Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

Hi again!

That's good that you have been able to contact all our friends in Japan and find out that they are all doing good. I'm glad that I wasn't called to Japan. Denmark is way cooler anyway.

You asked about transfers. Yeah they are coming up soon. You said that this one seems like it is going slow. Really? I think it's going pretty quick. I think that every transfer goes by faster than the last. It might seem like a long time because I was sent here a month before transfers so it is all just kind of blending in to one big one. Anyway, transfers are on the 6th. We filled out our fantasy forflytelser (transfers) brackets the other day. It was tough, anything can happen. My guess was that I'm staying here and that I am getting elder Tolbert. We'll just have to wait and see.

So you saw those miricle stories in the banner? Elder Williamson has an intresting way of writing, but his are always funny to read. So did you also see the new missionaries coming and see that we are getting a bald kid? What the heck?

Yeah I don't know why Mogens doesn't try praying. The other day I peeked at him during the prayer to see what he was doing and was just sitting there with his hands on his lap and staring at the table. Yeah It's great that he is flying through the BOM, but I'm getting tired of going over there and just hearing the same thing, that he hasn't tried praying yet.

Speaking of reading the Book of Mormon, I've been reading it again in Danish and I just finished Alma, and I think those war chapters are so cool! It's sad of course, but I think it is exciting to read about all of their strategies and everything. I couldn't stop reading, haha. So not only is it true, but its also a exciting book.

That Jesper guy is doing good. We met with him again. He gained a piece of furniture, this time next to his one chair he had a little pad bed thing. He is nice. We just stand in the kitchen when we talk. Oh, while we were there his cat threw up on the ground.. gross.

Well, this week we have been pretty busy, but not with missionary work unfortunately. On tuesday evening we traveled to Copenhagen and stayed with the zone leaders. And then the next day was zone conference. It was good. Oh, elder williamson finally finished his entry in my Mindebog. I don't know if I've told you about that. A Mindebog (or memory book) is a cool tradition they do in Denmark. It basically has pictures and writing and other things to help remind of good times. So my companions each put something in it, and Willy finally finished. His title page was cool, he had a velvet background with a picture of us holding a jellyfish, and around the picture was a hand knitted frame! Haha. It was knitted of Icelandic Sheep wool and Alpaca wool. Pretty impressive.

At zone conference the zone leaders gave us a way cool training about being ''John Stockton Missionaries''. John Stockton has to be my favorite Basketball player ever.

When we were done there we finally got our bikes! Oh yeah! Unfortunately they weren't in the best condition and when we took them home we had to fix them up a little bit. I had to get a new tube and put it in. I got mine working fine, and everything was going well, but then on Saturday we had an appointment with Ronnie, it had been several weeks since we had seen him. He lives a couple miles outside of Nykøbing and we were going to bike there. Well on the way there, we had just made it out of the city and Elder Poulsen's back tire exploded! So we had to call Ronnie and cancel and then walk all the way home. So far these bikes have been more trouble than help, but I think once we get them working, they will be good to have and also fun. It has also been forever since I have ridden a bike, so my legs have been so sore.

The weather has been pretty good, so it's not bad biking. But is still is frustrating because it gets really nice and warm and then the next day is way cold again. I thought we were done with that!

So that has basically been this whole week. Zone conference and Bike problems. Church yesterday was good. There was no weird or crazy things that happened! That's a first.

Well thats all. Have a super awesome week!!

Love Elder Tyler Lee :)

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