Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oct. 31, 2011/I will add pics soon

How's it going?? Guess what!!! I'm coming home THIS MONTH!!! In 3 weeks!!! That is insane!!! I am excited to see you all! :D You know what? This is really weird. Now that I am actually going to be coming home and continuing my life, it is still hard to believe that this is actually happening. My mission has been my life and sometimes it has seemed like that is how it always would be. These last few days and weeks have been full of a lot of different emotions, and my head is just so packed full of thoughts and everything. I'm still doing my best to do missionary work, because well, it's my job, but I am also so ready to come home.

Enough with that, this has actually been a really eventful week. Its had a lot of goods, and a few not so goods. I'll start from the beginning. Here is a fun story that happened on Tuesday. You are going to love this one, Mom! I crashed on my bike... But don't worry too much, I'm fine. I'm actually amazed that I'm fine. So, we were biking down a hill and so we were going really fast, and then out of nowhere an old lady started walking across the bike path with her walker. Don't worry I didn't hit her, but my bike has bad brakes, they always loosen, so they brake OK, but I can't really make fast stops if I'm moving too fast. So I pulled my brakes but wasn't stopping fast enough, so I reached my hand down by the front wheel to pull the brakes by hand, (it had worked several times before) But this time, the bike stopped immediately and I flew right over the handlebars. This is where it got cool, because at that point everything moved in slow motion for a moment and I was able to react and roll my body so I landed on my shoulder on my coat. I layed on the ground for a couple seconds and stood up, and I was surprised that I was in no pain at all, and the first thing I was worried about was if I had ripped up my coat or pants, but they were not damaged one bit. I looked around more, but I was not hurt at all, no skin was even broken. So I adjusted my seat back into place and continued on my way. :)

Later that day we went to Leyla, and we had a really good lesson. We challenged her to baptism and guess what she said.. She said yes! She said that she wants to be baptized and she wants her daughter Sarah to be baptized, but she wasn't ready to set a date. That's exciting though, we will be working with those two to make sure they can be ready to get baptized as soon as possible.

On Friday we had splits with the district leader. They came and we had a lot of success. We were able to teach 6 lessons, and we found 4 new investigators! We were excited about that. :) Oh, ha ha it was funny, on the way back we were waiting at the train station and there was this weird guy dressed in a baggy one piece jumpsuit thing and he had a metal pole that he was spinning around behind his back and under his legs and everything, and he was balancing it on his chin. It was weird, yet entertaining. I wanted to get a video of him but didn't dare.

The past couple days were really fun. On Sunday after church we went to Fredrikshavn because we were having a district meeting/activity the next day and we live far away. It is way annoying because we live about 2 hours away by car, but we have to take the trains and there isn't a direct one from skive to Fredrikshavn. We actually had to switch trains 3 times to get there, and so it took like 4 and a half hours. But it's ok because we had a lot of fun there. Elder Williamson is in Fredrikshavn so me and him stayed up late jamming and talking. The next day we met with the rest of my district. We have a pretty cool district. My boy Klc and his son Dunshee are also there.

We all went up to Skagen where the two seas meet, and there we had a district meeting up on an old Nazi bunker. It was kinda cold but it was way cool. Also at Skagen we had a special ''ceremony'' for Elder Williamson. I don't know if I told you about how his girlfriend got engaged to another guy. Well before he left, she gave him a notebook full of memories and her writing about how much she loves him and can't wait for him to come home so they can be together and all that, so he decided that it was time to dispose of that notebook in the coolest way possible. So he wrapped it up, tied a rock to it, walked out into the water and through the notebook into the water where the two seas meet. It was pretty funny.

Well that was my week. Also, I am feeling better, I'm not sick anymore so that is good. I am sore though, because in Fredrikshavn in the morning we did P90X Ab Ripper, so my stomach is way sore.

Oh yeah, and in Fredrikshavn we were supposed to carve pumpkins but we weren't able to for 2 reasons. one, because we didn't have time, and two, because Denmark is lame and doesn't celebrate Halloween and it was impossible to even find pumpkins. So my Thomas Monson pumpkin is going to have to wait until I come home. Hopefully I can still find a pumpkin at the end of November.

Question, do you know about when I'll be getting released or anything when I get home?

Sounds like you had a pretty fun Halloween! I like everyone's costumes! Where did Jansen come up with that costume?? Tani did a really good job with her gorey makeup, and Tia's costume is.. interesting.. haha. I like it.

So with byu stuff. I guess I forgot to say this, but I think it will be best for the first semester to live at home. The main reason is that everybody I know is on a mission and I don't really want to live with a bunch a people I don't know at all. But later when Williamson, and Scotty come home it would be really fun to try to find a place with them. And that is too bad that the drawing class would have to be in the evening. I don't really want to have to deal with classes too late for now. I want to do other stuff in the evenings.

Oh I just remembered something pretty funny. The other day me and Elder Nørgaard spent most of the day together with his family! How weird is that? It's because his sister was moving back home, and we were helping her move. So I met his Mom, Dad, sister and brother. And also on the way home from fredrikshavn we stopped in Randers, his home town, to switch trains. He said that his house was a ten minute walk away. I just have to say that I am glad that all of you are on the other side of the world. That would be to weird as a missionary.

Sorry to hear about the little car accident. That is just a difficult place to back out of. I bet Jansen was scared to come in and tell you about that one. He hasn't been as bad a stuffbreaker as he used to be has he?
Well I'll just get on to explaining some pictures for you, because I have a lot of pictures for you today! The first one is just me on a train. And then the rest are pretty much from Skagen. There are some of us on the beach, and then there are a couple of pretty graphic pictures, so I apoligize for that, there was a giant dead blue jellyfish on the beach, and a poor dead seal. The seal was really gross.. Then there is Williamson with his notebook. I didn't get him throwing it, because I was filming a video of it. Then there are a couple pics of me on the Nazi bunker. I was experimenting with different camera settings. And then some goodbye pictures with Williamson and Klc and Dunshee. That was the last time I'll see them until their homecomings.

Well, I hope you've had a good day. Sorry again that you had to wait a whole extra day! I hope you survived!! ;) I miss you a bunch and can't wait to see you in 3 weeks!!
Love Elder Tyler Lee

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