Saturday, January 30, 2010

One week down in Denmark.

Hi!! Well, I've now been in Denmark for over a week! Each day seems to go by way fast! I've heard that as a missionary, the days go slow but the months fly by. But for me, the days have gone fast and the months have gone even faster! So anyway, after one week I've started to adjust a little bit. The language is still way hard and it is hard to understand what anyone is saying. (I found out that the area that I'm in has the weirdest accent and it's the hardest to understand in Denmark...) Already though I feel like I'm understanding a bit more than last week. So I just have to be patient and it'll come. It has been way fun meeting and getting to know the ward members! The ward his is awesome! It's a pretty big ward for Denmark. About 150 members! They are way nice and inviting. We have had many opportunities to get to know them; Church, a few eating appointments, and we helped a family move last friday. They will be a ton of help to me as I try to learn Danish and get adjusted to life here in Denmark. Church was great on Sunday. That was one time that I actually understood most of what was being said. In sacrament they speak extra clearly and slower, and also they are talking about gospel topics which is basically all I know. Yeah, so that was good. I thought I was going to have to go speak or bear my testimony or something so I was nervous the whole time, but they never had me do it. I kinda wanted to though so the people would hear how bad my Danish was and they wouldn't expect that I can understand them when they talk to me. Haha! We have had a few teaching appointments. About half of them are actually in English! There are many foreigners here in Denmark, and for some reason they are much more open to the gospel. So we have a couple of black investigators and a chinese woman that we speak english to when we teach. We also have a couple Danish investigators that we're teaching (Elder Dalton does the majority of the talking with them) Hopefully they progess and are able to come closer to Christ. Thats cool that you are helping out the people of Haiti. That's a good Idea, raising money by doing a fun run thing. Good luck with that. Are just you and dad doing that or are the kids and any others getting involved with it? It's fun hearing about how the kids are all doing. Tia has always been a smart little girl. Thats cool that she is in the spelling bee finals! Congrats Tia! Good luck with that. I know that she can do a great job in that. It's just probably gonna be scary for her up there in front of everyone. She's gonna do great though! Let me know how that goes. Tani is a way fast learner on the piano. Thats cool that she has enjoyed it so much and tried so hard to do well. Oh, on monday we were at the church, waiting for family home evening, and I found a little keyboard and tried playing some hymns on it again. I actually was able to do alright. I was still able to read the music and everything and it wasn't to bad. How is the churchball team doing this year? I'm sure they are doing great as usual. I don't know why, but our teams were always stacked. I really enjoyed playing churchball. I think thats kinda funny that Jansen has been getting kicked out of the games. HAHA! I could imagine that he would get a little temper every once in awhile. Mom, do you really have to keep reminding me about the good weather in St. George?! Come on! It's freezing cold up here! I've only seen the sun for about 4 or 5 hours in the week I've been here. The sun rises around 9 O'clock, and it goes down at like 4. But it's always cloudy, so even when it is up I don't see it. It's always just bleak and dim and COLD. Hopefully it starts to warm up soon. I'm glad I have a good coat! No I haven't had a chance yet to buy a guitar or bike. I probably won't get a bike in this area. It's just so cold and snowy, it would be impossible to ride a bike around all day. I did go to a guitar store yesterday, but I didn't buy one. They were all way expensive there. I'll try to find a better deal somewhere. I did however get to play on some of the guitars there for a few minutes. that was way fun! I somehow still have my calluses. I thought they would go away after a couple months without playing. No, my mission pres isn't Danish. Well I'm pretty sure he isn't. He served his mission in Sweden, which is a very similar language. But yeah, I think he is American. He is a way good guy. He is very caring and also he isn't way strict with rules and such. I'm sad that he will only be my mission president for a few months. I think he leaves in like June or July. Well I better get going. I have better things to do than waste my time emailing. jkI love you all. Have a great week! Love - Ældste Tyler Lee

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  1. In Jansen's defense. He was tossed out of one church game and one city game. But not for temper problems. He was complainin' too much to the refs for not calling fouls against him. He now says nothing to the refs.