Thursday, January 21, 2010

First email from Denmark!!!!!

Hi Family!!! Well I made it to Denmark! Finally!!! The flights were crazy and it was an insanely long day. I probably only got like 3 hours of sleep in three days! But anyway, I'm here! It was great talking to everyone on the phone. It was fun hearing everyone's voices. I can't wait til mother's day when I can call again! I'm sure mom is even more excited than I am! Well I guess I'll get into it and tell you a bit about my first few days and everything. Ok, so we finally arrived in Denmark at around 4 pm tuesday. We walked out of the airport and the mission president and his wife, and some missionaries were waiting there for us. They took our bags and then we went on a train to Copenhagen. And the first thing they had us do when we got there was start contacting! The only thing I really wanted to do at that point was sleep. Anyway, we contacted down a street until we got to the Copenhagen Temple. It is a way cool temple, and its way weird. It's just in the middle of the city and everything. So we took some pics at the temple real quick and then they picked us up and drove us to the mission home, were they had dinner prepared for us. They had some traditional Danish food. It was dang good. I can already tell I'm gonna like the food here! After dinner we had a quick testimony meeting (in which I fell asleep...) And then they finally let us go to bed. I never slept so good in my life! In the morning we had breakfast and then went to a church building in Copenhagen where they gave us a bit of instruction and we had interviews with the mission president and then after that we finally met our trainers and found out our first areas! My trainer is Elder Dalton. He is way cool, and he is gonna be a great trainer! He is way short. I'm like a foot taller than him. Our first area is Aalborg. Its the second most northern mission, so its pretty cold up here. something cool is that it's been only a sister mission for the past 2 years. We are the first 2 elders to be here in 2 years. We are both new to here, so we have a lot to learn about it. I think it's gonna be an awesome area to start. Oh yeah, chances are, I'll be driving a bit. Like 99% of cars here are stick shifts, and my comp can't drive one. Driving here seems pretty scary. Drivers are aggressive and roads are tiny! Oh yeah, to get here we had to ride in a train for about 5 hours! So It's pretty far away from Copenhagen. It was tough saying goodbye to my mtc district. We all got split up and thrown into different areas. Elder Shreeve went to Odense. I told him to say hi to Ken and Sally for me. Oh, at the train station we ran into Elder Clayton. We didn't have much time cuz we had to catch a train, but I said hi to him real quick. So today is thursday. P-days are wednesday, so that is when you'll usually get emails. We are taking a mini P-day today cuz we have so much Prep stuff that we need to get done. I'm emailing from a library thats about a half a block away from our apartment. Oh our apartment! It's way nice! My Elder Dalton was way excited about it. It's a sister's apartement and I guess they are nicer than the rest, so It's really big and nice. Like, the bathroom floor's are heated, and it's just all around a good apartment. I have to admit, I am way bad at Danish. Now that I'm over here everything is way fast and it's way hard to pick up on what they are saying. It's dang hard. I sure hope that the language will come soon. We talked with some of the missionaries that got here 2 months before us, and they seemed to be doing pretty good with the language so hopefully it'll come quickly. hmm, what else do ya wanna hear about? I'm way glad that I'm in Denmark now and not in the MTC anymore. It's so great just being able to go outside of a little bubble. I know it's going to be way hard being a missionary. Talking to complete strangers about religion in a language I barely know... But I know I have a lot of help. Today in personal study, what I read applied perfectly to my situation. I was worried about everything, and if I could do it and all. I read in D&C 27 I think. It said something like, From the time you leave until the time you return, you will be guided as to what you should do. Just go out there and open your mouth. It said something similar to that. So that's what I have to do, just go out there and open my mouth! Anyway, I'm gonna end this email. I hope to have plenty of great stories soon! Oh yeah, so how much money do I have on that debit card? I want to buy a guitar, and I also might need a bike. I don't think I need a bike in this area but I'll probably buy one eventually.Well, I love you and I miss you. See y'all later! Love Ældste Tyler Lee

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