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April 17, 2011

Hey!! :D

Unfortunately I don't have too much time so I'll have to type fast!
Well would you like to hear about my week? It has been pretty exciting I'd say. We'll start with bowling last pday! I was on fire! I tied my old high score of 165, and then I beat it, and then I beat it again! My top score was 175. oh yeah! I usually have that problem where I get 9 pins but the last one won't fall down, well that wasn't too much of a problem this time. I think I got 13 or 14 strikes out of 4 and a half games. And I got a turkey. Elder Tolman didn't do as well unfortunately. I usually beat him by at least a hundred points.. You have to see the video of him, its so funny.
In the evening we went to copenhagen because Tuesday was zone conference. I brought a coconut to share with the zone leaders who we were staying with but we got there late, it was like 10:30, so I just saved it and brought it with the the zone conference and everyone thought it was way cool, haha.
On wednesday evening/thursday, the zone leaders came over to Nykøbing for splits. It went way well! They drove us to the very west side of our area, about an hour away, and we visited some less active people who were really nice. And then back in Nykøbing we found two new investigators who are really cool. One is that guy Jeff's girlfriend Hanne. Remember Jeff? He was the one who came to our church to meet with us but then told us he wasnt' interested. Well it had been a month or more so we gave him one more chance and he wasn't home but his girlfriend answered. She said that Jeff had told her a bit about us and they had read a little bit in the book of mormon. She said it was really interesting and that we are welcome over anytime.
Saturday we took another bike ride over to Ronnie's place. His appointments are always great, for one reason because of the way good food! This time we had some delicious American style bbq. He barbequed some steaks, it was way good. I'm trying to remember if he said or did anything extra funny this time, but I'm not thinking of anything.
Then yesterday was a good Sunday. We had a special Easter service that was nice. There were some visitors, a family that came from Germany, and they were way awesome. They also had a foriegn exchange student named Jordan from Idaho and she was way cool too. She asked me to translate for her, so that was fun. It's been awhile since I've had a chance to do that. They are also coming next Sunday. Since it was a special Easter sacrement meeting they asked me to perform a musical number. So not only did I play the organ during sacrament, I also played a song on the guitar. It was Jesus the very thought of thee. I thought it went well, and everyone seemed to be happy about it.
And that brings us to today. We aren't really doing anything fun today. Just going to look around some stores. But later in the evening we are heading over to Slagelse which is in my district and we are going on splits with them tomorrow.
Well that's all. I have some pictures for you today, but I'm not in any of them this time. Sorry about that. The first 3 are bowling scores. I think its funny on the first one, by the time he finally hit any pins I was already over a hundred.. Then there is a cute old matching couple that I saw. Oh man, and then the next ones are of the haunted laundry room that I've told you about! Going up there in the dark is seriously the scariest thing I've ever done. First there is the long dark hallway with the really dim light that turns off every 30 seconds. On the sides of the hall are all these creepy doors with abandoned rooms. Look at the picture with the old bathroom, look at the bottom left corner, I think that black shadow might be a ghost. Then at the end of the hall is the random laundry room. A dark concrete room with a washing machine in the middle. Over in the far corner is a small door that I always think some little demon will crawl out of. Anyway, those pictures are so you can get an idea of the horror I go through just to have clean clothes. I'm glad that the days stay bright longer now. Ok and then the last 3 pictures are my newly decorated planner. I think that it is some of my best work yet! Oh, and I also attached a video, I hope it works.
Well I'm glad that you all had a fun time in Cali and at Disneyland! That place is always a blast. And congrats to Weston and his girl. I didn't even know they were getting married until Grandma and Grandpa told me in a letter I recieved a couple days ago. You probably told me but I forgot. Haha, so you saw that miracle story eh? Yeah it is about Mogens and his Mormons Bog reading. Bog means book, but it's pronounced like (bow) I gotta go so I can't respond to everything, but thanks for the email and the pictures. I love Tia's style! Haha, and her glasses too.
Have a fantastic week!

Love Elder Tyler Lee :)

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