Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dec.9, 2009

Hey everyone!!! I am out of breath right now because I just sprinted back from the Temple. It took longer than we thought it would and we don't have much email time. I don't have my letters or anything with me right now, cuz we didn't have time to go back to our room to get them, so I will try my best to remember what you asked and said. I'm having trouble remembering what happened this week because it has gone by so fast!! It seems like yesterday was my last P-Day! It is crazy how fast it is going! Overall, it was a very good week. And I'm not just saying that so you will feel good, Mom. It really has been great here. Yeah, I have some times that are hard, but the good parts outway the bad by far. I got some pictures devoloped and I'm going to send them home soon, so you can see what I've been up to. If you want, you can scan some of them and put them up on the blog or something. There has been some really good food here lately. And I have probably eaten more than I should have. A couple days ago they had some spicy boneless chickin wings that tasted a ton like Winger's Sticky Fingers!!! They weren't as good as Wingers, but it was still really good. They also have a crab and shrimp salad that tastes a ton like Grandma's crab salad! It's delicious! Oh and they have Blueberry Muffintops, so that makes me pretty happy. :) We had another great devotional last night. The speaker was Claudio R. M. Costa, from the Presidency of the Seventy. He has a crazy awesome accent. It was fun to listen to him just because of his accent, but he also gave an amazing talk about planning. Yeah, I know, planning doesn't sound like a very interesting topic, but it was a way good talk. Dang, I had a list of things I wanted to talk about, but I don't have it with me and I forgot everything... Oh, thanks for the stamps. It saved me like 7 bucks. And thanks for the letters you send. The Dear Elder site is back in action, so feel free to use that as much as you want. So I was called as the Branch Music Coordinator (because I was the only person who knows how to lead music...) So that basically means that I choose the hymns for sundays and try to find someone to play the piano. My branch president says that I should relearn how to play the piono... But I don't know about that. Well, everything is going great. The progressive investigator thing is going well. I'm amazed at how much I can actually comprehend and speak! I still have a ton to learn though. I still sing in the choir every week. It is actually pretty fun. Who woulda thought? Oh yeah, since Tani, Tia, and Jansen wrote me, I'll write them all write now. I'll try to remember what they asked me. Tani, Hey lil sis! How's everything going? How's school and all that fun stuff? I'm just partying here at the MTC. Yeah, of course I still do the hand thing when I eat. And no, of course it doesn't annoy everyone, cuz its not even a weird thing to do. You're just a weird kid for thinking its weird. I miss you Tani. Tia, How's it going lil cutie? That's so cool how good you are doing in school!! You are one smart little kid! You should write me a letter sometime and show me how good you are at cursive. Are you excited for Christmas?! I miss you too Tia! Janny Sue, What up Dawg?! Are all of your bones still intact? Be careful with all your flips and junk. Why the heck would that commercial about a camera remind you of me? Thats weird. How are you liking high school? I miss you too, punk. So what do all you kids want for Christmas? Its just around the corner, although it doesn't feel like it at all to me. Have you been naughty or nice? Well, I'm almost out of time. Mom, I still need Camron's address so I can get a hold of him. He sent me a dear elder the first week and I can't get back to him. I love you all and I miss you. Remember to write me many letters! ;)Have a great week, and Glædelig Jul!!! (Happy Christmas) (Its not pronounced anything like you might think...See ya later!! Love Ældste Tyler Lee

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