Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hey!! It was great talking to you the other day!!! That was fun being able to talk to the family, and also see the family! That really was a good way to do it. Yeah that's kinda sad that it won't happen again until Christmas, but it will be here before you know it. I understand why you let out a few tears at the end. Don't worry, I was expecting that out of you anyway. ;) But yeah, this email probably won't be as long. I don't have much material to write about, and also I don't have as much time as usual. But yeah, that was really fun. I'll definately tell the 'AEpgars' thanks again.
Well for the most part of this trip I'll tell ya a bit more about our trip to Copenhagen. So we left on friday. We got on the train, and about 5 hours later we arrived. We went to a way good Kebab shop for dinner and then stayed the night with some other Elders. Then in the morning we went to a church that has a full size basketball court, and there were a whole lot of missionaries there from around the copenhagen area. So we played a whole ton of basketball together. It was way fun! I played on Elder Claytons team, so it was cool playing with the SFHS basketball star. I was pretty sore after that.
After B-ball, we went to Elder Christensen's Grandma's house! How weird is that?! His Grandma lives in Copenhagen so we got permission to go there for lunch. She is a way nice lady. After her, we went to the Copenhagen Temple before the baptism. I got some pictures there that I will attach. It is a way cool Temple! I can't wait til I'm able to go inside it. Well, then after that we went to the baptism, which as I explained to you on sunday, didn't turn out quite like we had planned. Peter didn't show up, and when they finally found him, he was drunk... There was another baptism though and it went really well. I said the opening prayer. I didn't even know I was praying untill I looked in the program!
Well, after the baptism we had to leave pretty quick to catch our train. It was a crazy train ride. First of all, I had a pretty bad headache so that is never fun. And to make the headache worse, there was a baby near us that cried for about an hour! It was an unnaturally loud annoying cry too. The baby finally stopped, but then later a group of about 8 or 9 drunk girls came and sat right next to us. And when I say right next to us, I mean right next to us. There weren't enough seats for all of the drunk girls so they double or tripled up. There was one that was basically sitting on Christensen's lap. They were way loud and annoying, but they finally left. Shortly after they left, a gang of black guys came and sat by us. And of course, they were incredibaly loud as well, which wasn't good at all for my headache. Well finally near the end of our journey, they left, and then a man came and sat next to us. And after a long hard annoying train ride, something good finally happened. This guy said hi to us and said, 'you guys are the missionaries, right?' Anyway, this guy, Jonas, had met with missionaries before, and read in the Book of Mormon. He asked us a ton of good questions and we had a great discussion with him and got his phone number and stuff and he wants to meet with us again! So that was a cool end to our crazy journey. We taught a lesson at midnight.
Well, that is really all I have for you, I'm almost out of time. We are going over to a members house and we are gonna jam with them! So that will be way fun! I'll write more next time. Have a great week!

Love Elder Tyler Lee

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