Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Hey there everybody!!

How's it going?! I'm doing good over here in Denmark. I think that this past week has been the fastest one yet! It is crazy how fast time is going! It's nearly may already!
Well, zones conference was really good. We didn't take the train this time. The Fredrikshavn elders have a car and they picked us up and drove us over there to Copenhagen. It was a cool drive. The snow is all gone and all the fields are green now. There is a ton of beautiful scenery everywhere. And at one point we crossed a huge bridge that goes all the way from Fyn til Sjælland, which is a long way. The ride back wasn't nearly as enjoyable though, because we had 5 elders crammed into a tiny European car with all of there bags and everything. Anyway, we all met at the church in Copenhagen on Friday for the Conference. All of the Danish Missionaries were there, and the Icelandic Missionaries were there with us on Skype. Basically at a zone conference what happens is we hear some talks and trainings from the Mission President, his wife, the Assistants, and whoever else, and there are some musical numbers and lunch and stuff. It was good. There were supposed to be two members of the 70 speaking at it but they weren't able to come because of the Volcano. So that was a bummer. But there was someone else cool that came and sang for us. It was Jesus! The actor who played Jesus in the Testaments, and Finding Faith in Christ movies. He is actually Danish, he is in one of the wards here. He went up there and started singing, and the whole time I was just thinking, I know I've seen that guy before. But I couldn't figure it out. But afterwards I was told that it was the actor who played Jesus.
Some other things that I've done this week; Me and Christensen have been singing in the ward choir. That has been fun. We sang a song in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. Herrens Tempel. It was fun. There there aren't many people in the choir, maybe 10 or so, so I had to sing extra loud.
Last P-day, after emailing, we went to a place called Lindholm Høj. It is the biggest Viking graveyard in all of Denmark. It was pretty cool. There are tons of boulders laying around in little formations where the vikings are buried. It was pretty cool. I'll attach a couple pics from there.
Yesterday, we had an appointment with a guy in Løkken. Løkken is a city that is way out in the outskirts of our area, and we had to take a bus for about an hour and a half to get there. It is right along the beach, so after our appointment we stopped by the beach real quick and got some pictures. It was way windy, and the sand was just slamming against us. We had sand all over us for the rest of the day.

So you got a picture from Elder Clayton's Mom? I'll attach one that I took too. I'll just attach a whole bunch of pictures to this email.
I'm glad you like the dance we did. I think we did an alright job. Yeah, I have lost some weight while I've been here. I've actually had to punch and extra hole in my belt.
Vince told me that you have sent him some messages. That's cool. Hopefully he had some good things to say about me. Vince is a way cool guy. We have really become good friends while I've been here.
That is cool that the Jazz are doing so good in the Playoffs! I used to keep up on the Jazz a lot when me and Dalton were together, cuz he is completely obsessed, but since Christensen, I haven't heard anything. I hope they continue to do good. And hopefully even beat the Lakers!
Thats cool that Scotty has finished up some BYU and is back in Cali again. Yeah, he sends me a message every once in a while. He told me that he is hopeing to get his mission papers in sometime in May. I'm way excited to hear where he is gonna go!
Well, I hope that all of those picture attachments work. I attached quite a few of them. A quick explanation about the last one; I did something completely crazy, that I would have never before done, but the European style is really getting to me. I bought some white skinny jeans, a V-neck undershirt, and a crazy flamboyant shirt. Whoah! There is a picture of it. I didn't get those same pants, I got some a little less skinny, but yeah, that is one of my new outfits.
Well, I'm gonna wrap this one up. Thanks for all your prayers and support. Say an extra special prayer today as it is our day for the fast. I love you and miss you. See ya!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about the mothers day situation. Because we have an Ægtepar here in Aalborg with a computer, we will be able to use Skype! Cool huh! So that will be fun! I'm not sure the specific details or anything, but just make sure you have a Skype and send me the account. When is the best time for you. We are 8 hours ahead, so we could do it in the evening here and it would be morning or noon there. Anyway, I'll figure more out and let you know.

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