Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Greetings from Siberia!


How's everything going back in the good ol' US of A?! I hear that we are doing pretty good in the Olympics. The hockey team beat Canada right? Thats awesome! How have they been doing in other events? And what have been the most exciting events to watch this year?
This past week has actually been pretty hard. Mostly because the weather has been terrible! In a couple of days it snowed at least 2 feet of snow! It's crazy! There was so much snow that everything was getting shut down. They shut the buses down, so we couldn't get to any of our appointments. And it was so bad that they even cancelled church on Sunday! Can you believe that?! The snow also makes it so that absolutely nobody wants to talk with us. Since we had to cancel our appointments, we had a ton of time that we had to fill with contacting, and we couldn't get to any good places to knock, so we just walked around on the streets near our appartment. It was pretty miserable. First of all, we were walking around in a blizzard for a couple hours, and secondly, nobody would even listen to us for 5 seconds because of the weather. Ughhh! So yeah, a couple days were pretty bad this week. I didn't even want to leave the apartment. But the last couple of days have actually been really sunny and it finally stopped snowing! I really hope that all this snow finally melts and stays melted for good!
So right now I'm actually in Frederikshavn. I think that this is the farthest north I've ever been in my life! We are here today taking Pday with the elders here, and tomorrow we will go on splits with them. It should be really fun. The Frederikshavn elders are way cool.
I actually had a pretty cool experience a few days ago contacting. It was one of the days that it wasn't snowing. I was on my own contacting, we usually split up now when we contact to get more done, and as Elder Dalton says ''President told me to let you struggle'' and he is definatlely doing that. Anyway, so I was contacting and I think I got a little extra dose of the gift of tongues when I was talking to this guy. I had a conversation with him for about 15 minutes in Danish! It was pretty cool that I could understand him for the most part, and be able to respond. We first just talked about a little bit of what I'm doing here in Denmark, I told him that I'm a missionary and all and that what I do as a missionary is share a short message with people that has blessed my life. Anyway he let me share it with him, and he asked me some questions about it that I was able to answer. And anyway, we just kept on talking for several minutes. At one point he asked me about poligamy and he thought that we practice it in our church but I cleared him up about it. Anyway, his name is Rune and I got his phone number. We'll call him and visit him later.
So, I'm trying to think of what else happened this week, but I really can't think of anything. Maybe I'll remember more later, but for now I'll respond to some of the things you said in the email.
It sounds like you have been getting good use out of the condo. Thats cool that everyone has been having so much fun with that. Too bad the weather hasn't been the best there. But I guarantee that it is better than here! The drive home sounds kinda scary, with the bad roads and all.
Oh yeah I heard about Dan's mission call! That is so cool! I heard about it, cuz Eric Boothe also got his call to London England! How cool is that?! I didn't even know that either them had been working on their papers or anything! That will be a way cool place for them to serve, and I'm sure they both are way excited!
Of course Camron is going to Japan. Haha. Thats cool! When is he gonna go? And for how long? So he is gonna do more of that Japanese tour guide stuff?
That is so cool that Jamie is having her baby! It's a girl right? Do they have a name for her? Well I suppose it'll be a week til I hear back so they better have a name by then. I hope all goes well with that. I bet they are pretty nervous but also really excited. Let me know how that all goes, and if the baby is cute or whatever.
Yeah, the Frost parents both speak English. Basically everyone here between the age of 14 or so to about 50 can speak really good English. Thats actually a problem for me. The members always just want to speak English to us, but I need to hear as much Danish as possible.
No I haven't gotten the package you sent yet. I hope it comes soon. When did you send it? I guess it will probably come this week.
Umm, well thats all I've got for this week. Sorry, not much happened here this week. Oh yeah, one more thing. Last night we went to a pizza place (yeah, we eat a lot of pizza) and we got a pizza with pepperoni and bananas! Yeah, bananas! It was actually really good! Anyway, I thought I'd mention that. Well, have a great week. Vi ses!

Love Ældste Tyler Lee

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