Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone! Happy New Year!!! Whoah, it's pretty much 2010! And I come home in 2011! So I'm basically home already! Uh oh, I'm already getting trunky, and I'm still in the MTC... Well, Christmas here was ok. It just didn't seem like Christmas, because Christmas is supposed to be with family and traditions and everything, so It just wasn't the same. Thanks for the presents! I always enjoy a good summer sausage and cheese! :) Also it was great to hear everyone's voices on the tape. I've started recording some stuff on the other tape, and I'll send that home after I get a bit recorded. Christmas day was pretty good. It made me kinda homesick though. On Christmas Eve we stayed up til midnight and then slept in till like 8:00... (don't tell..) And on Christmas we pulled out the Ipod for awhile. We thought it was ok to break a couple rules on Christmas... (sorry mom) On Christmas day there was an MTC Talent Show. I wish I would have done a guitar song in it, but I thought they only allowed like hyms and Christmas songs. They allowed other songs though, as long as they aren't to wild. There were a few elders who played the guitar, but I gotta say, I don't wanna brag, but I'm better than all of them. My favorite performance in it was Sister Smart, she played a song on the harp and it was way good!We had another apostle come on Christmas. It was Elder L Tom Perry! So thats apostle number 4! I have to admit though, I was kinda disappointed with his talk, and I think everyone was... It was just kinda boring.That night, we had a fireside and Greg Olsen talked at it. It was really good. He is the artist that paints all those pictures of Jesus with the little kids, and basically all of my favorite Jesus paintings. It was really interesting to have him till us about the meanings behind his paintings.So that was my Christmas. How was Christmas for all of you? What did the kids get and everything? I am now the new District Leader! Which basically just means that I have no more power than before, but I have much more responsibility and meetings to go to. I think it'll be a good opportunity. Umm, about the visas. No I haven't heard anything about it yet. And nobody else in my district have either. I hope they make it here on time. That would be terrible to have to stay here at the MTC for longer than I'm supposed to. If they don't come, there is a chance that they would send me to a mission in the USA for a transfer. That's what happened to the old Dutch Elders. I think that would be pretty cool, and I would also get extra study time before I get thrown into Denmark.I'm really starting to love speaking Danish. We had a pep talk from our Teacher that we weren't speaking our language enough, and that got us all excited to learn it. So this last week we have been speaking it a ton. I'm amazed at how much I've learned. I read from Mormons Bog (the Danish Book Of Mormon) everyday, and I'm able to understand about 80% of what I read! We got 5 new Dutch Elders and 2 Dutch Sisters today in our zone. I haven't met them yet, but I'm excited to. It's always fun to get to know the new missionaries. One of them is Donny Osmond's son. Oh yeah, Mom, remember that time when we watched that Thurl Bailey devotional on tv, where he told about his conversion story? And how he said he became converted as soon as he shook the mission president's hand and looked him in the eye. Well it turns out that the mission president was J Halvor Clegg, the first counselor in the MTC presidency. He spoke in a fireside and told that story. I just thought it was cool hearing it from his point of view. Well, I'm getting low on time again. I better wrap this up. Happy New Year everyone!!! I love you! I'll try to get that tape sent back to you as soon as possible. Have a great week! Love Ældste Tyler Lee

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