Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hey!!! Happy Cinco de Mayo!! I really don't have much time, so this is gonna have to be a quick one. That was cool that I caught you online real quick. It was fun kinda chatting with you on here for a minute. But its gonna be even funner talking to you on Sunday! I'm way excited for that. Hopefully everything works out like it's supposed to and we don't have any technical deficulties. That's cool that Camron will probably be able to be there. That is crazy that he is going to Japan again! How long is he gonna be there?!
It has been another super week! It's so crazy that it is may already!!! My 6 month mark is in 2 weeks! How the heck did that happen?! Sometimes it seems like I've been a missionary forever, but most of the time it seems like its gone by way fast. I've been doing plenty of knocking and contacting like always. The life of a missionary includes a ton of knocking and contacting. Yeah, but other than the basic missionary work, I haven't done a ton this week. On thursday and friday we had splits with the Randers Elders. That was really fun. I went with Elder Ribble. He is my favorite missionary in the entire mission. We get along way well and we always have a ton of fun. So that was awesome serving with him for a day. I really hope that the two of us are companions some day.
Guess what! On thursday we are going down to Copenhagen, because on friday there is a baptism! My companion is baptizing a guy named Peter. It will definitely be a great experience!
Dad has probably noticed that a large ammount of money went missing from my account. Well here is what it was for. I bought a portable hard drive for 450 kroner which is like 80 or 90 bucks. You're probably thinking 'a portable hard drive?! Why the heck did you buy that' Well a lot of missionaries here have them and it is actually a really great way to save pictures and music and stuff. It is 320 gigs, so I can put all of my pictures on there and I won't have to get a bunch of new memory cards for my camera. I think it will be a good investment, and will also come in handy for college life after the mish. I also took out 400 extra kroner. It was becuase I ran out of money for the month and I had to get a bit out to make it through the last week.
Congrats to Tia for doing so well in the Track Meet! She is a really talented little girl!

Well I'm out of time, I'll wrap this up, but first I'll explain these pictures. The first ones are just some pictures of Denmark. Some cool scenery and stuff. Then there is a little picture that a little girl in the ward drew for me. Her name is Melissa and she is 6 years old. She drew me this picture of me and her. Haha. And then there are a couple pictures from earlier today. Me and Christensen sitting on a huge bench, and me and Jesper with a huge ice cream!
See ya on Sunday!
Love Elder Tyler Lee

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