Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baptism, Train rides, Pizza, etc....


Sorry that you didn't get your letter at the usual time again. This time I wasn't at a rainforest, but I was down in Odense for the day. We had the new missionary meeting, which means that I have now been here in Denmark for a month! Can you believe that?! It has gone by so fast! The new missionary meeting was fun. Like I said, we went to Odense and met with all of my MTC missionaries. It was really cool to have the group back together for awhile. We talked about how everything is going and what we thought of the first month in the land. We also talked about what we are doing well and what we can improve on. It was good talking to the other missionaries that are on my same level.
After the meeting we got some HUGE pizzas! The biggest pizza I have ever seen in my life! It was literally 4 feet across! It was way good too. I think that the pizza here in Denmark is better than the pizza in America.
After that, we all took our P-day together there (except for Elder Van Nevel and his comp, they had to leave) It was fun. We went bowling! I did pretty crappy though. I think I got 96. It was so frusterating, cuz I had no problem getting 9 pins down, but that last pin just refused to fall! We started a second game, but ran out of time at about frame 6 or 7, and I was doing better that game.
Then we went a looked around at some stores. I didn't buy anything, I'm trying not to spend to much money for awhile. I think I might pick up on some of this European style though.
Yeah, so that was fun to spend the day with my mtc buddies. We had to leave at like 6 to catch our train. It was about 3 and a half hours each way, so we spent 7 hours on the train yesterday. The trains are pretty nice and comfortable but I've had enough of the train, and I don't want to see another train for a long time! Oh so there was also that train ride to Copenhagen and back that we did on Saturday! That one was long! I think it was like 4 and a half hours each way. The baptism was really good though. The guy getting baptized was named Eric Eboh. He is probably in his late 20's. He's a black guy from somewhere in Africa, I can't remember where. He's way cool though. I could tell that he was ready for baptism, and he was so excited for it! After the baptism we took him out to dinner. We were going to take him to the hard rock cafe, but it was an hour and a half wait, so we just got pizza. It was cool seeing how excited Eric was for baptism, and I hope I get to take part in many more baptisms while I'm here.
We had yet another trip this week. We went to Frederacia on monday for zone conference! That trip wasn't quite as long. It took about 2 hours each way, and we drove with the Ægtepar (married couple missionaries). Zone conference was really good too. Me and Elder Shreeve are in the same zone so I got to hang with him while we were there.
So anyway, the last couple of weeks have been really crazy. I think we are pretty much done with travels for awhile though and we can get back into the regular missionary routine. Oh actually next week were going on spits up to Frederikshavn, but other than that I think it is regular.
Hmm, I'm trying to remember what else I did since the last email. Oh, we had a dinner appointment with an awesome family in our ward. The Frost family. They have 5 kids and there second youngest reminds me a TON of Tia! His name is Elliot and he is 5 years old. He reminds me of Tia cuz he is so clingy and all. Like he would run over to me and cling onto my leg and make me walk around with him on my leg, or he would grab my hands and jump and I'd lift him up in the air. Just like with Tia. And I thought it was funny that he just assumes that I can understand everything he says, haha. It's really fun spending some time with the families in the ward.

Well now I'll respond to some of what you told me and try to answer your questions.
That's crazy what happened in the Olympics. That must have been a bit of a shock when that death happened. Hopefully the rest of the Olympics go well. I always thought the Olympic games were pretty cool to watch. Are there any super athletes in it this year that everyone is talking about? Like in the summer games it was Michael Phelps.
I'm sorry to hear what happened to Ellen Lotz. That is scary! I'm glad to hear that she is ok though, and that she is getting better. I hope that she keeps getting better.
We don't have a car all the time, we usually just take the bus. The car belongs to the ægtepar, but they let us use it a lot. I don't know why I didn't have to get a license here. I guess its because the driving rules and everything are so similar here. Pretty much the only difference is that you can't turn right on a red light. So I just need to have my American license and my passport. And don't worry mom, I've been a safe driver. There haven't been too many scary driving situations.

Well, Imma get going now. Have a great week, and I'll write back next week. Vi ses!

Love Ældste Tyler Lee

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