Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life here in Spanish Fork

Hi Tyler,

Are we really going to hear from you on your p-day this week? We look forward to our Wednesday morning email from Elder Tyler Lee!

We are just sitting here Tuesday night watching the Olympics and American Idol. Tani is at Young Women's working on personal progress. Tia is here measuring things for homework. She measured my toe, a Book of Mormon, the dryer, her hand, Rui and whatever else she can find. She has fun homework, huh? Jansen is also doing some fun homework. He is taking pictures from a bird's eye view, a worm's eye view, a natural frame, etc.

The past few days have been cool but sunny so it makes a big muddy mess out back for Rui. I have had to give him a bath 4 times in the last 2 days! Grrrrr! He doesn't like it and niether do I! We haven't had him in for a haircut since your farewell, I'm thinking we need to get him in and get him cleaned up!

This past weekend we went down to St. George with Grandma and Grandpa. Don't worry, I'm not going to tell you about beautiful sunny St. George! In fact, there was not much sun at all. We were planning on coming home Sunday morning to be home in time for church at 1:00, but the weather called for some really yucky roads. We had almost decided to stay until Monday, but then decided to try Sunday afternoon. It seemed fine in St. George, but it was not good at all on the roads. When it usually takes us about 3:15-3:30 to ge home, it took us five hours! We saw cars off the side of the road all over. Grandma and Grandpa stayed until Monday and had a lot nicer roads to drive on.

Jansen had stayed home because his city league was on their first day of tournament. His team won. They play again tomorrow night. He is also playing church ball. I think the tournament for church ball is next month.

Oh ya! Last week at the church ball games I heard that Dan Hales received his mission call. I'll give you a few minutes to think about where he is going.

It was fun to hear about the baptism! I'm sure it is a good feeling to see someone receive the blessings you have had all of your life. It proabably makes you stop and think about what you really are doing there in Denmark!

So Cam just bought a round trip ticket to London England. Just kidding....Dan was called to London England, Cam bought a round trip ticket to Japan. Imagine that. Cam wanting to go to Japan! Blake Wise found some round trip tickets for about $600.00 so they thought they better go over and stay with some members. Cam is working on a business plan of doing some Japanese tour guide stuff so he will use this trip to help advertise what he has to offer. He hopes to be able to use our condo as a home base for touring Zions, Grand Canyon and other places.

Cousin Jamie is going into the hospital tomorrow morning to have her little bambino. I suppose she is a bit nervous tonight. It's kind of weird to think of her being a little mama! They are also buying a home to move into. They are suppose to start moving in this Saturday. So this is a wild and crazy week for them! Susan is flying out tomorrow night and will be here with her for about a week.

Ellen is still in the hospital. She was in Intesive Care for a few days, then Intermediate Care for a few days. Now she has been moved to a regular floor. She is probably going to have to be moved to a rehab care center for awhile before being able to be home. She will probably have a long recovery ahead of her.

Good luck this week with all that you are doing. We hope you are able to do lots of teaching this week. It is fun to hear about the Frost family and little Eliott. It's nice to know he helps you think of home! Does the Frost family speak Danish only? Did you ever get your late Valentine package? Sorry it wasn't too fancy.

I will let you go for now.

Love you!

Love, Mom, Dad and the gang

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