Thursday, February 11, 2010

I touched a monkey and an armadillo!

Hey there!!

Yup, I petted a couple of monkeys, an armadillo, and a few other weird creatures. Yesterday we went on a district activity to Randers Regnskov (Rainforest). It was way cool. It's like 3 big domes with man-made rainforests in them, with all sorts of animals. And the coolest thing is that a lot of them just roam free! Some animals are behind glass or fences, but many of them are just out in the open. I'll tell ya a bit more about it. So first we went into a big dome that had all sorts of birds and monkeys and other critters. It was ok, but they weren't as friendly as animals later. So next we went to the snake room! There were some snakes behind glass that we looked at, and then we went into the snake room where there is no glass or anything. The snakes just are there with you! And there were a lot of them! Just slithering around everywhere or hanging out on a branch right by our heads! It was way cool, and a bit creepy. Ok after the snake room I think we went to the aquarium. There were all sorts of fish and even a shark. After that we went to the bat cave. It was the creepiest part of the whole place. It was just a dark cave that we went into, and bats just fly around everywhere. They were whizzing past right next to our heads and everthing!! Oh, and in the bat cave there were 2 red buttons that they say to push for a light to turn on, so someone reached over, I think it was Elder LeFevre, and he pushed the button, and when he pushed it, a light turned on where his hand was, and there were thousands of cockroaches all around the button! I don't think a group of 6 missionaries have ever screamed so loud. hahaha. So after the bat cave (we got out of there pretty quick), we went to South America land. It was the best part by far! Thats where we hung out with the monkeys and all that. We walked into South America land, and the first thing we saw was a huge fat sea manitee! They are huge! After that we went to the armadillos. We grabbed some cauliflower and they came right over and ate it out of our hands! So we petted them and stuff, armadillos are so weird! Then we went a bit further and saw two monkeys that were really close, so we went over there, and they came right up to us! We were petting them and everything! It was awesome! Monkeys are way cool! Anyway, thats about it for our rainforest experience. I got plenty of pictures and some videos. It was way fun! After the rainforest we got some pizzas and watched bedtime stories, so that was fun too. Anyway, so that is why you didn't get an email from me at the usual time. We were out of town for most of the day.
There has actually been a lot going on lately. We have been on splits a couple times. The zone leaders and the Frederikshavn Elders came here, and also we went to the Rander's Elders on splits, so we have been seeing a lot of other Elders lately. It's fun being around other missionaries besides my companion that I'm with all day.
On tuesday we had interviews in Århus. So we took the train there and met up with the mission president and other missionaries in our zone. We went to a backery there that has a reputation among the missionaries for being the best bakery in Denmark. Its called Lang Næse Bageri, which means Long Nose Bakery. It was delicious!
Yup so it has been crazy lately. A lot going on. On saturday we are going to go to Copenhagen for a baptism. Elder Dalton is baptizing someone that he taught there. That should be exciting! (Apart from the 5 hour train ride each way)
Well, so thats what has been going on with me lately. Now I'll try to answer some of your questions.

The weather has been a bit better lately. Today is actually a sunny day. I've hardly seen anything like that while I've been here! The snow has melted quite a bit over the last week, and I really hope it continues to melt. I've had enough of it. It is weird that the sun goes down so early. I'm not exactly sure when that changes. I'm sure it'll be just as weird to me when the sun is up all day! They told me that for awhile in the summer I'll never see it rise or set, because it rises before I wake up, and sets after bedtime. Weird!
I'm glad your sending me a package! Try not to make it too big though cuz it's pretty expensive to send stuff here. There are a couple things that I thought of that I want if you don't mind sending them with. Along with that other stuff I want you to send my guitar tuner and that Michael Dowdle guitar hymn book. Umm and thats all I can think of. Thanks :)

Oh yeah, I heard about the Payson Temple announcement! Thats really cool! One of the missionaries was actually telling me that his sister lives in payson and one day she looked out the window and saw the First Presidency walking around in a field! It's where they are going to build the Temple. How weird would that be to look out the window and see that?!

Wow, so Pres. Wadley is still the stake president? He has been it for so long! I wonder if he will still be there when I return from my mission!

Yeah, the debit card has worked fine so far. I've only used it a couple times so far, but it worked fine. Don't worry, I wont go on a shopping spree. I don't think I'll make any more big purchases for awhile.

The food is still way good! I've only had one thing that I don't like so far, and its not even something Danish. My companion had me try some oatmeal for breakfast once, and it was nasty. So I haven't had that again. Other than that I have liked everything! I'm already getting tired of potatoes, cuz they have them with like every meal, but the food is always good. It is usually some kind of meat with potatoes, but there have been other things. One of my favorite meals I've had here was kinda like a hawaiian haystack, but with a curry sauce. It was way good.

The Danish still seems about the same. Always just slowly improving. We actually haven't seen that girl from the library again. We haven't been able to get a hold of her.

So you booked a cruise huh? I'm super jealous! But I guess its alright. I'm basically on a two year vacation in denmark right now. Have fun on the cruise, and I hope there aren't too many complications this time. You've never had the best of luck with cruises.

Well, I'm getting bored of typing, and I still have another email I need to write, so Imma wrap this one up. Jeg håbe at I har en vidunderlig ug! ( I hope you have a wonderful week!) (its pronounced nothing like you think) Aight, well, bye for now!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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