Monday, October 24, 2011

Oct. 23, 2011

Hey Everybody!
I hope everyone is doing well! My week has been OK, but I've had better.. I've gotten kind of sick. :/ It's nothing with nausea, it's more of a headache, stuffy nose, sore throat and cough type thing. LAME. But other than that the week has been pretty good. Guess what! I have less than a month left now! :-O 4 weeks! That's so crazy!

That's cool that you got another car. I bet Jansen is pretty happy about that.

Thanks for including a passage from Landon's email. It sounds like he is pretty excited to get to work. I'm sure that he is gonna do a great job.

Hahaha that is way funny what happened with dad in Sacrament meeting. I didn't know that dad could make mistakes on organ. He plays very well. To bad that I wasn't there for that one.

After another day at church here I am starting to get to know the branch, and the people here are really funny and nice. I hope I can be one of those fun energetic happy old guys when I'm older, instead of one of those grumpy boring guys. There is one guy in the ward, (cool name) who is one of those grumpy old people. He made like 50 comments in priesthood class and they were pretty much all about how people don't read in the bible as much as they should. Oh by the way I held a talk yesterday at church.

It's crazy that Halloween is next week! It seems like I just barely had my Birthday, and now it's already almost been a month! I decided on an idea for my jackolantern. I hope it works. It's going to be really complicated but I'm gonna try to do a portrait of President m
Monson. I made a stencil for it just barely. We'll see how it turns out.

Well let me tell you a little more about the new area, and about my week. So our investigators are doing pretty good. Especially Leyla. We are going over there 2 times a week. She really likes meeting with us. This last time we were there we finally got her to pray. She wouldn't pray because she said she was scared to. And that she didn't feel worthy to. But we had a really good lesson about prayer, and at the end we challenged her to pray. She was still reluctant, so I said that I could say a prayer, and then Elder Nørgaard could say a prayer, and then she could try. And so that's what we did, and she said her first prayer in many many years. I then challenged her to make prayer a regular part of her life again and she said that she wants to do that. :) We are going over there again tomorrow and we are going to try to set a baptismal date with her. I'll let you know how it goes.

We also met with Elijah again. Elijah is way cool, and he is very smart and knows a lot about the bible. He asked a lot of questions, and we watched a conference talk with him. The one by Jeffery R Holland about the Book of Mormon. I think it's called Safety for the Soul. It made him want to start reading the BOM a little more.

I don't know if I told you last time that we have a blind investigator.. Well we do. She is an older lady named Lise and she can't see a thing. But she really likes the church and the BOM and we told her that we can get it to her on CD.

Elder Nørgaard's sister isn't an investigator, she is an inactive member. She is doing ok. We went there a couple nights ago, and she said she wants to know more about the church and make it a bigger part of her life. We were bummed when we got a text on Sunday saying that she was too tired to come to church.

The other day we went to zone conference and it was so weird for me. Because I looked around and out of the 30 something missionaries there, I was the oldest (mission wise) I've even been here longer than Pres Andersen. Then I realized that that was my very last zone conference. :O The next one is right after I go home, so I'm done! It was cool, at the zone conference I met my grandson! I got a picture of our whole family.

The other day I was in the right place at the right time. It was kinda funny, a guy was pushing an old lady on a wheelchair, and then he stopped her and went inside to grab something, and when he went inside the lady started rolling down towards the road (there was a slight hill) Right before she rolled over the curb into the street I reached out and stopped her. It was funny because I didn't even have to speed up to get to her in time. We just met up perfectly. Anyway, the guy ran back out, they thanked us and we continued on our way.

Oh guess what! I bought a new suit! It is the coolest suit I've ever worn. It's a grey European suit, originally 2500, but I got it for 1500 ($250ish) I tried it on and it fit perfectly, so I got it. I was going to take a picture and send it to you, but then I though instead that you can just see it in person in 4 weeks. :D

I have to admit, I am getting pretty good at accordion. haha. It's pretty hard, especially with the left hand because there are a million buttons and you can't see what you are doing, so I always get lost. I want to get one when I come home, but they are apparently pretty pricey.

I talked to Elder McCleary yesterday and got some bad news. The first bad news is that Annie has disappeared from the face of the earth. They can't get a hold of her at all. :/ And the other bad news is that Omar and Malin are still waiting for wedding papers. Since Omar is from Canada and he was married before, there is a bunch of crap that they need to sort out before they can get married. They are almost done but they need to wait a couple weeks for something, so it is looking like they are going to be getting married the Saturday AFTER I leave... What the heck?! Oh well, I guess what really matters is that they DO get married and she DOES get baptized. It's not so important that I'm there.

I have 2 pics for you today. The first is of me, My son Elder KLC, and his son, I think his name is Elder Dunshee. And then there is a picture of me and sister Andersen. She comes home I think in January or February.

I am excited to see you again in a few days! I miss you all! See ya!
Love Elder Tyler Lee

ps, about that school stuff. That is good that you have found someone that can help us with it, because I don't really know at all what we are supposed to do. I guess you can just take her advice and go with that writing 150 whatever. And I'll go with Biology. Thanks for staying on top of all that. :)

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