Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guitars, goths and so on.....

Hi! Wow, It's already that time of the week again! It's crazy how fast Wednesdays seem to roll around. Is it that way for you too? Because for me it seems like I was just in here yesterday sending you an email.This week has been a really good one! We have been doing a lot of finding lately and we have found a few new investigators. We've been back to teach some of them and they are way nice, great people. I really hope that they will be accepting and be able to come closer to Christ. I'm starting to get a little more comfortable with speaking Danish. I feel like I do alright with the lessons, but still I hardly understand anything that people say to me. I really hope that the gift of tongues kicks in soon. At church on sunday I was actually able to understand the majority of what they said in the sacrament meeting talks. That was cool. I can't wait til I can just understand any conversation and be able to respond. I guess I just need to be patient and keep working hard.This week I made a couple of awesome purchases! I got a guitar! It cost about 1000 krones (which is around 200 dollars for you Americans) It was pretty much the cheapest one I could find, but it's an alright guitar. It's been really fun to sit down and play a few songs every once in awhile. Oh, I spoke to soon about my calluses. They did go. My fingers were way sore and blistery, but I'm starting to get my calluses back. The music store that I went to to get my guitar was so awesome! I guess its like the biggest in Denmark or something. It was way huge! Bigger than any music store I have ever seen! They had everything. I couldn't resist, I had to sit down on a drum set for a few minutes and rock out. It was way fun!My other purchase this week was I got a new European suit! It was a way good deal too! It cost 500 Krones (100 dollars) for the suit and pants! I like European suits way better than American ones. They are a bit tighter. Not way loose like American suits always are. So it's a little more stylish. Oh so that reminds me. Does the money come out of my account when I use the debit card, or is it dad's? Also how much is on it? Not that I'm gonna go on a huge shopping spree or anything, I just think that's important to know. Hahahaha, that was a way funny story that you told me about the incident with the suspected robbery and police and everything. I can imagine you getting way creeped out about that. And it's so funny that it was only Paul Tuckett doing a good deed for you. Hahahaha!!That's so cool how well Tia did in the spelling bee! She's a smart little girl! 3rd place! Wow! Impressive! But yeah, I bet that's kinda hard to get that close to the end and then mess up. What was the word that got her out? Yeah, the ward here is really big for Denmark. I think it's the 2nd biggest. Usually more than 100 of them come, so that's pretty good. It's been pretty full in the church when I've been there. They are all way nice, and they are great, strong members. The church building we meet in is just a basic chapel. It's also pretty big for Denmark. Not as big as ours, but it has a little gym and everything in it, so It's a fair sized building. We actually go to the church gym and play sports with members and investigators every wednesday evening. We played hockey last week and it was way fun. No I haven't been able to run while I've been here. And I have absolutely no desire to in this weather. I don't even think it would be possible to! The excercise that we get is basically wednesday night sports, and then all of the walking that we do each day as missionaries.We have been pretty lucky and had many eating appointments. It's always great to have a delicious meal prepared for us. But when we have to fend for ourselves we usually just make something easy. Grilled cheese, burritos, sandwiches, etc. Also, no we haven't done the best job at keeping the place tidy. It could use a little work...Yeah, there are only 2 stakes here. Copenagen and Århus. I'm in the Århus stake right now. (sorry this email is kinda all over the place, I'm just trying to answer all your questions) Knocking on doors actually isn't too bad. There are a few college dorms here in Aalborg where we have been knocking and that is were we seem to have the most success. I don't know why, but the young people are just more open to the gospel.Oh yeah I wanted to tell you about an experience that I had the other day. So we were at the library. Elder Dalton was off looking at things and I was off looking at other things, and a girl came up to me. She was way goth. She was wearing all black, and she had crazy scary makeup on. Anyway, she came up to me and asked me if I was mormon (in danish) I said yeah, I'm a missionary. And then she said she wants to know everything about the church, which is completely uncommon. Remember I wasn't with my comp, so I was all alone. Anyway, I gave her the first lesson right there in the library and it actually went really well. Afterwards I told her that me and my companion could meet with her some other time and tell her more about our church, so she said that would be good. I asked what her name was and she said something that I couldn't understand, so I asked her to write it down, and to write her phone number. So she wrote that. It turns out that her name is 'A-D' I don't even understand how that can be a name, but like I told you she is way goth. Anyway, we'll see how teaching her goes.Umm, what else. I've been doing a bit of driving over here. It's pretty dang scary sometimes. The roads are so tiny and they are all covered in ice right now. I haven't got in an accident yet though so thats good.Well, I think I should wrap this up. It's getting too long. Oh yeah, about the memory card. I was at first thinking that you could put the pics from the memory card to the computer, but then I realized that you can't do that. So yeah it's probably best to copy them to a cd and send that. I don't know where I would be able to do that though. I don't know if I can use this computer for that. I might just wait awhile though. My comp had a 2 gig memory card and he had over 700 pics on it. I just have about 300 now, so I'll wait til it's more full probably.Well, I gotta go. Have a great week! Peace out! Love - Ældste Tyler Lee

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