Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oct. 2, 2011

Hey Y'all
Well, my birthday was actually really great this year. Waaaay better than last year. We had interviews that day. It was cool that we were able to meet with some of the other missionaries at interviews. Guess what. There was actually another missionary that has the same birthday as me. Elder Sandstrom. So we had to share.. I got the package there from Chelsey and opened it. There was a Birthday Boy badge I put on and wore it the rest of the day. After we were done with interviews we went to Silkeborg and some of the members in the branch threw a little party for me. It was so nice of them. They made a danish dish, Flæskesteg for us that is so good. I hadn't had it since Christmas so I was happy about that. They also had a cake for me and THREE other desserts. We ate so much but it was all delicious food. They also got me a little gift as well.

The next day is when we had my other BDay party thing. We went to Family Home Evening and we gave a lesson about the Iron Rod and had an activity where we blindfolded everybody and made a course through the church with yarn that they had to hold on to and it led them to the tree (and the treats) at the end. That was fun and everyone enjoyed it. After the activity they brought me more cake and sang to me. When we were done we went to Mia's house with her two friends, Pia, and Anne Marie, and they made one of my other favorite Danish meals, Tarteletter, and they gave me some presents. It was a couple of really fun days. :)

The rest of the week was also pretty packed. We had a lot of appointments and also Conference. We couldn't really meet with Annie because she has been pretty sick, but we did stop by one day to see how she's doing and let her know that we care, and she was happy for that. She said that she still wants to come to church and that she still wants to meet with us as much as she did before but she isn't going to be ready for baptism on the 8th. So that's a bummer, but hopefully we will still be able to get her in the water before I go home.

We met with Omar and Malin the other day and found out some really exciting news. Malin told us that she is pregnant again! She's expecting another baby in May! We went over there to give Lucas his bday card and present. He just turned 5 years old and he is very proud of that.

Saturday we went to Århus to see the first session of conference. I really enjoyed Conference. We saw the Saturday morning session that evening at 6, then we stayed the night in Århus, and the next morning we went back the the church, had a nice breakfast, and watched the priesthood session and then the Saturday afternoon session. After that we headed back to Herning and watched the Sunday morning session with Mia at her house. We weren't able to see the final session because they show it from 10 to midnight. That's just a bit late for us.. But I enjoyed the talks that I did see. I watched them all in English except for the Saturday afternoon. Some of my favorites were Elder Hollands talk in the Priesthood Session, and Elder Eyring on Sunday morning. Oh and of course President Monson is always good. :) It's so cool that they are making another Temple in Provo! That was exciting to hear that they are gonna rebuild the tabernacle as a temple.

So that is the update with me. Thanks for the update with you all! Congrats on the Marathon! You two are both crazy! But that's cool. I hope everyone had a fun weekend in St George.
Tillykke med fødselsdagen to Tia!! That is so weird for me to think that she will be going to young womens in a year! I hope she had a good Bday and that she will have a good Bday party on Friday!
No way! Colton is coming home after me? He must have extended for a long time! That's cool though, so I'm the next one to come home? That will be weird with me, Colton, and Jerry all coming home a week after the next.

I'm pretty sure that the UFO thing is mostly just for art. It is in a little town that has a big art museum near it. I also heard though that it is designed so that it gets struck by lightning a lot and that when it gets struck it reverberates and echoes over the entire area.

So transfers are coming up on the 12th. I'm sure I'll know what's gonna happen by next week. I'm 90 percent sure that I'm going to leave, which kinda sucks. I'm so sure because McCleary is gonna be training and so they will most likely have him train here where he knows what is going on. I wish I could stay here, but I'm not to worried about transfers because it will just be a few weeks than I'll be outta here anyway.

Duh how did I forget to tell you this big news?! We got a car finally! When we went to conference they gave us a car to come back in. So we will finally be able to visit some of the people that are farther away and get a lot done. That also means that we have one last chance to finally go play soccer golf. We are planning on going today, and we really hope it will finally work out!! Oh and then next week we are hoping on going to Lego Land! That would be so cool!
Well that's all I've got for today. Thanks for everything you do!! Have a great week and I'll see you next month!! :)
Love Elder Tyler Lee :)
Ps. Let me explain these pictures for you. The first 3 are from my first BDay with some members from silkeborg. The big fella across from me is Benny the branch president. Then there is me with my cake from Herning branch (it's nice having two branches, haha) Then in the next 2 there are people who were with to FHE. The girls in pic number 6 are the ones who threw me a party after. Mia is on the left. Then there is a picture from my party, and then lastly it's me with my presents I recieved. Let me tell you a little about the gifts. Mia gave me the coolest danish book ever. Its called ''Muldvarpen, der ville vide, hvem der havde lavet lort på dens hoved'' The translation is ''The mole that wanted to know who it was that took a crap on it's head'' It's such a funny book. I got toy story 3 from Pia. It was so funny when I opened it, because a few weeks ago I told her that she looks exactly like Jessie the cowgirl from toy story (because she does) so she got me that movie kind of as a joke. I also got a sketchpad with some nice pencils, a nice golden danish Christmas ornament, and some other little things. And then the best is the pass of all passes I got from Chelsey. :) It's a pass that lets me go to basically any place in Utah as much as I want all year. (seven peaks water park/ice arena, trafalga, sporting events, wolf mountain ski resort, and more) She got one for herself as well so now we have a whole bunch of fun things we can do when I come home.

K gotta go. See ya in 49 days!

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