Monday, February 28, 2011

Feb. 28th, 2011

Hey there!

Thanks! I'll be glad to recieve that package! Hopefully it gets here soon. Haha, that's ok that you forgot to stick those things in there. You sent me the school pictures in my christmas package so I have those already.

That is cool that you went to a Carl Bloch exhibit! Chelsey went there a few weeks ago and told me about it. That's cool that they have that there. I know a lot about that guy. Wanna hear something cool? Remember that castle that I went to a couple months ago? Well in the chapel in that castle they have a room with many of the original Carl Bloch paintings! So I got to see them in person! I didn't take any pictures because they wanted to preserve them so they were in a dim room and I couldn't use flash. Another cool fact, there is a member in Aalborg named Søren Bloch, and his grandpa, I think, is Carl Bloch. That's awesome that you were able to see his paintings. He is way good.

Congrats to Andrew on getting his Eagle, and to Camron for all that businuss stuff he does. It sounds like he is starting to be a pretty successful businussman guy.
The weather is finally starting to get better. But that happened like a month ago. I've heard that it is now supposed to make the swich to spring, so I'm happy about that.

I guess I'll get to telling you about my week. Well starting on Thursday it wasn't the best. I woke up on Thursday and I was sick! Grrr, Thursday happened to also be the day that we had planned to go to the white cliffs again as a whole district. So we had other missionaries with us, and I didn't want to ruin the fun, so we went anyway. It was sooo cold that day, and we were outside hiking in the cold. I don't know if you have tried hiking in the cold while being sick, I don't recommend it. It was kind of cool though because this time we went to the beach at the bottom of the cliffs so we got a different view, and we held a district meeting there. It was probably the coolest district meeting ever held. Anyway, I'm sure that was not the best thing for my sickness.

Later that night, we had an eating appointment scheduled with the Ravn Family. He assigned me to give a talk that sunday (yesterday)

Friday we took it easy for the first part of the day but had a couple appointments later so we went to them still. We met with Mogens and it went really well. By the way, his name is pronounced like (Moe-ins) He's a funny guy. We also met with Jeff, that guy I told you about and got some big disappointment when he told us that he isn't interested in our church at all.

Saturday we lost our car. They decided that another area needs it more than us so we had to drive to Copenhagen and deliver it. Oh, but when we were in Copehagen I got a dyne from some other missionaries, so I don't have to sleep in that dumb little blanket anymore. Right now we don't have any form of transportation. We can only walk. We might get bikes though, I think that would be fun.
On the train ride back I prepared my talk for the next day, and I think my talk turned out pretty good. Better than the last one. I think it's better when I prepare less. haha. Last time I wrote out the whole talk basically and this time I just wrote a couple of key words, and I think this one turned out a lot better. I talked about member missionary work (big surprise haha)

Oh it was so funny and weird, the closing prayer in church was given by this old lady, sister korgaard. She must've been really confused or something, because her prayer was half Danish, and half English. Haha. Vi beder dig om to be with those who ikke kunne be here idag... Me and Poulsen were trying hard not to laugh during the prayer. The funny thing is, she is Danish, so I have no idea why she would switch to english.

I have a few pics today too.
First is me with some ugly pink hair, and then the rest are from the white cliff beach and our meeting. It was way pretty, there was ice all over everything. It was also freezing cold...
I'll see ya soon!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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