Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I got mugged by two drunk guys....

Hey There!

Yup, so I had an exciting experience with a couple of drunk Danes. Don't worry though, mom, everything is fine. Here is the storry. So, we were walking home after an appointment, and two way drunk guys stopped us and saw our nametags, and then they asked us if we were Jesus. We said, no, we are missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ. And then we talked to them for a bit, and then one of them was like, 'you will give us all your money!' in a way slurred voice. And then he just kept saying that, and he grabbed Elder Christensen's collar and told him to give him his money. Anyway, after that, the two drunk guys just started fighting each other and wobbled off into traffic, so we left. So yeah, that was a pretty fun adventure we had.

Well, other than that, this has been a really good week. We've started the Month of Miracles, and we have already had a pretty cool Miracle experience. I'll tell you about that now. We had an appointment with a guy named Michael, but we were pretty sure that he would burn us, and yeah, he did. So we decided to go visit a less active member. We pulled out the less active list, and chose one that was close to where we were at, and we started walking there. We were on a street that we have never been before, but happened to be there this one day. On that street, we ran into this guy named David. We started talking to him and he told us that is is actually pretty weird that he ran into us, because he had been reading a book about religion and was looking for religion. So we talked to him for about 20 minutes or so there on the street and told him about the restoration and the Book of Mormon. He said he wants to talk with us more, and he gave us his phone number and we gave him a book of mormon. And then just today, we were planning on calling him later, but just outside the library we ran into him again and talked to him for a few minutes. We found out that he lives on Herluf Trolles Gade! Which if you remember, is where I live! He lives across the street from us. How crazy is that?! Anyway, that was a little cool experience. Hopefully things will go well with him, and we will see more miracles in this month of miracles.

Yeah, conference was good. We watched the saturday morning and sunday morning sessions live (but it was 6 pm for us) It was cool, cuz I was thinking, 'right now I'm doing the exact same thing that my family is doing'. We also watched the saturday afternoon, and priesthood sessions on Sunday. And we weren't able to see the last session yet. It was good, and I liked watching it. I stayed awake for most of it. Oh, and I watched the first session in Danish, but after that I decided it was probably best to watch it in English, so I watched the rest in English. It was good to hear from the Prophet and the Apostles. Also, Celina came to one of the sessions. She said she enjoyed it, and she really liked the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Saturday was Elder Christensens Birthday. We went to a bakery and got some delicious bread and pastries. And in the evening, we met with the Jepsons and with Celina and had some way good mexican food, and some delicious cake. And Celina gave Christensen some dark chocolate caramel frogs that were way good. We ate a ton of them, but then discovered that they had alcohol in them... Oops.

Yeah that is really cool that Elder Christensen is related to the Halls. And that is cool that you talked with his mom and that you are planning on getting together with her sometime. That'll be fun. It's a small world, isn't it?

It was really sad that the young girl died. Her name is Anne-Dorte. She commited suicide. She had been struggling for a few years with depression. But it was really unexpected. Her mom and brother have had a hard time, but they have a lot of support and they seem to be doing ok. It was way hard for her mom, because 3 years ago her husband died, and 2 years ago her other daughter died of cancer. And now her other daughter died. So it is hard, but they are doing well.

Of course I know who Mickey Rooney is! It was fun to meet his son, and to hear about all that he and his dad have done. He told us that his dad, Mickey, is now 90 years old and still acting! That's pretty impressive. I got a video of Jimmy Rooney doing some of his voices. It's pretty funny.

Hahahaha, that is funny that it snowed a ton again! That must've been a fun April Fool's Joke. haha. So now its actually better weather where I am than it is there! Whoah! It is actually pretty warm now. Today it is 12 degrees Celsius, which is over 50 degrees farenheit, and the sun is shining and everything. It is great!

Well, have a great week. Don't worry about not sending an Easter package. It is fine, and I didn't even have time to think about not getting one, so it's not a big deal. I did send off a letter home though yesterday. It has my byu stuff, and letters to Tani and Tia, cuz they wrote me letters. Anyway, I'll talk to ya later. I love you too.

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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