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March 28,2011

Hey Everyone!! Whoah today was a bonus email with a little input from everyone! Thanks y'all. Hey Tani! Wooo! That is so cool that you went to the festival of colors! Did you have fun?! I thought it was way cool when I went to it. But it is also pretty weird with their songs and chanting and all that. I'd like to see those pics and videos that you got on your phone sometime. I didn't even know you have your own phone! It's tough to get all of that color off you isn't it. I remember I was still finding green and purple in my ears like 4 days later. Congrats on Churchball! That's awesome that you and your team are doing so well! Good luck with your upcoming games! Tia! I've heard that you are quite the little actress. I feel bad that I keep missing out on all of these plays and things that you have been doing! I would really like to see them. Thats cool that you enjoy doing those plays so much! That 3rd grade California play sounds really fun. I still think it is weird that you are in 3rd grade, and now you are almost done with it! Now that you've done a California play you need to do one about Utah! Or Denmark! Haha. I miss you so dang much, Tia. I always see little kids here that remind me of you. See ya in 7 and a halfish more months. :) (Note from mom...Tia is in 4th grade. What is he going to think when he realizes that?!) Hey pops! Thanks for the sports update. I hear a few things about the sports world every once in awhile and it is good being kept informed. Sorry to say this, but I am kind of glad that the Jazz have been doing so crummy. It would be a bummer if they were doing better than ever and winning the playoffs if I wasn't able to watch it. So I'm fine with them doing lousy while I'm away, but once I come home they need to stop messing around! That is cool though that BYU has done so well this year and gotten so much attention.

Hey, we were at our investigor Ronnie's place this week and he let me play his electric guitar for awhile. He has a nice Gibson Les Paul. It was fun playing again, but I've forgotten a ton of the electric guitar stuff I used to know! I have my acoustic guitar of course, but I can't play the same stuff on that. So I'm hoping that when I come home, it will come back pretty quick. I think that when I come home I am going to have to take an entire day down there in the music room with no interuptions. Haha. Well, see ya later. Mom, that is awesome that Landon is waiting on a mission call now! I'm excited to see where he goes and when he goes. I guess there will probably be a couple of months between. That would be weird if there went 4 whole years between seeing each other. Let me know what his call says when you hear about it.

Why thank you. I'm glad you liked seeing those piano videos. They aren't that good, I had a bunch of mistakes in that one. I'm planning on quiting again once I leave this area. This time it'll be for good. Just kidding just kidding. I'll stick with it. I'll just most likely play keyboard instead of piano because a regular piano is boring, and most of the music is lame classical stuff. Well this has been a good week I guess. We were able to get a lot of teaching in. I have to tell you some more about Mr. Jesper. Yeah Jesper is a nice guy. We found out that he doesn't live in that little apartment alone. He has a billion cats! Haha, its weird because the first two times we went there we only thought he had one cat, but this last time, I walked into the main room and there was seriously like 10 cats, and when they saw me they all scattered and ran around the corner. I think Jesper just gathers random cats off the street and keeps them, because some of them weren't in the best condition, and a couple of them hissed at me before they ran away. The weird thing is they ran around the corner into the kitchen and when we looked over there, they had all disappeared! I don't know where they went. Anyway we were able to finally squeeze some teaching in. He talks a lot and it is kind of tough, but we taught him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and showed him a picture of the Prophet. Jesper just went off about how it looked like Joseph had a ''hawk nose'' and that isn't what he imagines a prophet looking like.

We were finally able to get our bikes working like they should! But it wasn't easy. Mine was pretty easy, but Elder Poulsens had a lot of trouble. His tire exploded, so we went and bought a new tube and put it in, but when we put the bike back together and inflated the tire we found out that the actual tire was bad and had a tear and that is why the tube popped. So we took the wheel off again and went and bought a new tire. Well, when we went to put the wheel back on the bike, we found that the chain had randomly shrunk. It doesn't make any sence, the chain seemed to be too short and the wheel couldn't go all the way into place because of it. So after messing around with that for awhile with no success, we finally just had to take it to a shop and have a guy fix it for us. But now the bikes work great and it has been fun riding them around.

On Saturday we rode our bikes all the way out to Ronnie's place. It was like a 45 minute bike ride, so not way too long, but the weather on the way there was pretty good and the sun was shining, so we went with just a really light jacket and no gloves or anything. But after the appointent it was so cold on the way back and it was pitch black! We had lights on our bikes that we bought, so we could see barely in front of us, but it was just so freezing cold, and the wind completely froze our hands, we couldn't even feel them. When we got home we checked what the tempeture was and it was 37 degrees. Plus freezing wind. Next time we will be sure to be more prepared.

Oh let me tell you a bit about the appointment. He made us his famous homemade pizza, and it was so good! He really is a great cook. There was one point where he was telling us about his idea for a pizzeria. He said that he wants to start a pizza place where people make pizzas in the shape of flowers and butterflys... Hahahaha. We also told him that there is a chance that one or both of us might move soon, so he wanted to take some pictures with us.

Earlier that same day we also got some free food for lunch, because it was a relief society birthday party thing, and they invited us. After the meal we watched the Emma Smith movie. Have you seen that? It was the first time that I had seen it and I thought it was really good. Maybe that is mostly because it is the only movie I've seen in a long time. Jk, I liked how it showed about the Prophet Joseph from a different perspective. I was bummed because we had to leave before it was over.

Sunday it was way funny. It was fast and testimony meeting because next week is conference (crazy that it is already time for general conference!) So it was fast sunday, but they had a ward lunch together right after church. Haha, I was kind of confused during the announcements in Sacrement meeting because the guy announced that it was fast sunday, and right after that he said that we would be eating together after the meetings. I don't think they understand the idea of fasting..

We have now switched over to summer time with daylight savings. So we've had an hour less sleep. But a good thing about that is I was able to read your email an hour earlier!

Well, I have 2 pictures for you today. They are me/us with Ronnie. He doesn't smile much in pictures.

That's all for this time. Have a super week! Love Elder Tyler Lee

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