Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 18, 2010 (Six months!)

Hi Tyler!

Here we are doing our Tuesday night rituals....American Idol, Biggest Loser and writing to our favorite missionary! How has your week been? We are sitting here with the rain pouring down outside as it seems to be doing a lot lately. Tani, Jansen and Dad were all at the church doing yard work earlier...luckily the rain held off until they were done.

Today was Tani's Hershey's Track meet. It was raining in the morning but they decided to do it anyway. As they were down there the rains came down! They had to cancel things. Tani was able to run her 100 meter...she whooped everyone! And she was able to do her long jump......she whooped them there too! She was sad to have things cancelled. She wanted to be able to compete more in the 100 and do the relay. Oh well.

I hope the weather was better in California as it was Brielle's first trip to Disneyland today! I wish we could see her there! I'll bet she is having so much fun! I hope Grandma and Grandpa has had a fun time there too.

May has been really slow in the condo rental business so we went down Thursday night till Sunday morning. We checked the kids out of school for Friday and had some fun in the sun since we aren't getting much sun in Utah County lately. Our big excitement at the condo this time was the "Lees vs. Bees!" We have these ginormous bees that sit and hover outside the livingroom window and burrow into the wood! We did an internet search on them and found out that they are called Carpenter Bees. They actually vibrate and burrow into the wood! We just see a hole on our side but on the inside of the wood they build rooms that connect to each hole! They are crazy! We could actually see the sawdust coming out of the hole! The male bees don't have stingers, but the female's do. Luckily we didn't get to find that out personally! We used tennis raquets to take down about 8 or 9 of them. We also sprayed a few down. But we finally puttied up their holes. Hopefully that will cure the bee problem! It is nice to have 1:00 church so we can just leave Sunday morning and still get here for church. However, we did cut it a bit close this time. We were a bit late and had to sit out in the foyer because all the seats were taken. Phil Richards and his wife had their baby blessed so there were extra people around.

This Sunday is Dan Hales' farewell and Doug's farwell/Zach's homecoming. I am going to try to hit both of them. If you would like to add a little note to them in our letter I will copy it off and put it in a card for them.

Next week is graduation and our little buddies Katelyn and Landon will be graduating from high school! Holy cow! I can't believe that!

Saturday we are going to meet with all the parents of missionaries in our ward. We are going to eat at Jaxies down town. We just thought it would be fun to get together and talk about each of our favorite missionaries. If you would like to say anything to all the other missionaries let me know. Each of us are just writting up a little ditty about each of our missionaries and passing them out to each other to send onto our missionary so you can all catch up with each other a bit.

Cam seems to be having a great time in Japan...(imagine that!). He comes home Saturday. It will be fun to hear from him. I'm sure it is fun for him to see all his friends again and to meet Rurika's family!

So what happened this week with the guy from the midnight train? That was quite the crazy train ride you had! We are excited to hear what missionary experiences you have had this week. Do you know anything about transfers yet? Are they the end of May? Good luck with whatever changes may come your way.

We are just about finished with the Book of Mormon again as a family. It is fun to get to Moroni and read and pray for ourselves again and feel the power of the Book of Mormon. It is neat to think of you bearing that testimony often! Missionary work is amazing! You are amazing! Thank you again and again for the sacrifices you are making and the wonderful things you are doing!

We love you!

Love, Mom, Dad and the gang!

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