Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Goddag!!! Hvordan Går det? Jeg er meget smuk!

Goddag min familie! Hvordan går det? Everything is still going well. Sorry I don't ever have any cool stories or anything in my emails. Not much excitement happens here at the MTC. I'm sure when I get to Denmark I'll have plenty of great stories to tell you. I have a few things to tell you about though, so here it goes.

I've been here for over a month already! Can you believe that?! Because I sure can't! It's gone by so fast! I'm more than half way done with my MTC experience! (Well, if I get my visa on time) The Danish is definitely coming. I now teach entirely in Danish! And I've only been here for 5 weeks!!! We've taught several lessons in Danish now, and it goes really well. Each time we are able to say more, and understand the investigator more. I'm completely losing all of my Japanese speaking ability. A few days ago I ran into some missionaries from Japan so I tried to talk with them for awhile, but I COULDN"T! I seriously would try, but It would come out in Danish!

Yesterday Neil L Anderson, of the Quorum of the Twelve, came to the devotional. He gave a great talk! I remember when he first spoke at conference a few months ago, and how he seemed kind of nervous or unsure, but he has completely changed into an Apostle. He gave an awesome talk about Christ. So now I've heard from 3 Apostles while I've been here! And I'm hoping for another one on Christmas!

Wow! Christmas!!! I still can't believe it's here! It's starting to feel a little bit more like Christmas to me, but without our Christmas traditions its just not the same. I'll miss you all an extra amount on Christmas. I'm excited to open presents! I still haven't gotten the gifts from you, but I hope they get here before Christmas. I've also gotten a few other presents from friends and family.

The Proselyting Center (formerly known as the Referral Center) has been awesome! Well, for the last couple weeks I hated it, cuz I would call tons of people, but every single one would go to an answering machine, or they would hang up on me. But on friday I went and called a lady named Debra. She had called for a copy of the Together Forever DVD so I called her back and talked to her a little about family and the restoration, and I shared my testimony with her. She seemed really open to it, but her husband is Baptist and doesn't want anything to do with it, so she wouldn't let me send some missionaries over there. She did however say that I could call her back and tell her more, so after the holidays I'll call her back, and hopefully I'll be able to bless her life. :)
Oh yeah, also that same day at the PC, I called a guy who's name was "Teddy Bear Childcare Martinez" HAHAHAHAHA He didn't answer, It went to the answering machine, but I thought that was hilarious!

This week, Chelsey sent me and my comps some In n Out cheeseburgers and fries in the mail! It was the best package ever! (No offense to you and the packages you sent me, mom) The burgers were so good! Everyone in our building was so jealous of me. They couldn't believe that someone sent me burgers in the mail. Hahaha. Thanks again Chels!

um, the new missionaries are pretty cool. It's weird, it seems like they are so much younger than us month long missionaries. They all turn to us for advice, and its cool being the cool experienced missionaries for awhile. It won't be like that for much longer. One of the new missionaries in our area is Elder Unga, Harvey Unga's lil bro. He is way cool, and he has an Optimus Prime voice that sounds exactly like the real thing. Its awesome! In a week or two, some new Dutch missionaries are coming in, and one of them is Donny Osmand's kid. Its kinda cool who I meet here.

I still haven't had to give the talk in sacrement meeting yet, but It's got to be here soon. I did however have to give the lesson in our district meeting on sunday. And I wasn't even told that I had to until 9:30 the night before! It actually went really well though.

Well, I'm just about out of time. The 30 minutes for email is the fastest 30 minutes ever! I'll talk to you later. Thank you so much for everything! And I love you! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Love Ældste Tyler Lee

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