Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Week whatever week this is‏

Goddag!!! Hvordan Går det? Jeg er meget smuk!

Wow, another week down! I've been out 1 month already! Well, in 2 days its a month. I can't believe how fast its going! I'm already 1/24 of the way done with my mish!

Sorry, I don't really have any good stories to tell you. Not much exciting things happen here. Every day is basically the same thing. Study...
I feel like I'm learning so much. This last week, the language has really taken off. Now that I have a foundation, I can now learn a ton of new vocab. Me and my comp have taught a few lessons in Danish already. Its pretty cool. Camron, if you read this, I just wanna say that Danish is at least 50 times better than Japanese.

Mom, I'm glad you like the pictures that I sent home. Sorry that there weren't more of me, but you know how I am with pictures, I like to make them artistic. I'll try to respond to the questions and comments you had.

Yeah, its cool that Ældste Shreeve hasn't seen snow. He was fascinated with it for awhile. Funny story, he was looking off to the side admiring the snow, and he walked directly into a metal pole! Hahahaha! And he hit it hard! It was pretty funny. I think he is over the snow now, and he is just freezing.

Yeah, me and Ælsdste Hansen are about the same height, I'm actually about a half an inch taller.. just sayin. Ældste Van Nevel is way funny. He really does remind me a ton of Elder Calhun. He isn't the DL, but even better, he and Ældste Shreeve are the Zone Leaders.

Yeah, we spend a lot of time studying in that room. It can get pretty boring sometimes but I learn so much. I'll be glad though when I leave here and never have to go to that room again.

For our Thanksgiving Service Project we put together some humanitarian kits. It was a good experience, the best though was listening to Elder Holland talk afterwards.

I'm glad you liked my temple pics. I really like how they turned out. The temple looks really pretty at night time so I just had to take a bunch of pictures. No, I haven't run into anyone I know at the temple yet. But before it snowed, when the MTC field was open I played soccer out there a couple times and it was weird to think who was driving by that I might know. Something thats kinda sad is the temple is closing until jan 5 for renovations. So today will be my last time at the temple for awhile.
I'm glad you liked the pictures of our pathetic Christmas tree too. It really brings the Christmas Spirit. It's crazy that Christmas is almost here! It doesn't feel like Christmas to me at all! It going to be way different, but I'm excited to see what I'll do here on Christmas. I bet they will have an Apostle talk! My guess is Dieter F Uchtdorf. But who knows?

(If anyone reading this wants to see the pics, just go over to my house sometime. I'm sure my mom would love to have you over and look through them with you)

That must have been fun to see Garebear and the rest of the Bonhams. How are they all doing? I haven't seen them in so long.

Well, I guess I have a few things that happened this week that I can tell you about. First of all, in one day the Dutch Elders and the English Elders all left. Our branch went from about 40 people to literally 6 Elders!! It was sad to say goodbye to them. Today though, we got 22 new missionaries in our branch. It'll be nice to get to know them, and to not be the newbies anymore. ;)

Umm, the devotional speaker yesterday was Richard J Maynes, of the Seventy, and his wife. It was pretty good, but I am ready for another Apostle.

Oh yeah, here is the update on Ælste Van Nevel's foot. It is basically healed! He no longer limps or anything, so that is great!

Well, other than that, nothing is new. Sorry I don't have any good stories. When I go to Denmark I'm sure I'll have plenty of good stories to tell you.

My email time has come to a close, so I have to get going. Thanks everyone who has sent me letters, and keep them coming please. I'll try my best to respond to them. Glædelig Jul!!! (Merry Christmas)

Vi ses (see ya)

Love Ældste Tyler Lee

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