Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dec. 2, 2009

Hey there family, and anyone else who reads this!! Hvordan går det?! (How goes it?) This week has been really good. I can't believe how fast this past week has gone by. It seems like just yesterday was my last P-Day! I'm trying to think of what happened this past week, but I'm having trouble remembering. We had another devotional on Tuesday. The Church Primary President, Sister Lant, and her husband spoke at it. It was really good. I sang in the choir again. Oh yeah, We have gone to the prosilyting (or however its spelled) center (formorly known as the Referal Center, it was recently changed) I've been talking to this investigator, Charles Daniels on the phone who read the book of mormon and believes that it is true, he also believes that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, but he is reluctant to have the missionaries come over because he lives with his parents and they really oppose the church. So I have been talking with him and trying to help him. It is so cool talking to these people, because it is real missionary work, not just fake MTC practice stuff. Something that is really hard living without is music! It is now a rule at the MTC that we cannot have ANY music at all! Because some missionary brought an Ipod touch and got on the internet. So I can't listen to anything! So I guess that is probably a big reason that I am going to choir, so I can actually hear music. I go to the temple on P-days. I'm gonna go there right after I'm done emailing. It was closed last week because of Thanksgiving, so this will be my first time since I've been here. I'm pretty excited! I heard about the BYU-Utah game! It sounds like it was a great game! I bet Jansen was pretty bummed out about the outcome. My friend Alice sent me a University of Utah tie pin in a package because she knows that I'm a BYU fan, so on the day of the big game I wore a red tie and U of U pin. So Ældste Van Nevel, the one who fell off the bed, he went to the doctor yesterday and found out that he fractured his heel! It was like his second day here and he already broke his foot! He is going back to the hospital later today to see what needs to be done about it. I hope it doesn't hold him back or anything. There are a lot of Christmas lights up now at the MTC. It is really pretty. We also decorated a little christmas tree and put it in our room. It is crazy that Christmas is almost here! It doesn't feel like Christmas at all! Yeah mom, don't worry, I'm taking plenty of pictures. The mtc can print them off for pretty cheap, so sometime soon I will print some and send them home. That is awesome to hear about Jeremy and Heidi's news!!! That's exciting! Tell them congrats. Oh yeah, I had a few things I wanted to tell you. First of all, I need Camron's address and/or email address. He sent me a Dear Elder, but it had our home address so I don't know how to get a letter to him. And also I would prefer if while I'm in the MTC you only send me Dear Elders or hand written letters, not emails. Because I don't get to read the emails until Wednesday's, and I only have a half an hour for email. So that would be great if you do that. Well I'm just about out of time, so I gotta get going. Let me know how everyone is doing, and tell them hi for me. Have a great week!! Love Ældste Lee

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