Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011


I'm doing good. It was so scary hearing about that earthquake and tsunami in Japan! It is weird thinking what it would be like if I was called to Japan. Because I thought for sure that I was going to get called to Japan, we all thought that, right? Imagine what it would be like if I was over there when all of this stuff went on. I heard that there are several thousand people who can't be found, and someone in church yesterday told us that a few missionaries are also lost. I have a couple friends who are serving in Japan, but I looked them up and it seems like it didn't effect them at all. I'm glad to hear that so far it doesn't seem to have effected anyone we know. I was thinking, mom, I bet you are glad that I was called to Denmark and not Japan.
Anyway, It was great hearing from you. I'm glad that you are all doing good.

Congrats with the churchball. Sounds like they had an exciting game, even though they didn't pull off a win at the end.
That is cool that Spencer is back home now (its also pretty weird) I'm sure it was fun to see him again and hear from him on Sunday.
Brielle's party sounds fun. That's still weird that she is getting so old. That is so exciting that they are expecting another baby! I'm excited to meet him/her when I come home!

Haha that is funny that you got a letter from the mission pres. I've heard missionaries saying that their parents have been getting those. The real reason is because he doesn't like missionaries and families complaining about release dates. About getting an earlier date or whatever. He's been saying that it isn't our choice if we extend or whatever. I don't think he would make me extend though and miss the holidays again.

I'm glad you like my balloon pictures, they were pretty fun. Oh, the big orange one DID pop actually. We were getting bored of it anyway though.
Mogens is the man! But he still hasn't tried praying. He reads a lot, he has come all the way to Alma almost, but that is only half of what it takes, he needs to pray too! We try to get him to, but he is scared to for some reason, or he just doesn't do it.

No, Henrietta and Isebella are in this area. Its just that we visited them the first week I was here and haven't been able to since, until last week. I don't know what was up, they would answer whenever we would try to get a hold of them. but when we finally got a hold of them the other day, they seemed really excited to see us again.

Gas at $3.35 is nothing. Haha, jk that is getting up there. I think it is going to be so weird though to come back to America and see all of the low prices. It is going to be so weird to go to a fast food place and get an entire meal for like 3 or 4 bucks. It costs like 10 bucks here for the same thing.
Here is something exciting. We found out that we are getting bikes finally!! We get them on wednesday when we go to Copenhagen for zone conference. I think it is going to be fun on bikes. It will definitely be better than walking around everywhere.

The other day, we got a call from a new convert, Lisa. She is this old lady who got baptized a little less than a year ago. Well she called us up and asked if we could come over and help her with some service. We said yeah of course. So we went over there and asked her what she needed, and she gave us money and said she needed 4 liters of 2% milk, and told us to go to the store and buy it for her. Haha, what the heck. So we did. It was one of the weirdest ''service projects'' I've done on my mission. Oh and that reminds me, there is another guy we teach, Henning, and everytime we go over to teach him, he always has us walk his dog for him when we are done. I don't mind, its a cool dog.

On wednesday, our district leader, Elder Mauler and his comp came on splits. But the best part about it was that it was a surprise splits. Haha, they just showed up without telling us before. It kind of freaked us out with they knocked on our door. It was good though, we found a new investigator. Jesper. He is kind of weird though, he let us in, and he had nothing in his apartment. There was literally only one single chair in the middle of the room and nothing else. No tv, to fridge in the kitchen. It was weird. We thought he might've just moved there, but he said he's been there for 5 months. And he has a big santa beard.

we made some darts. They are way fun! We also made a homemade target on the wall. We are getting pretty good I think. When the two missionaries came on splits we had some dart tournaments. They got way intense. It's funny, the next day we all had way sore arms.

On saturday we did a little presentation thing for the primary (or in other words, for the 2 youngest Johansen kids) They were having a mission preperation day where they learned to make some food and learned other important missionary things, and we were asked to share with them some of the things we did to prepare for our missions. Oh by the way, those kids loved the gift from you and they say thanks for that. They are obsessed with those little rubber band things.

Umm, that is about it. This next week should be good. We are going to Copenhagen tomorrow night and sleeping over and then going to zone confernce on wednesday. And then we are coming home with our new bikes, oh yeah!

I have some pictures for you today.
The first 2 are a way awesome sunset we saw the other day! It was even cooler in person. Then there is a bunch of pictures of our homemade darts and dartboard. You can see all the holes in the wall.. The last dart one is cool, Poulsen took the picture while the dart was in the air. And it happens to be the throw that I hit the balloon. And then the last two are some pictures that I got off of Elder Poulsens camera of our district meeting at the cliffs. To close we sang the national anthem and I had an american flag with. Hahaha.
I hope you have a great week and I can't wait to hear from you again next week!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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