Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I can't think of a clever title....

Hey Everyone!

How's it going? This week has been pretty good. It has been one of a lot of emotions though. It's been kinda sad in the ward for the last few days. A 16 year old girl in the ward died a few days ago. We went to the funeral on monday. It was really sad, but the funeral service was really nice. It was sad of course, but there was a really strong spirit there. Well, so that was the sad part of the week, but the rest of the week was pretty good. Here is an interesting fact that you might like, Mom. I found out that Elder Christensen's Uncle is Ken Hall! I thought that was kinda cool. I was funny how we found out too. We were talking to this guy who is in the Odense ward, so I asked them if he knew Ken and Sally Hall. And then Elder Christensen was like, 'wait, woah, how do you know Ken and Sally? Ken is my Uncle!' So yeah that's pretty cool.

I have something else cool to tell you about. This week we met a pretty cool guy named Jimmy Rooney. He is the son of Mickey Rooney! He is also an actor too! And he does mostly voice acting. He told us that he does 'voice enhancing' work, so he isn't the main voice actor, but after they record, he fixes and enhances the voice with his own voice or something. Some of the voices he's done are E.T. Crush the turtle, Mickey and Goofy, Sylvester and Tweety, and many other Disney Characters. I got a video of him doing some of his voices. So anyway, that was cool meeting him. He was in Denmark, because he is dating the mom of one of the ward members.

Hmm, what else is going on here? I've started running again. The snow is all melted so it is actually possible to run. So me and my comp run around the city a bit each morning.
Daylight savings time took effect here this week... It has been really hard to wake up in the mornings now :(

On friday, there was a disco bowling night for the young single adults in the ward. We didn't go to the bowling part, but we went to the pre-bowling party. It was fun. We did some Karaoki. Me and Elder Christensen sang a fun Danish song. And then the next day was Super Saturday. It was a Devotional/Dance for all of the young adults in the Stake. So there were a bunch of young people, it was fun to get to know some of them.

Umm, well the work is going great. We had 4 investigators to church on Sunday! That is really good! There is this one lady who was there, her name is [On] (I don't know how it's spelled, thats just how it is pronounced) She is way golden! She actually came last week because, get this, a 6 year old girl in the ward invited On's little girl to church, and so they both came last week, and then again this week. And we have begun teaching her. She has a bunch of good questions about the church and seems really interested in it. Cool huh?!

Well, it was good hearing about the family! Yeah, I'm really excited to call home on Mother's Day! When is Mother's day anyway?

The Skagen trip was pretty cool! It was cool seeing the two bodies of water running into each other. It's not like huge crashing waves or anything. They were small, but still it was cool. It would be a cool place for us all to visit someday! There are a lot of cool places I'm gonna have to show you sometime! So you still haven't been able to find my apartment? Go to google earth and type in 'herluf trollesgade 34 9000 aalborg denmark' That takes you right to it.

Oh yeah it was the Festival of Colors again! That is weird that it has already been a year since I was at that! That was way fun when I went to that last year. I'm sure Camron was super colorful. Do you have any pics of him?

So Tia needs glasses? What does she think about that? She is gonna be a little cutey with glasses. I'm glad to hear that Tia and Tani did good in their play! I knew they would. That's good that there were a lot a people that went to it. I remember it wasn't very full when I went, but that is good that it is getting more known, and that there are a lot of people supporting it.

Well you asked me a whole lot of questions, I'll try to answer them now:
Yup, Sunday is Easter! And also General Conference. I don't know what are Easter plans are yet. I'm sure we'll do something good though. We will go to the church and watch General Conference there. That will be good. We'll watch some of the sessions live. The saturday morning session will be played live, but it will be at 6pm for us!

We eat with members quite a bit. At one point we had like 3 eating appointments a week, which is really good. But it has died down recently and we haven't had one in awhile. I really like eating with the members. There are some really good cooks in the ward! :)

Yeah, I'm learning how to cook a few things. Usually when we eat at home, we just do something quick and easy though. We usually have something like open face sandwiches, Danish style. We do our own grocery shopping. There is a grocery store just right next to our apartment that we usually shop at, and there is one that is about 3 blocks away that is cheaper, so sometimes we go there. The thing about Danish grocery stores, is they have a ton of them just all over the place, but they are way small compared to american stores.

The month of miracles hasn't started yet. It is for the month of April, so it starts tomorrow. I think our date for fasting is the 26th. I'm sure that is gonna be a great program and will help out the missionary work. Maybe on fast sunday, you can do your own fast about seeing miracles in the Denmark Copenhagen mission.

Well I hope I answered all your questions. I'm gonna wrap this up. Oh yeah, I also wanted to tell you that I cut my own hair this week! It turned out ok. Haircuts here are like 50 bucks so all the missionaries just cut thier own.
Anyway, I hope you have a great week. See ya later!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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