Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb. 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day to you too! Valentines day is a really lame holiday as a missionary. haha. If I do anything to celebrate it I'll probably just get in big trouble.

Hmm, it seems like I was just barely writing you.. I'm glad that you survived those few days waiting for my email. I was really worried that you might not make it. Since I just wrote you a couple days ago, I don't have much material for this email. So don't expect another novel like last time.

Yeah, last week was so crazy. There was so much that happened, good and bad.
I sure do have a lot of crazy eating appointments here in Nykøbing. We had another fun eating appointment a couple days ago that is worth telling you about. It was the Johansens again. They invite us over at least once a week. We ate with them on friday and we are going there again tonight! When we pulled up last time it was so funny, because they have 5 windows on the side of there house, and there was a different kid in each window waving to us. The 2 youngest kids started fighting about who gets to sit next to me. I said, Hey whoah, you can both sit by me. While we were there I tought them how to do light saber pictures with a pen. It was fun, I'll attach some of them. We are going over there tonight for FHE with them.

Church was cool yesterday. It was branch conference so there were a lot of guests from the stake. There were 3 different people that I knew from Ballerup so it was good to see them all. I had a lot a pressure to play piano my best because it was a full house.

It's been kinda discouraging lately because like all of the people who seem possitive randomly don't want anything to do with us. They won't answer or anything and they seem to just avoid us. It's hard putting all this effort into something and seeing no results come of it.

The other day I was bored to I decided to make a paper chain for how many days I have left on my mission, haha. It isn't a trunky chain, it's actually an anti-trunky chain. Because I see that I still have a looooong time to go.

I've bought a few things to get me by, things that were stolen. I didn't buy a new dyne because they are way expensive, but I just bought a little blanket for now and a pillow. Elder Williamson has an extra dyne at his appartment so he is going to give that to me the next time we see him. For now I'm just getting by with the crappy little blanket. Yeah, they took my razor. I bought some crappy little disposible razors. And I am pretty low on garments as well. If you wanted to send a couple things I wouldn't complain. Well, if you or anyone happen to send a package you would need to send it to:

Elder Tyler Lee
Østerbrogade 33, 2tv
4800 Nykøbing F

I wasn't expecting a valentines package from you anyway so it's alright. It would be kind of weird for my mom to be my valentine anyway...

I'm sure everyone is always ready for those plays to get over by that time, and to move on to something new. It sounds like they have some fun plays in store for this next year. Hey, I guess I'll get to see one or two of those plays next year.
That is some crazy news! I heard that Jerry Sloan retired this week, and also about all the controversy. That's crazy! He has been good, but I think that it is time for him to move on and like you said, get some new blood. Now hopefully they can get it together and start winning some games.

I'm glad you liked the White Cliff pictures. They really were amazing! I think it is one of the coolest places I have seen in Denmark. It might be something that we could all see in the future sometime.

Jansen and his girl are looking pretty snazzy. I think it is funny that the style now is wearing shoes like that to dances and formal things.

The first 5 pictures I sent you this time are the Johansen kids. We were doing some light saber pictures. I think the 5th one is so funny! One of the kids wanted to try taking the picture and he just completely failed. The best part is the kid's face, he is so in to it. haha. Then I have some pictures of my chain. I still have forever left. It's 278 days, as of yesterday. And the last one is one of my new ties. It was so rediculious that I had to buy it.
Today we are going to go bowling! Heck yeah! I always love bowling. Thank you for everything! I miss you! Can't wait to see you in 9 months.

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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