning day. I think Elder Andersen is gonna help my danish a ton. He is like our walking dictionary.
Willy and I have been writing more songs and just jammin a lot! It's way fun! Get this! So as missionaries we have to do a ton of planning, and every week we do a big 2 hour weekly planning session, anyway, yesterday for weekly planning we sang the entire time! Haha! We played some chords on our instruments, and just sang everything we planned.
Oh, a few nights ago we had an eating appointment with a family with a bunch of way fun american kids! It was one of the best eating appointments that I've had! The kids loved us and wanted to show us all of their stuff and all the things they could do. They were just like, ''Missionairies! Come here! I wanna show you this! Missionaires! Watch what I can do!'' So we just ran around and played with them for awhile. It was way fun!
Well, that was what happened this week.

Sorry I didn't have many pics last time. But don't worry, I have a lot today! A lot of them are completly random, so I'll explain them. The first 3 are from that site in Copenhagen. I can't remember what the place is called, but it was pretty. Then when we went home that day some idiot had parked a tractor in our yard! What the heck?! So we decided to take some pics inside it. Thats what the next 2 pics are. You can see our house in the background. The next 2 pictures are of our cell phone, my game of Snake. I destroyed the high score! The next is me and Willy on tire swings, and then there are a couple of HUGE snails that I found! The last one is pretty funny, I'll just let you read it.
Well I guess that's it for today. Have a great week!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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