Monday, October 10, 2011

Oct. 10, 2011

Hey everybody!!

How are you doing? First of all I should tell you the big news first. That is about transfers. As I predicted, I will be leaving. :( But the good news is that it isn't very far away. Tomorrow I will be transferring to a place called Skive (Ski-Vuh) It is about 40 kilometers north from Herning so not too far at all. That is awesome because now I should be able to come back to Malin's wedding/baptisms with no problem. Oh, my new companion will be elder Nørgaard. It will be kinda interesting, but it should be fun. He is Danish which is cool. He is also 26 years old, so that will be kinda weird. I don't know too much about him, but I've talked to him about art before. He is really good at art and piano. So we have some similarities. I hope it will be a fun final 6 weeks.

Anyway, I didn't think that it was possible to go to a smaller branch, but I am. Skive is one of the very smallest in Denmark. There are just a few old people in the ward and they are all way old. I'm excited though, I've heard that they are really nice. It's weird, I started my mission in one of the biggest wards in Denmark and every single transfer I've gone to a smaller ward.

The last few days have mostly been me trying to get ready, and going around to everybody to say goodbye. It's always pretty hard saying goodbye to an area. Especially when it's one that you really love and full of a lot of people that you love. It was tough saying goodbye to Omar and Malin and their family, and to Mia and some of the other members and investigators. When we said goodbye to Annie she said that she still wants to work towards getting baptized and she still wants me to baptize her.

Last night we went over to Mia's one last time to say goodbye and I decided to get her some presents to thank her for everything that she's done for me, so I got her a card game called Monopoly Deal, which is way fun, and we ended up playing it for like 3 hours. Also for my bday she gave me a sketchpad and art supplies so I used them to draw a picture of her from her baptism. She loved it, and when she opened it she started crying.

Other things we've done this week... We finally were able to play soccer golf!! Woohoo! And it ended up being way fun! It was perfect weather, and there was nobody else there so we had the course to ourselves. We ended up going through the course 3 times. And it was a lot harder than we expected. We had our own personal caddies. Well, ''Cat-ies'' There were these 2 cats that followed us around the entire time.

Wanna hear a funny story. The other day we were on the way to an appointment and we needed gas, (I told you we got a car right?) So Elder McCleary pulled over to get some gas. He drives because my license expired on my birthday. Anyway he starts gasing up and just as he was about done I looked back and noticed that he was putting Diesel Fuel in it. So he came back and I told him that I think he put Diesel, and he said yeah I think I did too. So we pulled off to the side and called into the mission office to see what we should do, and they told us not to start the car at all, and that we had to call and get it towed and pumped out. We were so lucky though, because we called Gene, the guy who the appointment was with and he is friends with a mechanic who was able to come and tow our car and pump it and fix it up for us for a ''cheap'' cost. 1000 kroner later we were back on the road. :)

Oh that reminds me of another funny story. We found out that the car is going to stay here in Herning. The funny part about it is that they took the car from Skive... Which happens to be where I'm going. :/ So I'm still on bikes. Oh well.

Guess what!! Today we went to Lego Land!! It was so awesome! Even though it was raining the whole time, and the coolest ride was shut down. I though it was way cool anyway. It is so crazy the things that they can make with legos. They said that some of the statues and things they make consist of over a million legos! By the way, Legos were started in Denmark. Lego is short for Leg Godt, which means ''play well'' Cool huh.

I wish I could tell you some more about that and everything else, but the library closes in less than 10 minutes so I gotta go. But guess what! I have a million pictures for you! I hope you like them. I won't explain them all to you because it would take forever. but you can figure it out and if you have any questions about them then just ask. ;)

Well I hope you have an amazing week and I can't wait to hear from you again, and I'm excited to see you all in 6 weeks! Miss ya!!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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